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The are a lot of myths and misconceptions when it comes to hiring workers with disabilities. The reality is when teams include members with disabilities, benefits abound, including improved product accessibilty for consumers and a more diverse, empathetic workforce.

The popularity of mobile devices is making the decision to have a mobile presence inevitable. But the move is not always an easy one. When crafting or modifying a mobile experience, you have to take into account design, user experience, and—perhaps most importantly—extensive testing. Read on.

Google’s People Operations Analytics team recently found that being grateful—and expressing it—can be the secret weapon to workplace happiness and to warding off the malaise that can come with routine. Does embracing a culture of gratitude really help employees stay happy?

Availability is often associated with load, but not necessarily with overall functionality and compatibility. However, with the number of apps flooding the marketplace, these other parameters are becoming increasingly important to consider. Building the right support team can help promote success.

Shifting from being a tester in a traditional lifecycle model to in an agile methodology is not easy. There is a spectrum of differences, ranging from redefining the testing role and responsibilities completely to making only minor changes in context and accountability. Read on for some key changes.

Testers are trained to find errors. However, evolution is not possible without committing a few of them. This year you should resolve to explore new areas, in the process making a few mistakes. In doing so you will learn, push yourself and others, change the world a tiny bit, and grow personally.

With time and cost constraints and high product expectations, teams are having to innovate when it comes to how they think and operate. Testers play an important role in this drive, and not just a handful of them—with due diligence and effort, anyone can step into the innovation zone. Read on.

Security breaches happen, from Target to Sony, but sometimes it’s not malicious hackers causing pain points for consumers, society, and companies. Occasionally, bugs in the software are to blame. Here is a look at some of the more infamous software bugs that we hope don’t get repeated in 2015.

Putting together a good performance test team is essential to success. Many of the issues related to performance can be identified early through static methods, or performance engineering. If the key technical players are continuously involved in the testing process, conflicts can be avoided later.

Many test managers want to assess the value of their test tool approach. There is a way to do it that does not require writing code—only the ability to read it a little. Matt Heusser helps you figure out if what your team is doing is working, what you could drop, and what might be worth picking up.