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Mobile Development Stories

Google announced earlier this month that Project Loon—a plan to provide wireless connectivity via a network of high-altitude balloons floating in the stratosphere using only the wind for steering—is making progress. The project’s longest duration balloon was airborne for just over six months.

There are some interesting wearables concepts out there on the verge of making our world more convenient, dynamic, and wondrous. These prototypes include wristbands with all the capabilities of your phone, micro projectors that can scan images, and a ring that can let you start your car with a snap.

If you have kids in school anywhere from pre-kindergarten through grade twelve, by now you’re probably very familiar with STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). STEAM advocates adding “Art + Design” to the equation, thus transforming STEM into STEAM.

We have Uber to thank for a new way to describe any job performed by part-time, temporary workers who are hired or dispatched via an app. There is an “Uber” for a wide array of jobs, and the list keeps growing. This story looks at some of them—and at whether this business model will keep growing.

The Microsoft Digital Trends 2015 report shows that people’s attitudes toward digital and connected devices have changed significantly since just two years ago. Previously, users wanted to be more anonymous. Now, the idea of putting yourself out there isn’t nearly as frightening.

Experts say 2014 was a complacent year for the world of e-commerce, whereas 2015 will have a major revamp in the way the market operates and the facelift it will receive from new trends. These new trends will continue to positively push e-commerce into the hands of users.

Apple unveiled a new biomedical platform called ResearchKit, an iOS framework that will let people opt in to join medical research studies. Volunteers can use their Apple devices to participate in various tests, and the information will be shared with medical research institutions to find cures.

With all the growth we are witnessing in the mobile space, mobile payment solutions seem to be the way of the future. However, these solutions have to be robust and win the confidence of merchants, payment processors, and end-users in order to really take off. What will it take for that to happen?

IBM’s Mobile Accessibility Checker was created for iOS and Android devices in order to point out common issues that could prevent users with disabilities from properly using an app. It acts as an automated test to help improve software accessibility features before an app hits the market.

For the first time in years, Google search’s share in the US went below 75 percent in January 2015, while its rivals observed marginal upward growth. Even though Google still holds the majority of the search market share, does its slow decline in market share put its dominance under threat?