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Requirements and Business Analysis Stories

Pricing is a very tricky yet important decision that every organization needs to make to sustain and grow its market share. Before arriving at a pricing strategy, businesses typically carry out a number of tests to determine the magic number that will work for them. Here's what you should consider.

CxO is traditionally an initialism for a group of chief officers—most of whom report to the chief executive officer—who head various strategic functions in an organization. Recently the idea of the CXO (chief experience officer), who heads customer service, is beginning to emerge—and even surge.

Bonnie Bailey writes on the importance of knowing your users and keeping them close to you. The more you live and breathe your users, the more you know what they look like. Keeping your users close also implies making room for their data and their environments.

Amazon made headlines recently with its new patent for an anticipatory shipping model. The model predicts what users would likely buy, when they would buy it, and where they would need it. Rajini Padmanaban examines Amazon's anticipatory shipping model and what it means for predictive analytics.

The cost of delay is the way to think about the revenue you can lose plus the cost of continued development. When you delay your release and don’t ship on time, you miss the revenue from the maximum sales times. Shipping on time isn't always easy, but it's easy to see why you need to.

Is the stereotype true that information technology (IT) professionals are nerds, geeks, and pocket-protector-wearing buffoons as sometimes portrayed in the media? Joe Townsend examines why these kinds of stereotypes exist and what is being done to address them.

Creativity, the ability to make new things or think of new ideas, is something we value. Steve Berczuk writes that established best practices, such as patterns, can help us solve many problems efficiently, but breakthroughs arise from creative solutions.

Adopting innovation as a driving theme for an organization raises the important question of how best to set goals for achieving innovation. One of the popular philosophies of goal setting is better known as SMART goals, which stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely.

Snapchat's emergence creates an important separation in the Internet space—an Internet where the data stays forever and an Internet where the data is temporary—referred to as Erasable Internet. Are we headed toward an ephemeral Internet or continuing with one that is permanent?

It can be argued that Facebook is running the risk of getting cannibalized by newer competitors who are smart enough not to take Facebook head on—given its humongous size—but instead are attacking it feature by feature. Anuj Magazine examines the risk for Facebook.