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STEM Girl Scout Cookie Sales Help Fund STEM Badges, Including Cybersecurity and Programming

It's officially Girl Scout cookie season, and that means you’re doing a good thing when you buy those boxes of cookies. The Girl Scouts offer science- and technology-related badges and journeys to introduce girls to computer science, robotics, mechanical engineering, space exploration, and cybersecurity.

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Pamela Rentz
Agile team members refining the product backlog Refine Your Product Backlog Continuously to Improve Flow

One way to address poorly defined product backlog items is to spend time refining the items as you go. Refining the backlog continuously helps the team deliver consistently and can lead to shorter planning meetings at the start of the sprint. It can even help improve reliability, velocity, and the quality of work.

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Steve Berczuk
Griffin Jones Why Should We Be Agile? A Slack Takeover with Griffin Jones

Thought leaders from the software community are taking over the TechWell Hub for a day to answer questions and engage in conversations. Agile coach and consultant Griffin Jones presided over the first Slack takeover, which led to some insightful discussions. Here are some of the questions and takeaways from the Hub.

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Owen Gotimer
Software team working on a new project The 6 P’s of Getting Started on a New Project

Ideally, when an employee is transferred to an existing project, there would be at least one team member designated to train the new person. However, this isn’t always the case, and you may be left to fend for yourself. If you suddenly find yourself on a new project, take control and get started with the six P’s.

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Richard Estra
Top-down and bottom-up arrows Top Down or Bottom Up? Designing Effective Test Automation

Test automation is not necessarily a technical challenge. The real focus is on the structure and design of the tests and their automation, in particular for tests that need to run through the UI. As with software, tests can be designed from the top down or from the bottom up. Which is better for test automation?

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Hans Buwalda
summit supercomputer World’s Fastest Supercomputer Summit Is Ready

Acceptance testing is complete, and selected users are starting to tackle the most complex of science problems on the 200-petaflop IBM AC922 Summit supercomputer. Summit enables scientists to explore new territory and uncover insights by applying artificial intelligence algorithms.

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Pamela Rentz
Neon sign with an open mind Open-Mindedness Is Revolutionizing Quality Engineering

The most important element for revolutionizing quality engineering across the board—for testers, others in the product group, stakeholders, and even competitors—is an open mind toward quality. This means a willingness to consider new avenues toward pursuing quality, including techniques, roles, and attitudes.

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Mukesh Sharma
Locked padlock on a computer screen Using Open Source Tools for Security Testing

Performing a series of security tests before deployment of your application has become paramount. But that doesn't have to mean a suite of costly tools. Plenty of open source security testing tools have become viable options. Here's why you should consider open source tools for your different types of security testing.

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Saurabh Hooda