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What if there was a modular smartphone, an endoskeleton with interchangeable parts that you can customize to your needs? Google's Advanced Technology and Projects group is working on a concept that will enable users to configure their own phone according to their personal preferences: Project Ara.

Venture capitalists have been a backbone supporting the growth of the software sector over the years and have helped take technology to new domains. The community was hit by the dotcom bubble, but venture capital funding now is soaring to the levels of 2011, which is great news for fund seekers.

We should all be aware of our credit score—the important number used to determine interest rates and insurance costs. What you may not be aware of is how big data is being used to score you on many areas of your daily life. Joe Townsend explores the connection between big data and big brother.

In this roundup of interesting software news for April, read about how developers are more satisfied with their jobs than ever before, and a fascinating new survey to be conducted on agile software development practices in the New York metropolitan community.

Over the years, NASA’s aerospace research and development has launched many well-known technologies that we use here on Earth, as well as in space. NASA recently released an online software catalog listing more than a thousand computer codes that can be accessed and adopted at no charge.

Experiential learning, or using activities such as simulations, helps people glean lessons on their own rather than having that knowledge presented to them. Activities need not be lengthy to be effective. In fact, simple exercises can help a team understand the complexities of software development.

The Weather Company is moving to a NoSQL-powered big-data platform, which can gather some twenty terabytes of weather data a day. The NoSQL environment’s ability to scale to extremely large sizes helps with the intake of this additional data, and faster queries mean quicker, more accurate forecasts.

The importance and usage of regression testing have grown in the past decade with the increased adoption of agile development methodologies. Rajini Padmanaban looks at the value of regression testing, how it has become a target for test automation, and how it fits into the agile world.

Recent news has shown that California is experiencing a water crisis. In this story, Joe Townsend explores whether or not modern technology, including the building of a desalinization plant, will be able to solve California's water problems.

Bonnie Bailey explains how our reactions can reveal what our expectations are for software quality. Quality is easier to recognize by our reactions than by what metrics, tools, or automation results tell us—no matter how much stock we put in their reliability.