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Even though studies have shown that socially-connected people are more productive at work than those who aren't connected, it is still a fairly common practice for social media applications to be blocked at work. Is social media at work truly valuable, and if so, where does the value show itself?

As the end of the calendar year approaches, so does the possibility of an end-of-the-year review—which can lead to a promotion or raise. But let’s say that you’re not up for either. What else can you negotiate for in 2015? Read more to find out.

The Agile Development/Better Software East Conference in November included sessions on implementing agile, leading projects and teams, and going mobile. Here, we detail presentations from Rob Myers, James Whittaker, and Jeff "Cheezy" Morgan about agile's origins and future, plus career superpowers.

If training budgets don’t exist, there is a wealth of free and informative instructional material available on YouTube and through massive open online courses (MOOCs), free vendor web seminars, white papers, and other related sources. You can still construct a well-orchestrated training curriculum.

If you have asked for one thing and gotten another, maybe the problem is the way you gave the instructions. This is the “ curse of knowledge"; once you know something, it's difficult to imagine how it appears to someone who doesn't know. Read on to learn how to better communicate instructions.

Many people tend to be scared of writing, and that's a shame, because these people are full of ideas and experiences worth writing about. If you want to get past a fear of writing, start with something smaller: a short story, a two-page essay, or a one-page article. Getting started is the hard part.

If you’re prone to self-criticism, it’s difficult to get anything right and easy to fall victim to negative thoughts about your decisions. It also focuses your attention in unproductive directions, which means you’re even more likely to make mistakes. Read on for how to put an end to self-criticism.

Times of crisis can be extremely difficult. But crisis management does not have to be all bad. Dealing effectively with crisis can make us stronger and more successful. You can achieve success by recognizing the opportunity inherent in any serious incident. You just have to be open to change.

Ken Whitaker of Leading Software Maniacs gave the first keynote presentation at Agile Development Conference & Better Software Conference East 2014. It was titled “From Chaos to Order: Leading Software Teams Today” and covered his five tenets of leadership to restore order to product management.

In October we were at the STARWEST testing conference in Anaheim, California, which featured more than a hundred learning opportunities and had the theme “Breaking Software.” Read about three presentations given and the testing lessons learned from, Sesame Street, and Disney.