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The Weather Company is moving to a NoSQL-powered big-data platform, which can gather some twenty terabytes of weather data a day. The NoSQL environment’s ability to scale to extremely large sizes helps with the intake of this additional data, and faster queries mean quicker, more accurate forecasts.

Have you been waiting to jump into an OpenStack cloud deployment in support of your business or application but were afraid it's still an unsupported mess? Based on the recently published Atlanta OpenStack Summit presentations list, OpenStack is finally coming into its own as a maturing project.

Desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) solves the end-users' need to be able to access the desktop and its applications while being mobile. Amazon, Citrix, and VMware are actively joining the DaaS bandwagon. Anuj Magazine examines the appeal of DaaS and identifies end-users' needs served by DaaS offerings.

Cloud computing continues to grow in leaps and bounds. Although Amazon had quite a bit of a lead early on, a lot of competition—from commercial players such as Google and Microsoft as well as open source contenders—has made a strong competitive market. These choices mean the end user benefits.

If the words “big data” seem like something that’s out of grasp for your software development shop, New Relic has a solution for you. This week, New Relic made a big splash with its announcement of New Relic Insights, based on what the company calls “software analytics.”

Amazon and Microsoft are now offering opportunities to establish connections to their public cloud services over private networks. Beth Cohen looks at the Amazon Direct Connect program and Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute as new connectivity options and who would benefit from them.

In another twenty years our current Internet will seem just as archaic as 2004 does today, and we might very well look back at 2014 as the seminal year when everything changed. The new Internet will leverage wearable computers, anticipatory computing, and user context to deliver data.

According to many industry pundits—including Forrester—OpenStack is well on its way to becoming a standard, but the platform is still struggling with developing the proper tools to operationalize it. Beth Cohen examines whether or not OpenStack can get operations right.

Being able to directly connect to the cloud for software solutions allows professionals in every department to take information systems out of the equation in many technology decisions. But these "shadow IT" projects can leave them open to security breaches, especially on mobile devices. Read on.

A recent Quarterly Threat Intelligence Report by Solutionary has revealed some alarming numbers about malware distributors and their hosting providers. Rajini Padmanaban looks at whether hosting providers are proactively rooting out malware or if they may actually be a part of the problem.