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Shared workspaces are becoming popular because they're said to encourage collaboration and interaction among employees. But a study of forty thousand American office workers found that they thought the downsides—increased noise levels and decreased privacy—outweigh the upsides. Let's take a look.

Many test managers want to assess the value of their test tool approach. There is a way to do it that does not require writing code—only the ability to read it a little. Matt Heusser helps you figure out if what your team is doing is working, what you could drop, and what might be worth picking up.

If training budgets don’t exist, there is a wealth of free and informative instructional material available on YouTube and through massive open online courses (MOOCs), free vendor web seminars, white papers, and other related sources. You can still construct a well-orchestrated training curriculum.

The Agile Development/Better Software East Conference in November included sessions on implementing agile, leading projects and teams, and going mobile. Here, we detail presentations from Rob Myers, James Whittaker, and Jeff "Cheezy" Morgan about agile's origins and future, plus career superpowers.

Acquisition budgets for technology organizations are going up, and deal numbers are reaching heights not seen since the dot-com boom. It is the collective responsibility of the whole industry—businesses being acquired and those doing the acquiring—to ensure the landscape is competitive yet healthy.

With 60 percent of the world not having Internet access, companies are using creative technologies to bring Internet access to remote areas of the world. Anuj Magazine highlights some of the latest efforts, including satellites, balloons, and drones.

Ads are the financial backbone of so many popular websites, but the current system is broken. To combat this, a new program, Google Contributor, is allowing Internet users to pay a dollar or three dollars per month in order to remove ads from a handful of popular online destinations.

The 2014 Google Code-in online contest introduces students ages thirteen to seventeen to open source development. Open from December 1, 2014, to January 19, 2015, students can pick tasks created by twelve open source organizations and work on a wide range of projects and tasks.

Cloud systems are tempting targets for hackers because a single successful breach can steal information from multiple companies. To keep one step ahead of hackers, you need to understand what you can protect, where you might lose visibility, and where you need to apply extra security assurance.

Today, everything seems to have an internet connection associated with it. The Internet of Things is ushering in a transition of greater opportunities for just about everyone who knows how to take advantage of it. Here are three skills that you’ll need to better leverage an ever-connected society.