STAREAST Receives Glowing Reviews from This Year’s Attendees

TechWell pours hundreds of hours into STAREAST each year, and for the most recent conference, we saw a medley of interesting articles appear afterward written by happy attendees and vendors who represented their companies at the Orlando-based event.

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Josiah Renaudin
Do You Want to Speak at a Conference? Read This First

Before you start worrying about creating slides or what you’re going to say, the first step of speaking at a conference is getting your proposal accepted. Lee Copeland, program chair for several TechWell conferences, gives some tips he's learned over the years from writing and vetting speaker proposals.

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Lee Copeland
Registration for a Conference or Training Event Is Now Even Easier

If you registered for one of SQE/TechWell’s conferences or training in recent months, you may have noticed some new features during registration and on site. In case you missed them, here are a few of note that are making it easier for you to get started learning, networking, and enjoying the event.

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TechWell Contributor
Testers Donate Their Skills to Save Lives with Humanitarian Toolbox

When natural disasters strike, technology can streamline relief efforts. The charity Humanitarian Toolbox creates apps and maintains a “toolbox” of software and solutions for disaster aid organizations all over the world. Testers at STARWEST will donate their time and talents to the cause.

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Beth Romanik
Women Who Test Event Looking to Even the Playing Field

TechWell is highlighting the strides women have made in the growing testing profession by featuring the Women Who Test summit at STARWEST. This full-day event, which will be October 2, is aimed toward women in the industry looking to network with other women passionate about software testing.

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Josiah Renaudin
Reviewing the Keynote Presentations at STAREAST

The STAREAST testing conference in May featured more than a hundred learning opportunities. Here, we examine the four keynote presentations: Deliberate Testing in an Agile World, The Future of the Software Testing Profession, Blunders in Test Automation, and Innovation: From the Tester’s Viewpoint.

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Sandy Sidhu
Great Keynotes at Agile Development, Better Software & DevOps West

The upcoming Agile Development, Better Software & DevOps Conference West in Las Vegas features four incredible keynote speakers with very dissimilar but equally important topics. Lee Copeland, program chair for the conference, summarizes the keynote presentations and tells you what you can expect.

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Lee Copeland
Learning to Love the Source

Even though we at SQE/TechWell pride ourselves on giving developers, testers, and other software professionals valuable resources for their industry, not all of us have a technical background. Here, a marketing employee describes her first brush with coding and how she came to respect programming.

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Kelly Radell