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How do you eat an elephant? The answer is, of course, “One bite at a time.” When working on improving a process, you need to create your backlog of initiatives, prioritize them, and identify the initiatives that can be implemented easily. Give the feeling of progress … and then take it in bites.

There is a trend of development managers suggesting that they need to embrace DevOps—but without the “Ops.” They argue that the operations team is too slow and lacks the skills to really participate. We want speed, but we also need to avoid error while improving reliability and enhancing security.

Recently the Indian fashion retailer completely shut down its website and moved to an app-only mode. Is this a sign of things to come—that websites will eventually become extinct? Anuj Magazine examines the pros and cons of a mobile-only strategy.

OpenStack and the cloud infrastructure platform industry in general have gone through radical technology changes since OpenStack’s inception five years ago. As the world’s largest open source project, is the OpenStack community and technology finally delivering on all the hype and anticipation?

Implementing accessibility testing in your organization requires efficiency, accuracy, and a toolbox of smart practices. A focus on proper infrastructure, resources, and software testing tools is an important step. Read on for some tips on performing a comprehensive accessibility testing effort.

How do you feel about sharing the road with self-driving long-haul semi-trucks? The first licensed autonomous commercial truck hit the road on an open public highway in NV. In a staged nighttime production, Daimler Trucks’ Freightliner Inspiration drove on top of the Hoover Dam.

When it comes to startup success, is it age, experience, energy, passion, or risk-taking ability that makes the difference? Really, if you are willing to do your research and leverage the support available, now can be that "best time" to start a startup—regardless of where you are in your career.

The Gate smart mailbox is looking to add a new level of security to your mail, powered by the Internet of Things. This new Kickstarter campaign plans to enhance your basic US mailbox and not only let you know when mail goes in, but also when it’s taken out.

An issue that often arises in organizational change is when to tell employees about something they're likely to view as bad news. Sometimes managers are forced to keep bad news to themselves, but if that's not the case, it's better—and more honest—from the employees' perspective to share it earlier.

Big data is expected to revolutionize sports and strengthen its industry. However, there is also a dark side to big data, where businesses place too much faith on the analysis, and other challenges around its security, ownership, and curation. It's increasingly important to ensure the data quality.