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The Agile Development, Better Software & DevOps Conference West in June featured more than a hundred networking and learning opportunities and three tracks to choose from. Here, we recap three of the popular presentations, about lean UX, presentation skills, and how DevOps can benefit everyone.

The role of software testing and quality assurance is becoming increasingly important in a DevOps setup. This position has undergone a lot of change in the testing practices used, tools leveraged, and the shift in skill set and mindset of practitioners, and testers have a lot to learn from DevOps.

Some organizations suffer from a dysfunctional silo culture, with dev and ops working completely separate. Trying to solve problems can feel like marriage counseling, with each side failing to identify what to do to improve their relationship. Just as in counseling, what they need is communication.

Online privacy is a largely discussed and debated topic today. There is a common belief that with the advent of social and mobile computing, user privacy is at stake—and the growth in big data has made it worse. Some even say that, with the arrival of the mobile ecosystem, privacy is endangered.

With code being deployed thousands of times per day, DevOps is Netflix’s best option. It’s a high-speed approach for a high-speed service in a high-speed industry, but with it comes various security risks. Jason Chan, a cloud security architect, looked to automation to solve any issues.

This issue of Better Software gives best practices that will improve your skills in a variety of categories, including agile, testing, DevOps, and process. These articles aim to better your professional lives so that you and your team can deliver software technology that delights customers.

The upcoming Agile Development, Better Software & DevOps Conference West in Las Vegas features four incredible keynote speakers with very dissimilar but equally important topics. Lee Copeland, program chair for the conference, summarizes the keynote presentations and tells you what you can expect.

Like agile, people are quickly adopting and making great use of DevOps, which stresses communication, automation, and a strong sense of cooperation within a team. Yet, while it can be argued that agile spawned DevOps, some software veterans argue that it’s DevOps that’s actually pushing agile.

There is a trend of development managers suggesting that they need to embrace DevOps—but without the “Ops.” They argue that the operations team is too slow and lacks the skills to really participate. We want speed, but we also need to avoid error while improving reliability and enhancing security.

Every team can improve its delivery speed. When teams increase agility and reduce time to market by adopting agile software development practices, DevOps principles, and cloud self-service platforms, they choose a development and operations environment that accelerates software delivery.