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Cloud Development Stories

For years we have heard some version of the now almost clichéd phrase "Email is dead." However, the need for having an email account has barely diminished. Recently many tech companies have been investing in making the email experience better than what it has been traditionally.

The FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance, an industry consortium for delivering standards for simpler, stronger authentication, has released final 1.0 specifications for an open standard to replace commonly used single­ factor username and password logins.

With 60 percent of the world not having Internet access, companies are using creative technologies to bring Internet access to remote areas of the world. Anuj Magazine highlights some of the latest efforts, including satellites, balloons, and drones.

Today, everything seems to have an internet connection associated with it. The Internet of Things is ushering in a transition of greater opportunities for just about everyone who knows how to take advantage of it. Here are three skills that you’ll need to better leverage an ever-connected society.

Do you find that the orchestration tools for building applications in the cloud are missing key functionality? Some companies are building tools that integrate the application and network layers, which will allow developers to build cloud applications across hybrid environments faster and easier.

‘Tis the season to #giveback, so why not consider volunteering your unused computing power? Let us count the many ways our computers, smartphones, and tablets can contribute—from detecting life in other galaxies to predicting earthquakes to finding better ways to treat cancer.

Cloud systems are tempting targets for hackers because a single successful breach can steal information from multiple companies. To keep one step ahead of hackers, you need to understand what you can protect, where you might lose visibility, and where you need to apply extra security assurance.

A decade ago the cloud was still a new technology that Amazon had made headway into, while others were attempting to understand how it all worked. Fast forward to today, and the cloud is well established by both large and small players, and it is all about execution, expansion, and sales.

Google's foray into research is not new, and one of the areas that Google has invested in is life sciences research. During the past year, Google has been in the news for the health care technological advances that it’s working on, such as the detection of diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

When Americans worry about crime, these days they worry more about their credit card information being hacked than they do about criminals breaking into their home, stealing their car, or even getting mugged. Pamela Rentz highlights the latest information from the Emerging Cyber Threats Report.