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Putting into Practice an Agile Mindset

Steve Vaughn profiles a company that knows how to put into practice an agile mindset. Agile is more about how a team approaches solving problems rather than whether it uses tools like daily standups, sprints, and user stories. This agile mindset has to be the heart of a company’s culture.

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Steve Vaughn
Why Push Notifications Are a Tough Sell for Mobile Marketers

It's difficult to imagine a mobile app that doesn't come with push notifications, and it's becoming even more difficult to imagine those pushes consistently containing valuable information that users actually want. Learn what works and what doesn't when looking to engage with your customers.

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Noel Wurst
How to Get Your App Discovered and Downloaded

With iOS and Android each swiftly approaching 1 million apps, getting an app noticed is no easy task. Here are some suggestions for making your app stand out from the crowd and attracting sticky users. Hints: Fresh eyes help, first impressions are important, and social media sites are your friends.

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Beth Romanik
Identify the Essence of the Test to Reduce Automation Costs

Do you want to improve the readability of automation tests and make them easier to maintain when code or requirements change? Then you need to take a step back from the automation code itself and focus on what software consultant Dale Emery calls the “essence of the test.”

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Bonnie Bailey
Anywhere, Anytime Data Protection in the Cloud

Until recently, who was responsible for data protection was rarely an issue—it was clearly the company’s sole responsibility. Now that companies are relying on outside parties and SaaS services for delivery of basic IT services and allowing staff to use their own equipment, the answer is unclear.

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Beth Cohen
Embrace the Cubicle: Open-Plan Offices Make You Less Productive

Studies suggest that workers in open-plan offices actually tend to be less productive, unhappier, and even unhealthier than people who work confined to their own personal spaces. Even if you hate your cubicle, it turns out it probably gives you fewer distractions, less stress, and reduced sick days.

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Beth Romanik
What Is the Definition of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)?

Joe Townsend attempts to find a proper definition of application lifecycle management (ALM) in order to bring some clarity to the field. He lists some of ALM's component parts, including requirements management, project management, and change management.

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Joe Townsend
How Well Do You Convey Your Expertise to the World?

There are two facets of being an expert—having the knowledge and skills to be an expert and being seen as an expert by others. Anuj Magazine looks at what it means to be an expert and why it's important for experts to examine how they convey their expertise to the world.

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Anuj Magazine