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Many mistakenly believe frameworks are applicable only to test automation because they provide easy test implementation, enhanced productivity for testers, and empower dependable quality for the product. However, accessibility also is a rich ground for frameworks to be built and leveraged. Read on.

Testers use requirements as the basis of test cases, review them for testability, and often participate in general requirements reviews or inspections. However, many testers have little knowledge of requirements engineering. Erik van Veenendaal provides five critical success factors to get started.

The IoT is projected to connect just about everything, from everywhere—and a new report produced by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology, along with researchers in academia and industry, warns that a lack of effective timing signals could hamper future development of the IoT.

The Three Pillars is a framework for establishing a balanced strategic plan for effective quality and testing. But beyond the individual pillars themselves, the real value resides in crosscutting concerns. It requires a balance across all three pillars to implement any one of the practices properly.

Finding defects is part of a tester’s responsibility, what is it about defects that gets a tester excited? A tester is in general a curious person—he often loves solving puzzles. He is curious to see how things work, whether they would break, how they would break and under what circumstances, etc.

As testers, we need to recognize our own biases and limitations. It is misjudgment to think that we can just close our eyes to be blind or to believe that we understand how someone with Parkinson’s disease functions. Recruit test users other than just a formal test team and learn who your users are.

When adopting agile, organizations can be plagued with quality imbalance. Bob Galen found that all agile testing practices and activities can be grouped into three categories: development and test automation, software testing, and cross-functional team practices. He reviews these "pillars" of agile.

Software as a service is a key component today of every enterprise application outsourcing strategy. Smart testing with the right blend of depth and speed is the cornerstone of successfully testing SaaS applications. Reap the benefits of SaaS products by creating an effective, reusable strategy.

Assistive tools are imperative in aiding the accessibility test effort for those with limited or no vision. There are several automation tools that can help validate a page per accessibility, but a screen reader lets a tester experience the real-time challenges faced by a visually impaired user.

Bob Galen has noticed that when it comes to agile quality and testing practices, people tend to be either all in or under-practicing some techniques. But it is the interplay across practices that is most important for effectiveness. Here, he discusses his three pillars of agile quality and testing.