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Are You Self-Absorbed? Learn to Listen

It can be a manager asking employees for their input, then proceeding with his own plan anyway. Or it could be going to a coworker with a problem, only to have her center on her own issues. Self-absorption takes many forms, and they're all bad. If you fit a description, learn how to focus outward and listen.

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Naomi Karten
Make the Effort to Invest in Yourself

To keep relevant in an ever-changing industry, you need training. But many companies don't provide or reimburse for continuing education. That means you're responsible for your ongoing career development. Don't fret; you don't have to spend a lot. And the more you learn and practice, the more value you have.

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Johanna Rothman
Five Misconceptions about Test Automation

Hans Buwalda describes five of what he refers to as misconceptions about test automation.

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Hans Buwalda
Building Security into Apps: How and Why You Need to Detect Threats

In a perfect world, developers and testers are constantly asking themselves, “How can I make this more secure?” Security has become both a hot topic and a major priority in most businesses, but actually creating a mobile or web application that’s not porous might be more difficult than ever.

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Josiah Renaudin
Validate Your Core Business Assumptions Early On

Verifying whether a product is being built per specifications is only solving half of the problem. Validation is a very significant activity performed by testers to ensure that the final product is ready for consumption by users and answers an important question. Are we building the right product?

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Mukesh Sharma
What’s a Tech Lead? Decoding This Developer Role

The role of technical lead can be hard to define, and in many cases people accept the role without knowing its definition. Because new tech leads are used to programming, many focus too much on the technical aspects and not enough on the people and the team. Read on to learn what's required of this role.

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Steve Berczuk
To Use or Not to Use? Debating Clichés in Your Writing

It's hard not to speak in clichés at work; they're so ingrained in how we communicate, they just come out. But what about in your writing? Yes, clichés are overused, but there's a reason: Everyone knows what they mean. Should you use these perhaps worn-out phrases when you write, or is there a better way?

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Naomi Karten
Look to Corporate Standards to Guide Your Organization

In large organizations with distributed teams, departments can have their own procedures, acting as if they are in completely isolated silos. One approach to solving this issue is establishing corporate standards. Tap the models of widely used standards to create practical guidance for your own organization.

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Bob Aiello