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According to data examining projects completed between 1980 and 2010, project size has decreased drastically, particularly in the decade beginning in 2000. Several factors may have contributed to the diminishing SLOCs per project, or, maybe our definition of project has changed over time.

Planning is essential to agile, but for larger projects, it can become problematic. When you have multiple teams working on a project, the big room planning technique comes in handy. All planning takes place in a single, large room, so everybody can discuss their teams' needs and identify conflicts.

It’s the holiday season again. As you run around preparing for everyone else, consider what you need. Especially when you are stressed—and the holidays seem to bring out the stress in everyone—take time for yourself. Prioritize, manage tasks, and create action plans, and you can enjoy the season!

Times of crisis can be extremely difficult. But crisis management does not have to be all bad. Dealing effectively with crisis can make us stronger and more successful. You can achieve success by recognizing the opportunity inherent in any serious incident. You just have to be open to change.

Ken Whitaker of Leading Software Maniacs gave the first keynote presentation at Agile Development Conference & Better Software Conference East 2014. It was titled “From Chaos to Order: Leading Software Teams Today” and covered his five tenets of leadership to restore order to product management.

Project and subproject boundaries can be challenging because people have different assumptions about exactly where the boundaries are. What, exactly, do your plan and budget include? Items on the boundary should be reviewed with project sponsors and documented as clearly in or out of project scope.

Schedules are tight, resources are scarce, customers are more demanding, the technology of today quickly becomes old news tomorrow, and competition is everywhere. We’re all doing much more with less. How do you improve yourself when under so much stress? This issue of Better Software has answers!

In some organizations, the project manager and business analyst roles are played by different people, and in others, one person performs both. The two roles require different skill sets, so it's important for both people to collaborate—or for the one person doing both to compartmentalize actions.

Where software development is concerned, good execution alone does not ensure a successful product. Even the best execution can’t overcome a terrible idea, a lack of shared expectations, or anything less than a total commitment to achieving excellence. Read on for tips to realize software success.

According to Greek myth, Cassandra's curse was that she could predict the future but no one would believe her prophecies. Sometimes the same can be said for project proposals. You can give the best assessment possible, but that doesn't mean the client will heed your words. Read on for encouragement.