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Google announced earlier this month that Project Loon—a plan to provide wireless connectivity via a network of high-altitude balloons floating in the stratosphere using only the wind for steering—is making progress. The project’s longest duration balloon was airborne for just over six months.

Experts say 2014 was a complacent year for the world of e-commerce, whereas 2015 will have a major revamp in the way the market operates and the facelift it will receive from new trends. These new trends will continue to positively push e-commerce into the hands of users.

The growing number of new Linux-based systems and products, including open source cloud platforms and products like Tesla automobiles, means the forecast for the Linux job market is bright, according to a report produced by the Linux Foundation and Dice, a career site for technology professionals.

Every day seems to bring yet another massive identity theft news story. Who is actually responsible for maintaining the security of a person’s data in the cloud? Most consumers assume it is their responsibility to protect their account information and precious sensitive online information.

Has the Internet of Things gone too far? Say “Hello, Barbie” to the first Wi-Fi connected doll. This new Barbie incorporates ToyTalk's speech recognition platform, and with Wi-Fi capabilities, her content is stored in the cloud. She also has the ability to recognize, respond, and remember.

Cloud marketplaces, where customers can purchase component applications, have been around for a few years, but with an increasing interest in moving enterprise applications to cloud services, there is a new push to add features and functionality that appeal to not only their core SMB market segment.

Traditionally, technology has been used in a reactive way to address a crime after it has happened. Recently, there's been a proactive trend towards predictive policing—especially through efforts by software giants such as Microsoft—to potentially curb a crime before it even happens.

Based on input from technology, academic, and industry leaders—as well as comments from consumer advocates and the general public—the Federal Trade Commission released a report on the Internet of Things with privacy and security steps that businesses should take.

Cloud technology has certainly had a great ride over the past ten years, transforming the way companies consume IT services, remaking the way applications are built, and giving companies the flexibility to apply IT systems to business challenges in ways never imagined before. Where is it going next?

The Consumer Electronics Show happens early in January every year and is a key event that in some ways defines the industry for the year ahead. This year was no exception, and a look at some of the stand-out products in the show indicates which consumer technologies will dominate the market.