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Times of crisis can be extremely difficult. But crisis management does not have to be all bad. Dealing effectively with crisis can make us stronger and more successful. You can achieve success by recognizing the opportunity inherent in any serious incident. You just have to be open to change.

If you’re prone to self-criticism, it’s difficult to get anything right and easy to fall victim to negative thoughts about your decisions. It also focuses your attention in unproductive directions, which means you’re even more likely to make mistakes. Read on for how to put an end to self-criticism.

Ken Whitaker of Leading Software Maniacs gave the first keynote presentation at Agile Development Conference & Better Software Conference East 2014. It was titled “From Chaos to Order: Leading Software Teams Today” and covered his five tenets of leadership to restore order to product management.

Our organizations, management, teams, and customers desperately need each of us to step up and lead. Regardless of whether you have an official title as a leader or you are an individual contributor, you must exercise leadership in your role. Are you taking the initiative in your testing projects?

In October we were at the STARWEST testing conference in Anaheim, California, which featured more than a hundred learning opportunities and had the theme “Breaking Software.” Read about three presentations given and the testing lessons learned from, Sesame Street, and Disney.

The topic of gender pay disparity is in the hot seat with a lot of studies being released about the pay disparity in large IT firms. However, there are certain jobs where the average base salary of a woman is higher than that of a man. Rajini Padmanaban looks at the facts and myths about this issue.

This is a fascinating time to observe the role of CIO due to the many important forces simultaneously driving CIO selection criteria in different directions. The combination of data security and new IT trends may lead to the hiring of CIOs with a tech background first and business knowledge second.

A “humblebrag” is the essence of false modesty, aptly capturing the notion of bragging while appearing to be humble. Technical professionals are rarely perceived as great self-promoters, but you shouldn't hedge your accomplishments by only talking about them in this tiresome way. Go ahead and brag!

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, is the latest of many male technology leaders who has stuck his foot firmly in his mouth on the topic of female advancement. His comments raise questions on just how far women have come and what can be done to implement fairer and more effective hiring practices.

Agile has taken software and the tech industry by storm. But agile doesn't have to be a godsend for just those working in the tech industry or with various shades of software. Consider these four agile tenets as best practices for your business and personal life, too.