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We can’t take all this big data we've gathered over time, mash it together, and stop hurricanes from happening. But we can more easily predict natural disasters, prepare for what’s to come, respond in kind, and do a better job recovering from the damage.

As project management software continues to gain popularity, which is more important—software or method? You rarely see a case study where a new tool or process didn’t have an immediate or fantastic effect, so how do you separate the signal from the noise and find the right solution for your team?

The first question you might have about a human emotion tracking application is: What is the value of understanding human emotions? It's understandable that the data collected can be used for meaningful purposes, but how could this adversely impact users' security and privacy?

To add to the list of cool technology that’s come from NASA's research, here’s a big one—a search and rescue device that detected the heartbeat of four people trapped beneath 10 feet of rubble in the Nepal earthquake disaster so rescuers could reach them.

Within every team, people have different methods of tackling problems. Some strive to solve a problem within its bounds, while on the other end of the spectrum, others redefine the problem. Smack in the middle: the intermediary. Though it's tough, this role is important in bridging the two sides.

Many people currently advocate against the use of business plans. They want entrepreneurs to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty at the very start, with the goal of monetization as quickly as possible. However, the right business plan empowers the team to build the best possible product.

People say trust is something you have to earn, but several factors influence your ability to earn trust, and when it comes to your job, not all are within your control. Fortunately, there's one factor you can control: yourself. Read on to find out how you can prove yourself trustworthy at work.

In the last few years we've seen the physical and digital worlds blend together for fun video game consoles, but this technology is now stretching into domains beyond sports and entertainment. It has great potential to affect business, education, the Internet of Things, and augmented reality.

Skype Translator recently launched in two additional languages—Mandarin and Italian. With Skype Translator's real-time translation technology, it makes you wonder if future generations won't need to spend the time and effort to learn other languages.

Every team can improve its delivery speed. When teams increase agility and reduce time to market by adopting agile software development practices, DevOps principles, and cloud self-service platforms, they choose a development and operations environment that accelerates software delivery.