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Opinions vary as to whether complaining is a positive or negative thing. On the positive side, complaining can help you crowdsource solutions for your problem. But when done with negative intent, complaining is just annoying and detrimental. Learn how to tell the difference before you grumble.

A recent study concluded that traditional performance appraisal systems do not improve performance. Adobe, Juniper, and even Microsoft have abandoned traditional performance appraisal systems. Anuj Magazine looks at traditional feedback systems and examines the feedforward method.

A significant security vulnerability called Heartbleed could allow hackers to gain access to private keys and other highly sensitive information on many widely visited websites. The problem is in the most popular software used to encrypt web communications—and the flaw has existed since 2011.

There are guidelines for those transitioning to agile. You have to know how your product releases and how often. Next, you should determine how complex your product is. Johanna Rothman helps you determine what type of product you have and how you can work on it while making the transition to agile.

The U.S. Department of Commerce's National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recently introduced the newest atomic clock, called NIST-F2, as a US civilian time and frequency standard. The NIST-F2 U.S. atomic clock is now the world's most accurate time standard.

Ask people what the biggest time wasters are that they face at work, and the top three answers are usually endless email, meandering meetings, and social media. But some of the contributors to wasted time are less than obvious. Here are some of the sneakier time wasters that can happen at work.

Pricing is a very tricky yet important decision that every organization needs to make to sustain and grow its market share. Before arriving at a pricing strategy, businesses typically carry out a number of tests to determine the magic number that will work for them. Here's what you should consider.

Every team member is required to attend a daily scrum meeting. Pro tip: The ScrumMaster and product owner are team members too, despite their titles of leadership. If you feel you don’t need to attend every daily scrum, then consider these four reasons why you should stick with it.

Performance reviews rarely rank high on the list of responsibilities managers enjoy. Giving feedback can be awkward and uncomfortable. Still, some things can make the experience more productive. Read on for advice about preparing for reviews and offering critiques that will be constructive for all.

Steve Berczuk writes that a hallmark of many tech companies, particularly those practicing agile, is being a flat organization with a company culture based on a meritocracy. When hiring, however, this meritocracy is inconsistent with the importance some companies place on a person's age.