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Many test managers want to assess the value of their test tool approach. There is a way to do it that does not require writing code—only the ability to read it a little. Matt Heusser helps you figure out if what your team is doing is working, what you could drop, and what might be worth picking up.

The 2014 Google Code-in online contest introduces students ages thirteen to seventeen to open source development. Open from December 1, 2014, to January 19, 2015, students can pick tasks created by twelve open source organizations and work on a wide range of projects and tasks.

Though many QA organizations today use agile development methods, depending on the industry, they can experience very different challenges and successes. By exploring the diversity in the testing world, you can learn other industries’ strengths and think about how they could apply to your field.

Every time we gear up for a peak-load online shopping day, one of main things is the application’s performance. Was it available without any downtime? Was the response time acceptable? Did the pages load fine? While this information is the main focus, there is increasingly more finesse involved.

The holiday season means consumers will be doing a lot of shopping online. This poses immense challenges for the testers who have to ensure that all business channels, including mobile, offer a smooth, high-performance experience. This story gives some core components of a holiday testing strategy.

There are many misconceptions about accessibility that prevent people from making a conscious effort to incorporate it into their websites. But really, developing and testing accessible websites doesn't require more work, and it has many benefits. Let’s disprove the top four web accessibility myths.

China’s biggest online sales day, Singles' Day, shattered previous records this year, bringing in 9.3 billion dollars. The undeniable winner was Alibaba, the e-commerce giant with 80 percent of China's online market share. As the retail marketplace changes, here are some things to keep in mind.

When Americans worry about crime, these days they worry more about their credit card information being hacked than they do about criminals breaking into their home, stealing their car, or even getting mugged. Pamela Rentz highlights the latest information from the Emerging Cyber Threats Report.

In October we were at the STARWEST testing conference in Anaheim, California, which featured more than a hundred learning opportunities and had the theme “Breaking Software.” Read about three presentations given and the testing lessons learned from, Sesame Street, and Disney.

Our organizations, management, teams, and customers desperately need each of us to step up and lead. Regardless of whether you have an official title as a leader or you are an individual contributor, you must exercise leadership in your role. Are you taking the initiative in your testing projects?