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Why Agile Might Benefit People Even More Than Software

Agile produces software that is more thoroughly tested and secure, at a speed that the current marketplace almost demands. But beyond making better mobile apps or more appealing software, how important is agile when it comes to not only cultivating a strong team, but also communicating with clients?

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Josiah Renaudin
NASA’s Technology Patents Spin Off to Startups

The government is offering startup companies interested in commercial applications of NASA technology the opportunity to license patented NASA technology with no up front payment. Access to intellectual property rights of the full NASA portfolio of active patents and patents pending is available.

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Pamela Rentz
When the Solution Is Worse Than the Problem

Almost everyone can think of solutions that proved to be worse than the problems they were intended to solve. Somehow, we often fall short in anticipating what can possibly go wrong. That’s why wise problem-solvers strive to minimize unintended consequences by asking: What haven’t we thought of?

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Naomi Karten
Google’s Magic Metric

Google has a "magic metric" that determines where effort should be spent, based on the fact that the number of hits on every site with one of its ads is directly correlated to revenue. Most companies do not have a magic metric, so they search for a way to measure process. How can you change the conversation?

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Matthew Heusser
The Importance of Customer Feedback to Building the Right Product

Customer feedback helps you adapt to what the customer finds valuable, ensuring you are building “the right product.” But many projects don't invite customers to iteration reviews; many don't conduct iteration reviews at all. If customers aren't giving feedback about your demos, then what are you adapting to?

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Mario Moreira
Why Walmart Cut Staff to Become More Agile

The world’s largest retailer, Walmart, just laid off 450 workers at its headquarters in order to become a more agile business. It joins major names like Amazon as corporations trim the fat to compete in a fast-moving marketplace. This proves agile is now moving well beyond small teams.

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Josiah Renaudin
How Can We Get More Business Value Out of Software Development?

CIOs and software development managers can tell you what the budget is for a particular project. But what about the value delivered by a software project? Does your organization make that consideration? The Value Visualization Framework can help you define and track that important factor.

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Michael Harris
Make Your Customers Feel the Wait Was Worth It

Sometimes the only way you can give customers adequate attention is to make other customers wait. In this age of impatience, some people won't like to hear that. But the way you treat those who have had to wait can make a big difference in how satisfied they are with your services. Read on for some advice.

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Naomi Karten