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Configuration Management and ALM Stories

The importance and usage of regression testing have grown in the past decade with the increased adoption of agile development methodologies. Rajini Padmanaban looks at the value of regression testing, how it has become a target for test automation, and how it fits into the agile world.

If there is one thing IT professionals—especially those involved with security—like, it is control. However, we all know that shadow IT exists, which means IT professionals don’t have complete control like they used to. Joe Townsend explores whether or not shadow IT is something to be feared.

On March 25, 2014, Facebook announced its plans to purchase Oculus VR, the company responsible for the virtual reality headset known as Rift, for roughly $2 billion. The high price tag—and surprise announcement—have many questioning what will happen with this new technology.

Is the stereotype true that information technology (IT) professionals are nerds, geeks, and pocket-protector-wearing buffoons as sometimes portrayed in the media? Joe Townsend examines why these kinds of stereotypes exist and what is being done to address them.

Creativity, the ability to make new things or think of new ideas, is something we value. Steve Berczuk writes that established best practices, such as patterns, can help us solve many problems efficiently, but breakthroughs arise from creative solutions.

The information technology (IT) field has a plethora of people discussing predictions for the coming year. In this story, Joe Townsend explores many of those predictions. Hopefully next year, we can look back and see if they were fulfilled or completely missed.

The Seahawks' victory brings us to a new topic of consideration. Does their win mean anything to the world of predictive analytics, which has been up and coming in the past few years? Predictive analytics beat the experts in judging the outcome of the game. Here's a look at its other applications.

Two networking abstraction paradigms (SDN and NFV) are emerging to address the need for better tools that provide the greater flexibility and more rigorous control needed to manage the thousands of separate virtual networks used in a public cloud.

Online networking is easier than ever, but this strength can be a threat if one’s online identity is not managed well. While organizations do their bit to protect their users’ identities and privacy, it is high time the user steps up to be his own tester in validating that he safeguards himself.

Technology is a driving force in how people work. Cloud services are powering more of today's business technology than ever before, with companies relying on them for software and network storage needs. In coming years, organizations will rely even more on the cloud. What could this mean for you?