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Making Time for Reflection

How often do you reflect on your career or life? It can be difficult to examine how you work and live to confirm that you are where you want to be. But using some of the same questions and techniques employed in agile retrospectives can help you evaluate your personal choices, too—and brainstorm ideas.

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Johanna Rothman
DevOps Begins with Developers

The DevOps movement accelerates the delivery of high-quality features to customers. While that's great, there is a ton of work required to make it happen, with a high change curve to overcome—and perhaps the most critical change is to the way the developer works. Here's why this disruption is necessary.

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Adam Auerbach
The Internet of Things: Adapt Now or Get Left Behind

We’ve only scratched the surface of the Internet of Things. More and more objects you use on a daily basis will soon become a part of the Internet of Things ecosystem, giving companies new ways to communicate with consumers, and the consumers themselves more personalized experiences.

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Josiah Renaudin
Is It Time to Say Goodbye to Manual Testing?

Automation helps you save time and make ideal use of your resources with constant and ongoing test executions. However, there are certain testing scenarios where automation does not prove handy. How important are these scenarios? Is automation great enough to warrant making manual testing a thing of the past?

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Sunil Sehgal
No Joke: You Should Be Laughing More

How often do you truly laugh? Probably not nearly enough. Laughter relaxes the whole body, boosts the immune system, and relieves stress. It also lowers blood pressure, exercises several muscles, and increases the response of disease-killing cells. That’s a pretty good case for laughing as often as possible.

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Naomi Karten
The Importance of Agile Source Code Management

If agile teams do not effectively utilize source code management, they can miss out on key benefits and sometimes even lose essential source code used for application deployment. But done well, a source code management solution can provide the best platform for effective agile practices. Bob Aiello explains.

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Bob Aiello
Where Are All the Great Software Testers?

It can be difficult to find great software testers for senior roles; often, the people you want to hire are the ones who are already gainfully employed. Michael Sowers gives his suggestions for identifying qualified and experienced software engineers who can deliver on senior testing role accountabilities.

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Michael Sowers
Is Independent Testing Impacted by Increased Mobile App Development?

Independent testing is done by those not directly involved in developing the software. The trend of developers covering the entire app development process is popular now, but there's concern regarding whether a rise in app development will adversely impact the positioning of independent testing.

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Mukesh Sharma