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Silence may not be golden when members of a team are trying to reach agreement, resolve an issue, or make a decision. In this setting, silence is often taken to mean that those who haven’t voiced an opinion approve of the matter under discussion—yet they may very well not. You should make sure.

Selling testing services can seem daunting, but it can be extremely rewarding if well planned. You just need preparation, confidence, and persuasion. Read on for nine tips that will go a long way toward ensuring success in testing presale activities and large testing center of excellence pursuits.

Performance testing involves an unparalleled combination of different workloads and technologies—which translates to a large set of variables for a performance test. Creating a custom simulation framework lets you execute varied performance tests at any stage of the product development cycle.

With the launch of Connected, the new app from LinkedIn, the company hopes to strengthen its hold on the attention and information of its consumers. Connected not only promises to keep you linked to your connections, but also aims to “take the ‘work’ out of networking.”

How long does it take for a tester to change a light bulb? It sounds like a setup for a joke, but any tester will respond, "Which light fixture? With what light bulb? How high up is the outlet?" All of these questions help the tester explore the context—and examples can go a long way toward helping.

Ineffective project managers take many forms. Sometimes the PM simply lacks the knowledge or training to do what the job calls for. Sometimes he is eager to please, so he gives ambitious timelines or says yes to every client request. But then, some PMs are just bad. Learn to recognize some signs.

Microsoft recently showcased a demo of the Skype Translator app. The demo included Skype VP Gurdeep Pall speaking in English with a German employee and the employee responding in her native language. To break the human language barriers, it must first improve upon the system's perceived limitations.

What happens when the director of marketing becomes a product owner for some of her company's web properties? She gets a crash course on the real meaning of agile development and her role in it all—and a newfound respect for the people who work in software engineering every day.

People seem to have forgotten that we are still heavily dependent on an older, more fragile underlying infrastructure of water, gas, and electric utilities. Can emerging information technologies such as big data, the Internet of Things, and Machine to Machine be applied to modernize utilities?

Thirteen years after the creation of the Agile Manifesto, Joe Townsend discusses its role in today's world and delves into the merits of a possible rewrite by its original creators. Townsend also covers some viable alternatives and what other manifestos may appear in the wake of the Agile Manifesto.