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Configuration Management and ALM Stories
Reliability Is Possible with Environment Management

To have completely reliable systems, we must have effective IT controls in place that help to identify risks before they turn into incidents. Change management meetings are very helpful for coordination. Effective environment management and change control can keep your systems reliable and secure.

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Bob Aiello
Overcoming the Challenges of Integrating Configurator Software

A configurator can automate quotation documentation, streamline workforce efficiency, reduce errors, and improve customer satisfaction. However, introducing a configurator requires a considerable investment of time and resources. This story examines some common problems and suggests solutions.

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Ron Mouw
The Weakest Link in Your Chain

There is a saying that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. DevOps helps establish a pipeline to automate application and systems software deployments. DevOps also has an amazing way of very quickly discovering exactly which link in the deployment chain needs to be fixed or replaced.

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Bob Aiello
Keeping Quality in DevOps

In our drive for better quality and productivity, we are coming close to realizing full continuous application lifecycle management. Continuous testing is emerging as a best practice that focuses on developing testing procedures, primarily automated, to meet the need for fast application testing.

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Bob Aiello
Is Git a Good Fit for the Enterprise

Git has become the version control system of choice for many developers. It is relatively easy to use, has good repository integrity, and has a distributed architecture. But Git also has some limitations and can be challenging to support for large scale enterprise use. Read on for some practices.

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Bob Aiello
The July/August 2014 Issue of Better Software Magazine

In the latest issue of Better Software magazine, there are insightful articles covering a wide range of topics impacting the software delivery process. Feature articles explore the next wave of computing: mobile and wearable intelligent devices and the experiences and challenges they bring.

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Ken Whitaker
College Degree or Experience: Which Is Better?

Sparked by a LinkedIn conversation, Joe Townsend contemplates the question: Does a degree or experience hold more weight in the software development and IT hiring process? With a look toward tech giant Google, Townsend tries to uncover if a degree means more than industry experience.

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Joe Townsend
Dysfunctional DevOps

DevOps is a set of principles and practices that help teams, including development and operations, to communicate and collaborate more effectively. But DevOps also has a dark side, and some dysfunctional behaviors and misunderstandings can keep organizations from implementing these best practices.

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Bob Aiello