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In an attempt to compete with Google and Apple, Pebble, which Kickstarted one of the first smartwatches two years ago, is dropping its prices and adding new functionality. The company will have to continue to push, though, if it hopes to remain relevant in this now competitive industry.

Facebook is relaunching the advertising platform it acquired, Atlas Solutions, with the hope of pushing its way up in the world of mobile advertising by leveraging the extensive base of user data it has. How other companies consume this data and make the right targeted connections may be a concern.

It is difficult to exclusively use Scrum or kanban in product development, given the advantages they both provide. The prospect of using the two together can be just as difficult to fathom, yet it is possible for them to coexist—and with optimal results. Read on to learn how to combine the two.

Discovering performance issues in early builds allows more time to correct the design. By including critical performance-related features and elements earlier, we can take advantage of the incremental nature of the development process to avoid creating engineering in potential performance issues.

“Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way.” Although General George S. Patton offered these leadership options long before software development, they are very applicable to agile Scrum leadership. Managers should balance all three options for the most productive software development environment.

Automation technology is becoming more prevalent, and while it brings convenience, it also introduces some moral quandaries. Someone has to decide what the devices will do when things go wrong. What are the ethical responsibilities of software developers and testers working on these projects?

When switching to an agile workflow, it's assumed that you'll be able to deliver products faster and more efficiently right away. But adopting agile is just one part of the equation. You also have to focus on the technical enablers you need. Adam Auerbach explains some factors that worked for him.

Great software products are built by teams, not by individuals, even though the team size may vary. Anuj Magazine looks at the Two-Pizza Rule, coined by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, and whether a large or small team size is ideal for optimal software delivery.

It’s possible for people to hold positions that are described as professional yet behave in ways that are decidedly not professional. And the absence of professional behavior is usually a lot more obvious than its presence. Do you exhibit any of these unprofessional—or professional—characteristics?

A tool architecture is simply a picture of all your development, testing, and deployment tools and how they fit together. Creating a "current state" diagram and then looking forward and creating a "future state" diagram helps you understand where tool integrations would be beneficial.