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Studies have shown that sitting for too many hours is bad for your health—and sitting at your desk all day poses serious risks. However, standing periodically may not help much. Taking a walk not only gets you standing, it may also boost your mood and your ability to handle stress on your job.

Behavior-driven development tests can be efficiently automated with keywords, avoiding the need of a programming language and minimizing the involvement of developers. Hans Buwalda details how to support BDD scenarios with actions and keywords and switch between formats depending on your needs.

Many mistakenly believe frameworks are applicable only to test automation because they provide easy test implementation, enhanced productivity for testers, and empower dependable quality for the product. However, accessibility also is a rich ground for frameworks to be built and leveraged. Read on.

Regardless of your office has a different configuration—be it a cubicle farm, open space, some configuration of offices, or a mix—it is likely that not everyone will be happy. While it's tempting to just shrug off these discussions, thinking about office layout is important for a number of reasons.

Issuing apologies is often deemed a natural gesture, but how should apologies be made so that they are more meaningful? Good apologies thrive on honesty about the feelings, show genuine concern, and demonstrate fitting behavior. Anuj Magazine examines some recent public apologies that made the news.

Nintendo has shown an apprehension to change, but it’s finally decided to spread its games to one of the widest audiences possible—mobile users. Nintendo is teaming up with DeNA, a large Japanese mobile gaming group, in order to bring classic characters to your phone.

Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is an emerging technology that promises to deliver more flexible WAN connectivity by combining the flexibility of cloud services orchestration with sophisticated traffic analytics, Software Defined Networking, and Wide Area Networking optimization.

In 2011 the Google Cultural Institute launched the Art Project, an online portal to high-resolution images of art found in major museums. As part of its latest addition, hundreds of objects from six prominent museums have been scanned in 3D and are now available to study online—in three dimensions.

Testers use requirements as the basis of test cases, review them for testability, and often participate in general requirements reviews or inspections. However, many testers have little knowledge of requirements engineering. Erik van Veenendaal provides five critical success factors to get started.

Agile teams often use estimation to plan projects. There are many different methods, and which you choose should depend on the type of work, what kind of deadline there is, and your team. Matt Heusser explains some estimating techniques that can expand your options when planning a work effort.