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With many years of software industry experience, TechWell consultants help large and small organizations improve their software development processes and produce higher quality applications and systems.

TechWell consultants will work with you to develop a plan to maximize your ROI while minimizing unnecessary and outdated work processes. Whether your goal is to improve efficiency, create a strategy for going to market, assess your software for business risk, or deliver mission-critical code, TechWell's experienced consultants can help.

Our Service Specialties

Agile Development

TechWell Consulting combines agile engineering methods with a software assurance framework to help you get the most business value from your software.

Application Security

We help you secure your applications, data, and enterprise by showing you how to build security into your software lifecycle regardless of your development approach.

Software Quality

Our software quality solutions help you optimize and improve your software assurance capabilities while never losing sight of business value.

Our Consultants

Our consultants have decades of experience in the field, including leading software development teams, international consulting, advising organizations on test management issues, mentoring senior software professionals, lecturing, and authoring articles and books.

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