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For the most part of his early career, Dick Fosbury was an average high jumper. After Fosbury questioned the normal jumping technique and then mastered another technique, he went on to win Olympic gold. Anuj Magazine highlights some lessons we can learn from Fosbury and other innovators.

Wearables have taken a huge leap in the marketplace over the last year. These devices continue to make inroads in domains such as fitness, health, and entertainment, but a new segment wearables are beginning to focus on is communication. We'll see how people decide to use these new gadgets.

China’s biggest online sales day, Singles' Day, shattered previous records this year, bringing in 9.3 billion dollars. The undeniable winner was Alibaba, the e-commerce giant with 80 percent of China's online market share. As the retail marketplace changes, here are some things to keep in mind.

Google's foray into research is not new, and one of the areas that Google has invested in is life sciences research. During the past year, Google has been in the news for the health care technological advances that it’s working on, such as the detection of diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

When Americans worry about crime, these days they worry more about their credit card information being hacked than they do about criminals breaking into their home, stealing their car, or even getting mugged. Pamela Rentz highlights the latest information from the Emerging Cyber Threats Report.

Businesses powered on user-generated content are able to reach the market faster than most other traditional forms of business. But getting users to generate content is not always an easy task. Read on to learn what practices help generate positive reviews, and how can you use them productively.

News about the emergence of the social network Ello went viral in the last few weeks. Ello has earned a lot of interest because of its position as an anti-Facebook social network. Will Ello be able to live up to the hype and become a Facebook killer?

Beginning in 2015, more US banks, merchants, and the federal government will begin rolling out chip-based cards. Noting that more than 100 million Americans were victims of data breaches in the past year, the White House is leading the move to chip-and-PIN technology with a new executive order.

The last quarter has been busy for Amazon, filled with ups and downs, successes and failures. The interesting takeaway here is that Amazon does not shun failures. In fact, its leaders try to see how to learn from failures and diversify even more. Read on to learn how the e-commerce giant operates.

While supporting multiple devices certainly has its business advantages, it also means the need for knowledge of multiple operating systems, device-specific idiosyncrasies, and having to hire or train staff for the skills necessary to perform the required tasks. Eric Bloom addresses these concerns.