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Improving Test Automation—What About Existing Tests?

A good test design is important because it improves the quality of the tests, helping to add breadth and depth, and it facilitates efficiency, in particular for automation. These points are obvious when starting a project from scratch, but what do you do when tackling a project with existing tests?

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Hans Buwalda
Adapt or Fail: Why Mobile Development and Testing Need to Be Agile

When it comes to effective and efficient mobile app development and testing, transitioning to agile has almost become a requirement. Agile allows you to make amendments at any stage of the process, both welcoming change and using it as an advantage.

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Josiah Renaudin
Start the New Year with a Retrospective

This new year, instead of a resolution, consider a retrospective. Rather than just setting one large goal for yourself, you review what you've been doing, what's been working and what hasn't, what you want to accomplish, and what small steps you can take every day to reach your objective.

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Johanna Rothman
Happy but Tardy? How Optimism and Punctuality Relate

Some say optimists usually have something in common: They're always late. Could this be because optimists think they can do more in a specified period of time than they actually can? Or is running late unrelated to a sunny outlook? Regardless of whether you're an optimist, you can become a time realist.

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Naomi Karten
The Twelve Days of Testing

On the first day of testing, the dev team gave to me a bug in the software code. This variation on the classic Christmas carol "The Twelve Days of Christmas" contains items a software tester will know all too well!

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Dale Perry
Getting Started with Risk-Based Testing

For software development, risk-based testing is becoming a major necessity to guarantee that users are getting the best experience possible without encountering too many issues. Quality assurance teams need to effectively gauge products based on the potential risk they bring.

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Sanjay Zalavadia
IoT Devices Are Making Test Automation Even More Critical

The more devices connected to the Internet, the more challenges the average tester will face. With so many standard items expanding their technological reach through the Internet of Things, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to properly test devices manually.

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Josiah Renaudin
The Potential Problem with Hiring Smart People

Believe it or not, intelligence is not always an asset; it can breed hubris, excessive self-confidence, and a superiority complex. Therefore, when hiring, it's important to seek people who exhibit humility about their abilities, and to weed out the know-it-alls who want to be the one-stop decision-maker.

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Naomi Karten