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After you make investment decisions for homegrown, open source, or commercial tools that yield little or even negative return, those "learning experiences" reinforce the old saying—"A fool with a tool is still a fool." Here are some things to keep in mind as you reach for that next cool tool.

As the cloud industry matures, it is finally poised for the next generation of cloud architectures based on innovative orchestration tools and service overlays designed to provide organizations more flexibility and more choices than ever before for building cloud applications and infrastructures.

Thanks to a lack of trust in the United States' surveillance policies, China hopes to replace massively popular properties such as Windows and Android as the leading OS in the country, both on mobile and desktop devices. The current target date for release is October.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... R2-D2, the most beloved robot in the Star Wars universe, made us heart robots. Although today's robots can’t match R2-D2’s charisma, they are performing some pretty amazing feats. Pamela Rentz looks at some of the latest robotics projects.

Facebook recently launched the app in Zambia, which gives users free access to basic services, including Facebook, Google Search, Wikipedia, some job sites, and the Women's Human Rights app. This certainly has the makings of a great initiative, but is it really a philanthropic venture?

Scientists at IBM are working on a new cognitive computer chip likened to right–brain, sensory pattern-recognizing learning models. Known as TrueNorth, this neurosynaptic computer chip is an event-driven microprocessor with supercomputer capabilities that’s roughly the size of a postage stamp.

Walmart, Amazon's largest retail competitor, is taking on the e-commerce giant with a newly designed website aimed at attracting new shoppers with an improved user experience. By examining both companies' usability tactics, you can learn a lot about what people like in their online shopping options.

Some leaders in the industry consider Python the best language for new programmers to start with and learn first. However, it turns out that JavaScript is the programming language that new start-up companies are using to climb the tech ladder, which could mean a shift in the industry is coming soon.

It’s easy for us as software developers and testers to dismiss intrusions on point-of-sale systems as the fault of network security professionals or inadequate network defenses. The reality is that there is a lot we should be doing as well on the software side to prevent these kinds of attacks.

Amazon recently rolled out Zocalo, an enterprise storage service that lets people store and synchronize files. Another popular cloud storage provider, Dropbox, is also built on Amazon's S3 service. Will Amazon's entry into the storage-as-a-service segment spell doom for other providers?