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Mobile Development Stories

Apple Watch sales are expected to reach more than 36 million units in the first year. As the Apple Watch becomes more of a mainstream product, it is not only expected to bring changes to the user experience but also to software engineering. How will the Apple Watch impact software testing?

Management software has been around for many years, but sports is a somewhat newer discipline where management systems can be used to boost productivity and enhance a team’s overall efficiency. Bharathan Venkateswaran looks at the competitive world and future of sports managements systems.

Growth in areas such as big data, cloud, and mobile computing have aided new trends in health care, and one area that has grown significantly is virtual clinics. Rajini Padmanaban looks at the future of virtual clinics and the attributes that can determine their success.

Reducing distracted driving through sensors that monitor brain waves and driver concentration could ultimately end up saving more lives. Researchers at English automotive company Jaguar Land Rover are working on this technology in hopes that it will reduce accidents.

Apple having a great quarter financially isn't a huge surprise, but when you look at the two previous quarters, one reason for its success is obvious. Apple's revenue from China rose 71 percent to $16.82 billion compared to $21.3 billion in the Americas region. What's the secret to Apple's success?

The White House kicked off the official “Week of Making,” June 12-18 with the National Maker Faire at the University of the District of Columbia. 3D printers, laser cutters, open source, easy-to-use design software, and desktop machine tools are today’s poster board and markers.

Startups are often known for creating cutting-edge apps. However, startups have several requirements that also increasingly see them making use of mobile apps. These apps enable them to focus on building their products and getting to the market faster and more effectively. Read on to learn how.

Online privacy is a largely discussed and debated topic today. There is a common belief that with the advent of social and mobile computing, user privacy is at stake—and the growth in big data has made it worse. Some even say that, with the arrival of the mobile ecosystem, privacy is endangered.

If you’re making a project today that isn’t in some way connected, you’re behind the curve. But first, beyond having a solid understanding of the Internet of Things and knowing your company’s resources, it’s critical to understand what your consumer is looking for from a connected device.

New technology is helping in the prevention of sports injuries by facilitating better practice and training sessions, educating players on game fundamentals, and inventing new protective gear. Innovative mouth-guards and wearables gather performance data and can even help prevent brain injuries.