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Google’s People Operations Analytics team recently found that being grateful—and expressing it—can be the secret weapon to workplace happiness and to warding off the malaise that can come with routine. Does embracing a culture of gratitude really help employees stay happy?

Researchers from NASA’s Ames Research Center and Nissan North America’s Silicon Valley Research Center have joined forces with a five-year research and development partnership agreement. The first part of the agreement involves algorithms, concepts, and integrated prototypes for self-driving cars.

Companies just keep getting hacked. Millions of users' data have been comprised in the last few years, so up-and-coming developer Webcloak is introducing a product that will let anyone browse the Internet “with no risk of viruses, data, or identity theft.”

As technology has become more embedded within our lives, so have the attempts to infect and harm our use of that technology. In the past two years, more malware has been reported and detected than the combined yield of the last ten years. Read on for some alarming stats.

Failure makes you look at life in a way you're not likely to do when you're successful. The key to benefiting from failure is acknowledging it, owning up to it, and learning from it. There's a lot to be gained by analyzing what went wrong and what you want to do differently next time as a result.

Setting goals is admirable. But in doing so, you can't neglect the possibility of change. What good is achieving your goals if they became irrelevant or the assumptions behind them were incorrect in the first place? It's smarter to focus on the ultimate outcome you want, not just compliance to plan.

New technologies such as big data, the Internet of Things, and enhanced mobile capabilities call for new processes. Today, IT departments must have a deeper understanding of the businesses they serve, the professions they automate, and how technology is best employed—from a business perspective.

Availability is often associated with load, but not necessarily with overall functionality and compatibility. However, with the number of apps flooding the marketplace, these other parameters are becoming increasingly important to consider. Building the right support team can help promote success.

The sales of smartwatches are expected to exceed those of fitness trackers by 2018, but this segment of the market might see its biggest breakthrough when the technology is invisible. According to analyst Gartner, 30 percent of wearables will be inconspicuous to the eye by 2017.

How often have we heard product managers mention that a product should be easy and intuitive to use—even for grandma? For various reasons, older people often refrain from the latest in technology, which is forcing companies to think about the older users in order to increase market share.