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If we look at keywords essential to information processing, searchability and discoverability are critical. Any piece of information an organization has access to needs to become searchable and discoverable to the relevant end-users when they need it. This is presenting new business opportunities.

When it comes to ISO 29119, the new international standard for software testing, there is a great deal of secrecy around it. Matt Heusser has the papers published so far, so he explains and shares his thoughts about Section 5—a document that is basically a collection of documents and definitions.

When plans go awry, it’s easy to slip into a blaming frame of mind. After all, if everyone else did what they were supposed to, the problem you’re now facing wouldn’t have happened. Instead, you should ask: Could there be a perfectly reasonable explanation for this situation? You might be surprised.

College students who know COBOL earn more than their peers when hired after graduation. How much more? On average, new graduates who took COBOL classes, even if COBOL was taken as an elective, garnered more than ten thousand dollars in annual salary earnings versus fellow tech industry graduates.

The new MagicBand technology at the Disney resort operates by radio frequency technology and allows you to connect your theme park ticket, hotel room key, credit card for buying food and merchandise, and your Disney ride preferences. They're an interesting take on wearables.

For years, specialized data center management companies packaged collocation and managed hosting services for their customers. Long the bread and butter of many data centers, is there still a place for managed hosting services now that public cloud IaaS is a well-established $13 billion industry?

We are living in a world where digital data is booming. Architectures and technologies also have been rapidly evolving to keep up with the exponential growth of data by creating a new big data species. This story walks through prospective technologies that have already proven their effectiveness.

What if there were a way that a hard-of-hearing person wearing Google Glass could get real-time closed captioning to assist with everyday conversations? Researchers at Georgia Tech have created speech-to-text software for Google Glass that uses a smartphone to capture a conversation.

In an attempt to compete with Google and Apple, Pebble, which Kickstarted one of the first smartwatches two years ago, is dropping its prices and adding new functionality. The company will have to continue to push, though, if it hopes to remain relevant in this now competitive industry.

Facebook is relaunching the advertising platform it acquired, Atlas Solutions, with the hope of pushing its way up in the world of mobile advertising by leveraging the extensive base of user data it has. How other companies consume this data and make the right targeted connections may be a concern.