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Much like a great recipe, the STARWEST conferences have added a dash of this and a pinch of that over the years so our attendees have the best learning experience we can provide. Let’s take a look at who the chefs are and what they do to cook up a successful conference like STARWEST.

Google recently invested $300 million in an undersea cable system that helps with the transmission of Internet data from the west coast of the United States to two cities in Japan. But Google is faced with an unexpected challenge—not from its usual competitors Apple and Facebook, but from sharks.

Competitors have continued to show initiative to innovate, but a fresh update for Internet Explorer 11 has patched twenty-five of the browser’s key vulnerabilities and even added new tools to entice additional developers. Microsoft is making big moves in the browser game.

Barclays, a global banking company based in London, has announced that next year the bank will begin offering its corporate banking customers a new biometric security technology that uses finger vein authentication, eliminating the need for PINs and passcodes.

Most of us look at optimism and pessimism as purely black or white: Optimism is always good, and pessimism is always bad. A new angle adds another dimension, where you identify as either credulous or skeptical. Could knowing "your pair" help you better achieve your work objectives?

Recently, Forbes, UC Berkeley, and Inside-BigData all took to the Internet to define one of today's biggest phenomenons—big data. Among them, they offered more than fifty different definitions of big data and what it means to disparate people. So, really, what is big data?

In our latest issue of Better Software magazine, the feature articles focus on software licensing and ways to improve your team’s approach to process improvement. Creating software for a wide range of platforms is difficult enough, but enforcing software licensing also can be challenging.

Recently a new term—nearables—has been popping up all over the place. Nearables work based on the concept of proximity or nearness, allowing two communication media to talk to each other. Rajini Padmanaban looks at nearables and their challenges, uses, and potential success.

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services, which is the Department of Homeland Security agency meant to oversee lawful immigration, is aiming to automate the integration and delivery of its software projects with a new, paperless immigration system that makes use of agile practices.

Acquisitions made by technology companies always seem to pique curiosity. Anuj Magazine looks at what goes into a company's decision to acquire another company and highlights recent acquisitions made by major technology companies—Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google.