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Bob Galen has noticed that when it comes to agile quality and testing practices, people tend to be either all in or under-practicing some techniques. But it is the interplay across practices that is most important for effectiveness. Here, he discusses his three pillars of agile quality and testing.

In the rush to build more, faster, many companies spend more time on environment maintenance and less time on actual product learning and validation. Joel Tosi argues that instead of rushing into automation and virtualization, start by rethinking your approaches to your environments and testing.

To ensure end-to-end accessibility coverage, it is imperative for accessibility testers to have knowledge of different types of disabilities and the challenges they pose to end-users. Testers who understand users' requirements and know what to check for will provide a better accessibility outcome.

Experts say 2014 was a complacent year for the world of e-commerce, whereas 2015 will have a major revamp in the way the market operates and the facelift it will receive from new trends. These new trends will continue to positively push e-commerce into the hands of users.

A lot of people, when asked why they got into software—especially testing—say they sort of "fell into it." But why do people stay? Matthew Heusser has held many different roles in the industry, and here, he talks about learning what matters in software testing—and what's kept him sticking around.

IBM’s Mobile Accessibility Checker was created for iOS and Android devices in order to point out common issues that could prevent users with disabilities from properly using an app. It acts as an automated test to help improve software accessibility features before an app hits the market.

Some may see checklists as unnecessary, but consider the growing complexity of many of our software development and testing tasks. Ignoring the use of a tool such as checklists (when appropriate) can increase the risk in our already risky world of software testing. Sometimes, simpler is better.

When it comes to the deliberate effort required in making your website accessible to everyone, there are two approaches to take: manual evaluation and automated evaluation. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. Sunil Dangwal goes over the advantages and disadvantages to both methods.

DevOps is evolving, and as teams adopt it, they will need increased continuous quality along with continuous delivery. The DevOps quality management office is a a set of processes, tools, and competencies to drive testing efficiencies in DevOps initiatives, which will accelerate quality delivery.

Mobile apps are being developed in a time of rapid user feedback due to the prominent use of social media—which can be good or bad for those apps. Social media can make or break your product. But whichever scenario it is, testers can learn from that feedback to improve upon their test strategies.