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There are many words in other dialects that have no equivalent in English. These language peculiarities suggest that we need to allow for errors when working on projects with team members whose first language isn't English. But what about communication intended for a professional audience? Read on.

To ensure end-to-end accessibility coverage, it is imperative for accessibility testers to have knowledge of different types of disabilities and the challenges they pose to end-users. Testers who understand users' requirements and know what to check for will provide a better accessibility outcome.

There are some interesting wearables concepts out there on the verge of making our world more convenient, dynamic, and wondrous. These prototypes include wristbands with all the capabilities of your phone, micro projectors that can scan images, and a ring that can let you start your car with a snap.

Many folks are embracing DevOps best practices. But there is also a dark side in the way that some teams are using terms like continuous integration, delivery, and deployment in vague and confusing ways. Using terminology in a clear and consistent manner is essential when implementing DevOps.

People and organizations definitely should take security seriously. That said, some of the “experts” advising about password security are going too far. Frequent password changes give the appearance of more robust security without actually affecting anything. Payson Hall unpacks this requirement.

We estimate to make decisions and to give an answer to the question, "When will this be done?" But estimation has limits, and trying to estimate too precisely in an agile project is wasteful. By driving the backlog based on priority, you can better deliver what is valuable to the business.

If you have kids in school anywhere from pre-kindergarten through grade twelve, by now you’re probably very familiar with STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). STEAM advocates adding “Art + Design” to the equation, thus transforming STEM into STEAM.

The Microsoft Digital Trends 2015 report shows that people’s attitudes toward digital and connected devices have changed significantly since just two years ago. Previously, users wanted to be more anonymous. Now, the idea of putting yourself out there isn’t nearly as frightening.

Several developers are working on creating a personal flying experience for frequent travelers, helping them save time and fly hassle-free. These solutions charter private jets for their members, letting them bypass airport parking and security lines. What will it take to get them off the ground?

This story details two tales of sloppy service—but they have very different endings. In one case, the company representative refuses to acknowledge error or make up for inconvenience, but in the second, the rep apologizes and goes above and beyond to make it up. Which do you think retains customers?