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Cloud Development Stories

Organizations wanting to deploy OpenStack-based clouds have struggled with the lack of best practices for the many different use cases. To address the well-known gap in architecture design best practices documentation, the OpenStack Architecture Design Guide is now available for download.

Many people have come to the realization that the Internet is so riddled with security holes that they have decided to take a different approach to securing their data. Welcome to darknets—stealth networks for those folks who really do not want to be found.

Facebook recently achieved something dramatic with Instagram's infrastructure. Without 200 million users noticing, Facebook moved about 20 billion photos from Amazon's EC2 infrastructure to Facebook's own data center. Facebook refers to this phenomenon as Instagration.

People seem to have forgotten that we are still heavily dependent on an older, more fragile underlying infrastructure of water, gas, and electric utilities. Can emerging information technologies such as big data, the Internet of Things, and Machine to Machine be applied to modernize utilities?

In the latest issue of Better Software magazine, there are insightful articles covering a wide range of topics impacting the software delivery process. Feature articles explore the next wave of computing: mobile and wearable intelligent devices and the experiences and challenges they bring.

Apple's announcement of Swift, its new programming language, has lead to speculation that some of Swift's new features will improve app quality. Many developers have high hopes that Swift's Playground feature will facilitate faster app development and lead to higher-quality apps.

There are several programming languages emerging as candidates to become mainstream, but there are two that share a common characteristic that may just give them a leg up on the competition. That common characteristic: being developed as a child of the Google open source projects family.

Not every company needs to take all of its valuable data and move it directly to the cloud. Although this computing technology comes with a host of benefits for both big and small organizations, there are a few key reasons why physical storage is still a smart option.

Is the Internet of Things the greatest thing since the automatic bread slicer, or is it just the latest overhyped gadgetry? Beth Cohen's look at the past and present of the Internet of Things suggests it may be a little of both.

At the Agile Development/Better Software Conference West, James Whittaker presented a keynote on the future of web-based data. When we want information, we still use searches and filter through results, as hunters. Whittaker says we should become gatherers and let context-based data come to us.