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Everybody gets angry once in a while. That, by itself, is no big deal. It's when you respond in a way that's out of proportion to the circumstances that anger becomes a problem—and in the workplace, there can be big consequences. The next time someone pushes your buttons, read this first.

With more organizations adding accessibility to their list of product requirements, development teams must decide where in the lifecycle to add accessibility testing. Raman Mehta is of the "test early, test often" mindset to avoid expensive fixes and unhappy end-users.

Mobile app development is becoming increasingly sophisticated with handy tools and platforms that ease the developer’s role, but mobile app development is no longer restricted to just developers. Rajini Padmanaban looks at new mobile app development tools and how development just got easier.

DevOps provides strategies to automate and streamline your application build, package, and deployment. Excellent tools and technology are imperative, but even more essential is leading your team to work together effectively. Read on to learn what makes a high-performance, cross-functional team.

Facebook recently unveiled a pilot program for Facebook at Work. Piggy-backing on their enormous success with social networking, Facebook seems to be on a mission to redefine the way work gets done. The concept seems appealing, but will Facebook at Work succeed at redefining the way we work?

When you start analyzing the two strategic activities of playing chess and developing software, you will notice they share many core principles. Defining a goal, recognizing patterns, and learning from mistakes are just some of the important concepts to keep in mind with both chess and software.

Cloud marketplaces, where customers can purchase component applications, have been around for a few years, but with an increasing interest in moving enterprise applications to cloud services, there is a new push to add features and functionality that appeal to not only their core SMB market segment.

As big data grows and we begin to understand how to effectively represent and repurpose complex information through advanced analytics, companies both big and small will find new and exciting uses for this bottomless ocean of data. Read on to learn of some of the best big data products.

It’s expected that a product such as a left ventricular assist device that helps maintain the pumping ability of a heart comes under the scrutiny of the FDA. But should wearables for healthcare that simply record heart rates and sleep cycles be regulated as medical devices?

The reality is that if you're sick, you'll be less productive than usual. Furthermore, the very act of dragging yourself in to work probably means it will take you longer to recover. Unless you absolutely have to be in the office, do yourself (and your coworkers) a favor and take some time off.