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When it comes to the deliberate effort required in making your website accessible to everyone, there are two approaches to take: manual evaluation and automated evaluation. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. Sunil Dangwal goes over the advantages and disadvantages to both methods.

DevOps is evolving, and as teams adopt it, they will need increased continuous quality along with continuous delivery. The DevOps quality management office is a a set of processes, tools, and competencies to drive testing efficiencies in DevOps initiatives, which will accelerate quality delivery.

Mobile apps are being developed in a time of rapid user feedback due to the prominent use of social media—which can be good or bad for those apps. Social media can make or break your product. But whichever scenario it is, testers can learn from that feedback to improve upon their test strategies.

The role of the software tester has been subject to a lot of change in recent years. Some traits that used to make a tester successful are no longer as relevant, and some new traits have been added. But there is a set that will never change—these characteristics are great for a tester in any age.

With more organizations adding accessibility to their list of product requirements, development teams must decide where in the lifecycle to add accessibility testing. Raman Mehta is of the "test early, test often" mindset to avoid expensive fixes and unhappy end-users.

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed by the extra effort involved in delivering accessible software, don’t be dismayed. Melissa Tondi offers four tips to get you started with an efficient and long-term accessibility testing initiative that will result in a happy experience for all users.

When you start analyzing the two strategic activities of playing chess and developing software, you will notice they share many core principles. Defining a goal, recognizing patterns, and learning from mistakes are just some of the important concepts to keep in mind with both chess and software.

By showing the value of accessibility and having a plan in place to address those needs, you can demonstrate to employees that accessibility is about more than compliance; organizations that are proactive about accessibility will reap benefits in terms of a larger user base and community goodwill.

Accessibility in software is emerging as a hot topic in 2015. We all know why we need to test that our products are accessible to people with disabilities, but Rajini offers some scenarios that illustrate the potential consequences of not creating an accessible design or environment.

How much do unproductive meetings cost? Approximately 11 million meetings happen in the US every day, and employees lose approximately four work days each month due to unproductive meetings. So what can some of the best run companies teach us about effectively running meetings?