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Mobile Development Stories

Recently the Indian fashion retailer completely shut down its website and moved to an app-only mode. Is this a sign of things to come—that websites will eventually become extinct? Anuj Magazine examines the pros and cons of a mobile-only strategy.

How do you feel about sharing the road with self-driving long-haul semi-trucks? The first licensed autonomous commercial truck hit the road on an open public highway in NV. In a staged nighttime production, Daimler Trucks’ Freightliner Inspiration drove on top of the Hoover Dam.

The first question you might have about a human emotion tracking application is: What is the value of understanding human emotions? It's understandable that the data collected can be used for meaningful purposes, but how could this adversely impact users' security and privacy?

To add to the list of cool technology that’s come from NASA's research, here’s a big one—a search and rescue device that detected the heartbeat of four people trapped beneath 10 feet of rubble in the Nepal earthquake disaster so rescuers could reach them.

Skype Translator recently launched in two additional languages—Mandarin and Italian. With Skype Translator's real-time translation technology, it makes you wonder if future generations won't need to spend the time and effort to learn other languages.

The Internet of Things is getting smarter, integrating circuits and sensors into so much more of our lives that it’s predicted 20+ billion devices will be running the IoT by 2020. Besides smarter thermostats and watches, hopefully there will be devices that help save our planet—including our bees.

In the IT world, we often hear about product lifecycles and what it takes to envision, develop, and maintain a product over its lifecycle. More specifically, we hear about its subsets, such as the software testing lifecycle. But one thing that we don’t often hear about is the technology lifecycle.

This is the first time young people have had such great technology so readily available to them, and parents face a new opportunity as well as a challenge in how to raise their "geeky" kids. How can you maximize the chance to raise a child whose quest for technology is higher that most? Read on.

Last year, researchers introduced the NIST-F2 atomic clock, the world's most accurate time standard. This year, the NIST announced the world’s record-setting atomic clock was modified to be more than three times as precise and set a new record for clock stability.

What drives you to specific pieces of content? For the longest time, we let homepages, search engines, or basic URLs decide our Internet activity. Today, a simple notification that flashes on your phone’s home screen is one of the most powerful forces leading you from app to app.