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Shifting Left to Keep Pace in Mobile and IoT Testing 

In the world of mobile and IoT, enterprises face immense pressure to move faster and more flexibly in application development and testing—without sacrificing anything in innovation, product quality, or service levels. Any compromise risks dissatisfied customers, reduced revenues, and competitive disadvantage.

To this end, many organizations are moving aggressively to automate their testing and QA processes to enhance efficiency and expand the scope of their quality efforts. However, without the right resources, tools, and expertise, this can be extremely difficult. These challenges are only exasperated by the different platforms, devices, sensors, and operating systems to test against.

“Shift left” is a movement that helps enterprises address both the speed and quality requirements created by the new world of mobile and IoT. The basic principle driving shift left is applying more QA efforts earlier in the software development lifecycle to identify potential problems when they are easier and less costly to fix. This enables QA to work in parallel with development during the requirement and design stages of the development lifecycle.

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