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Development Stories

For the most part of his early career, Dick Fosbury was an average high jumper. After Fosbury questioned the normal jumping technique and then mastered another technique, he went on to win Olympic gold. Anuj Magazine highlights some lessons we can learn from Fosbury and other innovators.

Wearables have taken a huge leap in the marketplace over the last year. These devices continue to make inroads in domains such as fitness, health, and entertainment, but a new segment wearables are beginning to focus on is communication. We'll see how people decide to use these new gadgets.

Pamela Rentz highlights the work of the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array, a radio telescope composed of sixty-six high-precision antennas located in northern Chile, and how the big data is being put to use by translating seventy different radio images onto musical discs.

There are many misconceptions about accessibility that prevent people from making a conscious effort to incorporate it into their websites. But really, developing and testing accessible websites doesn't require more work, and it has many benefits. Let’s disprove the top four web accessibility myths.

Google's foray into research is not new, and one of the areas that Google has invested in is life sciences research. During the past year, Google has been in the news for the health care technological advances that it’s working on, such as the detection of diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

When Americans worry about crime, these days they worry more about their credit card information being hacked than they do about criminals breaking into their home, stealing their car, or even getting mugged. Pamela Rentz highlights the latest information from the Emerging Cyber Threats Report.

The topic of gender pay disparity is in the hot seat with a lot of studies being released about the pay disparity in large IT firms. However, there are certain jobs where the average base salary of a woman is higher than that of a man. Rajini Padmanaban looks at the facts and myths about this issue.

Blended reality can be most easily described as a tech-powered sixth sense. In order to harness this additional sense, you need to wear or be implanted with some piece of technology that speaks to a computer. HP's new Sprout touch-based computer is one of the first to make use of this concept.

Schedules are tight, resources are scarce, customers are more demanding, the technology of today quickly becomes old news tomorrow, and competition is everywhere. We’re all doing much more with less. How do you improve yourself when under so much stress? This issue of Better Software has answers!

2014 marks the 25th anniversary of the World Wide Web. The Web has achieved yet another milestone—there’s now a museum. Can you remember what it was like surfing the Web back in the early '90s? To see how far the Web has come, take a look at the oldest US website, dating back to December 1991.