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Users are familiar with helping organizations by providing references, but Amazon is now leveraging them in an unprecedented way. In building its case against Hachette Publishing, Amazon has sent an open letter to its readers and authors appealing to them to write to Hachette's CEO.

Of course DevOps focuses on enhancing the working relationship between development and operations, but it just as easily includes QA, data security, or any other silo of smart people who need to collaborate more effectively. This requires an understanding of DevOps principles. Read on for more.

Project teams have to learn to manage the difficult personalities they encounter on a project. The key is to identify which type of personality you are dealing with, then quickly apply approaches to smooth over the situation. Here are some tips for handling passive aggressive stakeholders' concerns.

Scientists at IBM are working on a new cognitive computer chip likened to right–brain, sensory pattern-recognizing learning models. Known as TrueNorth, this neurosynaptic computer chip is an event-driven microprocessor with supercomputer capabilities that’s roughly the size of a postage stamp.

Testable requirements, or acceptance criteria, are the communication of an expectation between its originator and potential stakeholders. Many testers struggle with this starting point. But once you succeed, you know the processes that can build and test a system implementing “good” requirements.

Introverts—those who rarely talk to others, seldom engage socially, and answer questions only when asked—can be the strongest contributors on a team, but only if they’re engaged effectively. Here are some tactics that can help leverage the enormous strengths of the quiet ones on your team.

It’s easy for us as software developers and testers to dismiss intrusions on point-of-sale systems as the fault of network security professionals or inadequate network defenses. The reality is that there is a lot we should be doing as well on the software side to prevent these kinds of attacks.

Some leaders in the industry consider Python the best language for new programmers to start with and learn first. However, it turns out that JavaScript is the programming language that new start-up companies are using to climb the tech ladder, which could mean a shift in the industry is coming soon.

As testers, our role has been described as similar to car headlights. Although we illuminate the project and provide advance warning of risks, we’re definitely not in the driver’s seat. For this reason, communication skills are critical to our profession. Read on to become an effective communicator.

How often have you estimated how long it would take to complete a task, only to be off by a whole week? That's because we assume we will begin the task immediately and have a forty-hour week to work on it. There's a better way: prediction based on performance. Just find a batch size for your work.