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From the outside, it’s difficult to assess an organization’s culture. But before taking a new job, it’s important to learn as much as you can so you won’t encounter a culture clash. If you've got an interview and are wondering whether a new workplace will be a good fit, read on for ways to find out.

Although it may not always be easy for us to make bold decisions, there are simple but powerful steps to keep in mind about becoming a bold decision maker. These include being quick and nimble, acknowledging that you may fail, and recognizing opportunities that come along the way. Read on.

When considering leadership in testing, before leading others, try leading yourself. Don’t do typical “leader” stuff. Instead, look at what you do as a professional. How polished are your technical skills? How about your communication and interpersonal skills? What do you do to make yourself better?

No one has a crystal ball, but it's critical for test professionals to seriously ponder what the future holds as they plan their career journeys. Where is technology headed? What testing roles will be in most demand? Where will a tester spend the most time? Here are some predictions.

On many mobile projects, testing is not practiced well—or sometimes not done at all. Many testers from the desktop world are moving into mobile, and there is much they can take from traditional testing into the mobile space. Here are some ideas to get you thinking about testing mobile devices.

Apple surprised people at the Worldwide Developers Conference by introducing Swift, a brand-new programming language for OS X and iOS application development. What will this mean for developers, testers, and businesses who have poured time and resources into developing Objective-C expertise?

For a test manager to be effective, Mukesh Sharma says six important areas must come together: domain focus, test expertise, leadership style, management practices, proactivity quotient, and communication protocols. Read on to learn how to become a well-rounded test manager in these areas.

The rate at which we need to change and the speed of change are much greater than they used to be. We don't have as much time to get as deep in our skills, and we need to be more comfortable being generalists and picking up new skills, technologies, and processes quickly. Read on to stay relevant.

Silence may not be golden when members of a team are trying to reach agreement, resolve an issue, or make a decision. In this setting, silence is often taken to mean that those who haven’t voiced an opinion approve of the matter under discussion—yet they may very well not. You should make sure.

With the launch of Connected, the new app from LinkedIn, the company hopes to strengthen its hold on the attention and information of its consumers. Connected not only promises to keep you linked to your connections, but also aims to “take the ‘work’ out of networking.”