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When it comes to test design, some people believe in the use of formal test design techniques, while others believe that those same techniques cause rigid thinking and limit creativity. Dale Perry says why formal techniques have value as a basis for formal analysis as well as for creative thinking.

Growth in areas such as big data, cloud, and mobile computing have aided new trends in health care, and one area that has grown significantly is virtual clinics. Rajini Padmanaban looks at the future of virtual clinics and the attributes that can determine their success.

If you’re making a project today that isn’t in some way connected, you’re behind the curve. But first, beyond having a solid understanding of the Internet of Things and knowing your company’s resources, it’s critical to understand what your consumer is looking for from a connected device.

Reducing distracted driving through sensors that monitor brain waves and driver concentration could ultimately end up saving more lives. Researchers at English automotive company Jaguar Land Rover are working on this technology in hopes that it will reduce accidents.

Some organizations suffer from a dysfunctional silo culture, with dev and ops working completely separate. Trying to solve problems can feel like marriage counseling, with each side failing to identify what to do to improve their relationship. Just as in counseling, what they need is communication.

Across disciplines and industries, providing equal accessibility is gradually moving from being “nice to have” to a mandatory aspect of applications. Now is a good time for organizations to start looking at digital accessibility for their products, whether it has been mandated for them yet or not.

When customers react in a way that's other than you expect, don't jump to conclusions about the reason. There are often numerous possible explanations for someone's reaction, so don't get upset or dismiss it out of hand. Instead, consider the possibilities. There may be much to learn in doing so.

It is not always easy to encourage people or organizations to adopt new ideas. More Fearless Change: Strategies for Making Your Ideas Happen can give you the tools to help you spread new ideas. This book has actionable advice you can apply as a change agent, regardless of your role or organization.

Apple having a great quarter financially isn't a huge surprise, but when you look at the two previous quarters, one reason for its success is obvious. Apple's revenue from China rose 71 percent to $16.82 billion compared to $21.3 billion in the Americas region. What's the secret to Apple's success?

The scope of an accessibility testing effort is very broad—it is often complete only when actual users provide their perspective. Here, a visually impaired user summarizes the accessibility issues he faced in testing an application so that other testers can use this information in their efforts.