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It is vital that everyone communicates properly if we are to build software applications that meet the needs of our organizations. However, creating clear and unambiguous requirements necessitates good definitions, which can sometimes be difficult. Conrad Fujimoto shares his starting technique.

Programming languages Java and C++ have fallen to their lowest popularity ratings in the past fifteen years. What could be causing these princes of programming to fall from grace? What does their decline in rule mean for developers? Read on to find out.

Is software testing an emotional activity? Think about the range of emotions we feel when undertaking our role. What emotional intelligence tries to teach us is how to identify and respond to these emotions in the most productive way possible. Read on to learn how to use emotional intelligence.

Git has become the version control system of choice for many developers. It is relatively easy to use, has good repository integrity, and has a distributed architecture. But Git also has some limitations and can be challenging to support for large scale enterprise use. Read on for some practices.

A highly effective angle for drawing useful information from customers is the “What’s unique about…?” question. What’s unique about this problem? What’s unique about your current process? What’s unique about your company? You're likely to get a deeper understanding of what your customer wants.

Conferences and training programs that focus solely on women are on the rise. Although all of this focus on women's diversity is a way to enable them to step up and obtain better prospects, it leaves us to question whether the diversity lies in their exclusion or inclusion as a group.

If you're a tester and you've been avoiding public speaking opportunities because you don't think it applies to your work, you don't know what you would talk about, or you're just nervous to present in front of people, you should change your mind. Public speaking has several benefits for testers.

Two of the most high-profile executive appointments recently were Satya Nadella as CEO of Microsoft and Vishal Sikka as CEO of Infosys. Both organizations put their trust in first-time CEOs, which leads us to question: Does experience really matter in today’s business world?

Debates arise when people start talking about where a particular IT function should be performed. Executives can act as if testing is a necessary evil and cost is the only important factor. But due to recent security breaches, companies should be more concerned with comprehensive testing than cost.

Scientists have long wrestled with the question of how to quantify the impact of deforestation. They are hoping new technology being developed for the International Space Station will provide valuable hard data about the impact trees have on carbon levels in the atmosphere.