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Person looking at an android The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Education

There will be many new roles for AI to play in future “developed” classrooms. Artificial neural networks will make it possible for robots to perform tasks through simple observation without programming, which will make their use limitless in a school setting. Here are some ways AI can be put to good use in a classroom.

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Kevin Nelson
Two coworkers glaring at each other Dealing with a Coworker You Can't Stand

If you worked with someone years ago who was highly unlikable, it’s natural to assume that the person is just as unappealing now. If circumstances bring you together again, it’s unlikely you’ll find the person tolerable. You might as well expect the worst because once a jerk, always a jerk, right? Not necessarily.

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Naomi Karten
Dog wearing a tracking device on its collar Today’s Smart Pet Trackers Have GPS, Bluetooth, and More

Today’s smart pet trackers are so much more than a homing beacon for your dog or cat. They’re Bluetooth-enabled and use GPS technology, and some even act as a fitness tracker. If you’re worried about your pet escaping—and wouldn't mind some bells and whistles—these devices can bring you some peace of mind.

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Donna Handforth
NASA’s New Online Remote Sensing Toolkit Helps Spinoff Technologies

Although the scientific community and other government agencies and nonprofit organizations have benefited from NASA’s policy of free and open remote-sensing data, the potential for commercial use has remained largely untapped. NASA’s Technology Transfer program hopes to change that.

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Pamela Rentz
Robot manager standing over a person Automated Executives: Software Moves into People Management

Some tech companies have created their own automated managers—software that can handle administrative and workflow processes typically presided over by humans, but in a fraction of the time. With so many typical management tasks able to be automated, are bosses going to land on the endangered species list? Not so fast.

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Beth Romanik
A train accelerating through a station Defining Velocity for Your Agile Team

When an agile team talks about velocity, it's usually how much functionality they'll deliver in a sprint, often based on historical data about the number of story points the team tends to finish. But you shouldn't use velocity as a measure of success for your agile process. Make sure everyone knows what's important.

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Steve Berczuk
A woman smiling while giving a great presentation 5 Tips for Giving a Polished Presentation

Most software audiences appreciate solid content over performance pizzazz, but you don't want your demonstration to be a dud. You can learn a lot about how not to give a presentation from others' mistakes! If you'll be speaking at a conference or meeting soon, here are five tips for giving a polished presentation.

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Naomi Karten
Hand putting together units of Legos Engaging Developers in Unit Testing

Unit testing is key for driving early defect identification, but organizations and teams continue to be challenged when it comes to designing and implementing unit tests. Realizing a culture of sound unit testing is often more a leadership challenge than a developer one. Here's how to instill a culture of unit testing.

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Michael Sowers