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Some people dislike the idea of agile project managers, but for teams transitioning to agile, there is a place for management. That place is creating an environment in which the team learns how to self-manage. Read on to discover how a PM should offer support and servant leadership to an agile team.

The importance and usage of regression testing have grown in the past decade with the increased adoption of agile development methodologies. Rajini Padmanaban looks at the value of regression testing, how it has become a target for test automation, and how it fits into the agile world.

There are guidelines for those transitioning to agile. You have to know how your product releases and how often. Next, you should determine how complex your product is. Johanna Rothman helps you determine what type of product you have and how you can work on it while making the transition to agile.

Analysis paralysis is that situation when instead of making a decision and getting on with things, you keep overthinking the process and avoiding taking action. It’s often a mental block caused by a fear of doing something wrong, and it's a common workplace affliction. Here's how to deal with it.

When managers can’t decide which projects to undertake, they end up making a decision—to not decide. They don’t fund the potentially transformative projects; they go with the safe bets. The difference between when a project goes on the backlog and when it's started eats into your maximum revenue.

CxO is traditionally an initialism for a group of chief officers—most of whom report to the chief executive officer—who head various strategic functions in an organization. Recently the idea of the CXO (chief experience officer), who heads customer service, is beginning to emerge—and even surge.

Every team member is required to attend a daily scrum meeting. Pro tip: The ScrumMaster and product owner are team members too, despite their titles of leadership. If you feel you don’t need to attend every daily scrum, then consider these four reasons why you should stick with it.

Venkatesh Krishnamurthy explains how root cause analysis (RCA) can be used to help your team members avoid personal conflicts and resentment when a project fails. Conducting an RCA session can help to divert attention from people to process improvement.

Agile software development can be hard, but many of the challenges may be more about perception than actual constraints. Many teams find an agile environment to be both more productive and more pleasant. This sounds similar to current research studying people's math ability.

Branding makes a huge difference in the success and acceptance of a product in the marketplace. The right branding practices can bring in positive visibility, while lack of branding or incorrect branding practices can pull down a well-engineered product. Read on for advice on building your brand.