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Mobile Development Stories

Many people have come to the realization that the Internet is so riddled with security holes that they have decided to take a different approach to securing their data. Welcome to darknets—stealth networks for those folks who really do not want to be found.

Facebook recently achieved something dramatic with Instagram's infrastructure. Without 200 million users noticing, Facebook moved about 20 billion photos from Amazon's EC2 infrastructure to Facebook's own data center. Facebook refers to this phenomenon as Instagration.

Martha Stewart is the acknowledged first lady when it comes to the home and lifestyle industry. And now it turns out she’s no slouch when it comes to emerging technology either. Among the latest Martha “Likes” is a DJI Phantom, her new flying camera drone. Is this a good thing?

A brain-computer interface (BCI) aids in gathering data based on neuro-signals from the brain, including brief but important pieces of information such as a person’s reaction to specific events. Rajini Padmanaban looks at the potential uses of BCIs and whether they should see the light of day.

Microsoft recently showcased a demo of the Skype Translator app. The demo included Skype VP Gurdeep Pall speaking in English with a German employee and the employee responding in her native language. To break the human language barriers, it must first improve upon the system's perceived limitations.

With the launch of Connected, the new app from LinkedIn, the company hopes to strengthen its hold on the attention and information of its consumers. Connected not only promises to keep you linked to your connections, but also aims to “take the ‘work’ out of networking.”

People seem to have forgotten that we are still heavily dependent on an older, more fragile underlying infrastructure of water, gas, and electric utilities. Can emerging information technologies such as big data, the Internet of Things, and Machine to Machine be applied to modernize utilities?

In the latest issue of Better Software magazine, there are insightful articles covering a wide range of topics impacting the software delivery process. Feature articles explore the next wave of computing: mobile and wearable intelligent devices and the experiences and challenges they bring.

As technology continues to evolve each day, frequent announcements about new mobile devices have become the norm. All of these announcements mean the options are numerous, but it also can indicate a very open and confusing landscape—a landscape filled with questions.

We might finally have a successor to Paul the octopus. Microsoft's Cortana, which acts as a strong competitor to Apple's Siri companion, has predicted the last four World Cup games successfully. Its complex system that takes into account a handful of key metrics has the US team losing to Belgium.