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Practices in any discipline need continuous review to ensure they are still effective and in line with current requirements. Software testing practices are no exception—the development landscape is highly dynamic, requiring periodic updating of practices. How and when should you review? Read on.

We tend to judge based on biases that are a result of our environment, background, culture, and experiences. This is even true for our roles as testers. Here are seven biases that could alter the impartiality in your testing and QA practices. See if you have any inclinations you should correct.

Apple Watch sales are expected to reach more than 36 million units in the first year. As the Apple Watch becomes more of a mainstream product, it is not only expected to bring changes to the user experience but also to software engineering. How will the Apple Watch impact software testing?

Google posted an update about their AI research for image classification and speech recognition, including artificial neural networks (ANNs). While it’s still difficult to pinpoint what’s going to work and what isn’t, there’s an intriguing byproduct—artistic imagery that Google calls "Inceptionism."

Documenting user requirements is always a challenging phase in software development, as there are no standard processes or notations. However, communication and facilitation skills can make this activity easier. Here are five techniques for converting user stories into testable requirements.

A tester’s productivity and efficiency increasingly is being driven by the set of smart tools used over the course of the testing effort. While all the available options are exciting, the challenge lies in how to go about choosing the right test tools. Commercial or open source? General or niche?

When you've got way too much to do and not nearly enough support, it seems only natural to take things seriously—and to react accordingly. Yet, a case can be made not to take yourself overly seriously. After all, worrying isn't productive and your time is limited. Learn how to lighten up a little.

Single-point estimates, whether they are for a budget or a schedule, are never correct. Things happen. Demanding that your team provide you an exact number and then treating that as a guarantee is not being a good manager—or being agile. What if you could provide a different estimation leadership?

Management software has been around for many years, but sports is a somewhat newer discipline where management systems can be used to boost productivity and enhance a team’s overall efficiency. Bharathan Venkateswaran looks at the competitive world and future of sports managements systems.

When it comes to test design, some people believe in the use of formal test design techniques, while others believe that those same techniques cause rigid thinking and limit creativity. Dale Perry says why formal techniques have value as a basis for formal analysis as well as for creative thinking.