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Every day seems to bring yet another massive identity theft news story. Who is actually responsible for maintaining the security of a person’s data in the cloud? Most consumers assume it is their responsibility to protect their account information and precious sensitive online information.

Has the Internet of Things gone too far? Say “Hello, Barbie” to the first Wi-Fi connected doll. This new Barbie incorporates ToyTalk's speech recognition platform, and with Wi-Fi capabilities, her content is stored in the cloud. She also has the ability to recognize, respond, and remember.

Mobile app development is becoming increasingly sophisticated with handy tools and platforms that ease the developer’s role, but mobile app development is no longer restricted to just developers. Rajini Padmanaban looks at new mobile app development tools and how development just got easier.

When you start analyzing the two strategic activities of playing chess and developing software, you will notice they share many core principles. Defining a goal, recognizing patterns, and learning from mistakes are just some of the important concepts to keep in mind with both chess and software.

It’s expected that a product such as a left ventricular assist device that helps maintain the pumping ability of a heart comes under the scrutiny of the FDA. But should wearables for healthcare that simply record heart rates and sleep cycles be regulated as medical devices?

Cloud marketplaces, where customers can purchase component applications, have been around for a few years, but with an increasing interest in moving enterprise applications to cloud services, there is a new push to add features and functionality that appeal to not only their core SMB market segment.

Just about every native app developed today includes some HTML, even if its creators are labeling it otherwise. It’s a pervasive language that’s made it hard to crown native apps as the clear winner. In reality, pure native apps are a dying breed.

Traditionally, technology has been used in a reactive way to address a crime after it has happened. Recently, there's been a proactive trend towards predictive policing—especially through efforts by software giants such as Microsoft—to potentially curb a crime before it even happens.

The next-generation Raspberry Pi 2 is now available, and when the big announcement was recently made, the website buckled with over one million more requests than it usually handles, according to the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

Today's connected cars offer many technological conveniences. But with those features come some risks. The Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular connections in these cars can fall prey to hacking attacks, which can jeopardize people’s physical safety and private information—and the security is pretty lax.