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& QA Training to Fortune 500 Companies


The key to effective outsourcing for globally distributed teams working in an Agile environment is selecting the right partner.  Halliburton reduced known issues by 97% at product shipment by combining LogiGears’ test automation expertise and US based project management with their domain expertise.

Software test automation has the capability to decrease the overall cost of testing and improve software quality. Learn what it takes to achieve the full potential of test automation.

The defining difference between releasing good software or releasing a time bomb to your customers is large-scale test automation in Agile projects. Automation is the only way to keep up with increasing software complexity and faster releases.

The world is moving toward ubiquitous computing and the number of things that can think has exploded. The tools and software to test advanced applications will need to be different than what we are used to today. They are likely to include digital animation for testing visual input devices. And, the complexity of testing the new systems cannot succeed without massive automation.

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