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Development Stories

The Consumer Electronics Show happens early in January every year and is a key event that in some ways defines the industry for the year ahead. This year was no exception, and a look at some of the stand-out products in the show indicates which consumer technologies will dominate the market.

At the recent Microsoft’s Windows 10 event, one of the more intriguing technology announcements was a head-mounted holographic computer: Microsoft HoloLens. According to Microsoft, the headset will let the wearer blend the digital world with the real world to conceptualize and share ideas.

The are a lot of myths and misconceptions when it comes to hiring workers with disabilities. The reality is when teams include members with disabilities, benefits abound, including improved product accessibilty for consumers and a more diverse, empathetic workforce.

The popularity of mobile devices is making the decision to have a mobile presence inevitable. But the move is not always an easy one. When crafting or modifying a mobile experience, you have to take into account design, user experience, and—perhaps most importantly—extensive testing. Read on.

Google’s People Operations Analytics team recently found that being grateful—and expressing it—can be the secret weapon to workplace happiness and to warding off the malaise that can come with routine. Does embracing a culture of gratitude really help employees stay happy?

Researchers from NASA’s Ames Research Center and Nissan North America’s Silicon Valley Research Center have joined forces with a five-year research and development partnership agreement. The first part of the agreement involves algorithms, concepts, and integrated prototypes for self-driving cars.

Technology companies are rushing to establish market domination by creating platforms and interface standards to support their version of the IoT vision. With all the hype, it is hard to cut through to the reality that IoT applications only work if all the moving pieces are well-integrated.

The US military command’s Twitter and YouTube accounts were hacked recently. Though the episode essentially amounted to little more than an annoyance, it should lead to an investigation into whether there are any more vulnerabilities in the administration's online accounts and profiles.

How often have we heard product managers mention that a product should be easy and intuitive to use—even for grandma? For various reasons, older people often refrain from the latest in technology, which is forcing companies to think about the older users in order to increase market share.

As technology has become more embedded within our lives, so have the attempts to infect and harm our use of that technology. In the past two years, more malware has been reported and detected than the combined yield of the last ten years. Read on for some alarming stats.