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Beginning in 2015, more US banks, merchants, and the federal government will begin rolling out chip-based cards. Noting that more than 100 million Americans were victims of data breaches in the past year, the White House is leading the move to chip-and-PIN technology with a new executive order.

Is COBOL defunct? Are single language projects a thing of the past? Based on a study of more than 8,000 business projects, find out what trends and changes are occurring within programming languages and code reuse, and how those trends affect project sizes.

The Linux Foundation announced a new open source platform for drones—the Dronecode Project for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). Possible deployments include environmental and agriculture research, wildlife conservation, search and rescue, and movie and TV production.

One of the biggest fallacies surrounding big data is that it will always lead to valuable information. Big data can be not only a big waste of time, but also a big detriment to your organization. Read on to see if you are making these big data mistakes.

If we look at keywords essential to information processing, searchability and discoverability are critical. Any piece of information an organization has access to needs to become searchable and discoverable to the relevant end-users when they need it. This is presenting new business opportunities.

For years, specialized data center management companies packaged collocation and managed hosting services for their customers. Long the bread and butter of many data centers, is there still a place for managed hosting services now that public cloud IaaS is a well-established $13 billion industry?

What if there were a way that a hard-of-hearing person wearing Google Glass could get real-time closed captioning to assist with everyday conversations? Researchers at Georgia Tech have created speech-to-text software for Google Glass that uses a smartphone to capture a conversation.

College students who know COBOL earn more than their peers when hired after graduation. How much more? On average, new graduates who took COBOL classes, even if COBOL was taken as an elective, garnered more than ten thousand dollars in annual salary earnings versus fellow tech industry graduates.

Automation technology is becoming more prevalent, and while it brings convenience, it also introduces some moral quandaries. Someone has to decide what the devices will do when things go wrong. What are the ethical responsibilities of software developers and testers working on these projects?

The new MagicBand technology at the Disney resort operates by radio frequency technology and allows you to connect your theme park ticket, hotel room key, credit card for buying food and merchandise, and your Disney ride preferences. They're an interesting take on wearables.