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When it comes to startup success, is it age, experience, energy, passion, or risk-taking ability that makes the difference? Really, if you are willing to do your research and leverage the support available, now can be that "best time" to start a startup—regardless of where you are in your career.

People say trust is something you have to earn, but several factors influence your ability to earn trust, and when it comes to your job, not all are within your control. Fortunately, there's one factor you can control: yourself. Read on to find out how you can prove yourself trustworthy at work.

MindSpark is an organization that provides cost-effective, high-quality testing services by training individuals with autism. The testing industry stands to gain tremendously with these new employees, and the workers also benefit because they get to increase their independence and learn new skills.

While it is great to see companies withstand the test of time and the dynamics of the current corporate world, it is also important to review what has changed and whether they are well-positioned to continue to thrive among the smaller but more agile establishments. Is your organization aging well?

Do you know what drives your behavior at work? Is it the sheer fun of programming or testing? Is it about serving customers or finding solutions to problems? Think about your mission and consider your principles when you debate potential risks and outcomes. Then, you can start exercising leadership.

Kids ask questions nonstop. When they become adults, they ask fewer questions, and sometimes none at all. Yet questions are the best way to gain insight, develop understanding, and solve problems. If you feel reluctant to ask questions in the workplace, overcome that fear and start asking away.

Finding defects is part of a tester’s responsibility, what is it about defects that gets a tester excited? A tester is in general a curious person—he often loves solving puzzles. He is curious to see how things work, whether they would break, how they would break and under what circumstances, etc.

Regardless of how effective we are in our deliverables, much of our success is often attributed to communication. We communicate with various stakeholders about our projects, and while several attributes contribute to effective communication, being precise is one of the most important.

Microsoft's decision to make its Siri-like assistant Cortana available not only on Microsoft's OS but also on iOS and Android is seen as part of Microsoft's cross-platform initiative. Is this a sign that the tech world now prefers generalists more than specialists?

Seems like everyone is talking about DevOps these days. Where can you go to learn more about how it affects you and your organization? Join us at DevOps Conference West to find out how to implement DevOps from some of the industry pros who have been part of the movement from its inception.