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Mobile Development Stories

The Consumer Electronics Show happens early in January every year and is a key event that in some ways defines the industry for the year ahead. This year was no exception, and a look at some of the stand-out products in the show indicates which consumer technologies will dominate the market.

At the recent Microsoft’s Windows 10 event, one of the more intriguing technology announcements was a head-mounted holographic computer: Microsoft HoloLens. According to Microsoft, the headset will let the wearer blend the digital world with the real world to conceptualize and share ideas.

There's no denying that smartphones are useful. But is that constant connectivity truly helpful—or healthy? Uninterrupted access can actually be bad for productivity and creativity. That's why a new project is proposing a week of challenges to get you off your phone and back inside your own head.

The popularity of mobile devices is making the decision to have a mobile presence inevitable. But the move is not always an easy one. When crafting or modifying a mobile experience, you have to take into account design, user experience, and—perhaps most importantly—extensive testing. Read on.

Researchers from NASA’s Ames Research Center and Nissan North America’s Silicon Valley Research Center have joined forces with a five-year research and development partnership agreement. The first part of the agreement involves algorithms, concepts, and integrated prototypes for self-driving cars.

How often have we heard product managers mention that a product should be easy and intuitive to use—even for grandma? For various reasons, older people often refrain from the latest in technology, which is forcing companies to think about the older users in order to increase market share.

Availability is often associated with load, but not necessarily with overall functionality and compatibility. However, with the number of apps flooding the marketplace, these other parameters are becoming increasingly important to consider. Building the right support team can help promote success.

In a recent message to customers about Apple’s commitment to privacy, Apple CEO Time Cook said, "A few years ago, users of Internet services began to realize that when an online service is free, you’re not the customer. You’re the product." Is that really the case?

We’re not sure how many unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) actually ended up underneath somebody’s tree—or circling it—but take heed. If you thought you escaped wading through instructions for this gift, think again. There are safety guidelines that need to be followed.

Can a citizen scientist help solve climate change or help us better understand it? To encourage developers to come up with new ideas, NASA and the USGs, a scientific agency that researches the Earth’s conditions and problems, announced a contest with more than $35,000 in prizes.