Agile Testing Days USA | TechWell

The Agile Testing Days conference provides a fun way to get deep insights and latest developments in testing and agile excellence as well as to provide a platform for networking. TechWell will partner with Agile Testing Days to ensure the conference continues the legacy of offering the best agile testing education with the first U.S. based event.

Agile Testing Days Conference features:

Keynotes from industry thought leaders

Half- and full-day tutorials to let you dive deep into topics

Pre-conference training classes, including Agile Tester Certification, Mobile Application Testing, Software Tester Certification-Foundation Level, and more

Networking sessions designed to get you talking with the experts and your colleagues

Conference sessions on major testing issues and solutions, including test management, test techniques, performance testing, test automation, agile testing, mobile testing, and more

The Testing Expo featuring the top technologies, tools, and solutions providers, all under one roof

Learned a ton. Great people, great representation in the expo of available products and solutions we could use.

Chris Mosconi - Under Armour Connected Fitness

Smaller conference size allowed connecting to be more conducive.

Thomas Tong - Abbott Diabetes Care

I liked the keynotes and the concurrent classes. They were thought provoking and gave exposure to a variety of of different speakers with different experiences.

Melissa Horton - Wells Fargo

Agile Testing Days Conference Topics

Continuous Integration

Create a pipeline that speeds up everything from the integration of code to development and delivery of customer value.

Machine Learning/AI

Explore ways to capitalize on neural networks and machine learning in order to optimize software testing effectiveness, efficiency, and results.

Agile Transition

Determine if your organization is prepared to transition to agile development and what it takes to instill agile principles in your team and organization.

Exploring Requirements

Examine processes to better identify, collaborate, and manage software requirements throughout the software development process.

Pair Testing

Learn how to set up pair testing, how to product value as a pair, and how to explain the benefits of pair testing to stakeholders.

Test Automation

From ideas to methods to frameworks and tools, discover the latest on computer assisted testing to accelerate time to market.

Scaling Lean Testing

Learn strategies to identify waste and the management tools to measure and improve the flow of testing.

Agile Environments

Find ways to create and support a culture that encourages teams to work together to achieve quality, collaboration, and acceptance of frequent change.

Exploratory Testing

Examine exploratory testing approaches, including session-based testing, and ways to document and report on exploratory testing.

Mob Programming

Find out how the concept got started, the benefits, techniques used, as well as some of the challenges you can face.


Discover the DevOps development and testing practices, including continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous testing.

Continuous Testing

Use A/B testing, big data, and automated release automation to implement continuous testing in production.

Performance Testing

Learn the strategies you need to be successful in load and performance testing websites and all software applications.

State of the Art Testing

From changing roles to the latest tools, stay on top of the latest and greatest in the software testing discipline.

Leadership in Agile

Explore servant leadership principles and find better ways to lead and manage agile teams.

Who Should Attend

Software testers

Product analysts

Automation engineers

Agile leaders

General management consultants



Business analysts

Software developers

Product management consultants

DevOps engineers

Systems analysts

Project managers & leads

Sofware developers & engineers