The STAREAST testing conference in May featured more than a hundred learning opportunities. Here, we examine the four keynote presentations: Deliberate Testing in an Agile World, The Future of the Software Testing Profession, Blunders in Test Automation, and Innovation: From the Tester’s Viewpoint.

The upcoming Agile Development, Better Software & DevOps Conference West in Las Vegas features four incredible keynote speakers with very dissimilar but equally important topics. Lee Copeland, program chair for the conference, summarizes the keynote presentations and tells you what you can expect.

Even though we at SQE/TechWell pride ourselves on giving developers, testers, and other software professionals valuable resources for their industry, not all of us have a technical background. Here, a marketing employee describes her first brush with coding and how she came to respect programming.

The Agile Development/Better Software East Conference in November included sessions on implementing agile, leading projects and teams, and going mobile. Here, we detail presentations from Rob Myers, James Whittaker, and Jeff "Cheezy" Morgan about agile's origins and future, plus career superpowers.

In October we were at the STARWEST testing conference in Anaheim, California, which featured more than a hundred learning opportunities and had the theme “Breaking Software.” Read about three presentations given and the testing lessons learned from, Sesame Street, and Disney.

Paco Hope, principal consultant for Cigital, presented the last keynote of STARWEST 2014: “Softwarts: Security Testing for Muggles.” He exposed some testing fallacies, gave four principles for security testing, and detailed some charms every good testing wizard should have in his spell book.

Much like a great recipe, the STARWEST conferences have added a dash of this and a pinch of that over the years so our attendees have the best learning experience we can provide. Let’s take a look at who the chefs are and what they do to cook up a successful conference like STARWEST.

One of the biggest presentation fears many professionals have is being unable to answer questions from the audience. But with some practice beforehand, you may find that addressing questions is one of the most energizing parts of presenting. Read these tips to get yourself prepared for your Q&A.

Lee Copeland of Software Quality Engineering recently presented Speaking 101 to a room full of attendees at STAREAST 2014 in Orlando, Florida. Speaking 101 covered some of the basics for giving strong presentations.

In her STAREAST 2014 keynote—Extreme Automation: Software Quality for the Next Generation Enterprise—Theresa Lanowitz covered the global trends in testing, emerging technologies, and (of course) extreme automation. Read on for more insights on modern testing from Theresa's talk.