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DevOps diagram: Dev, Ops, and QA The Changing Role of Testing in DevOps

Testing is just as important as ever, but with DevOps, who does the testing and how it is done are changing. Testing has become the responsibility of everyone along the software development lifecycle, and automation is key to success. Learn how testers should elevate their skills and shift their QA mindsets.

Sunil Sehgal's picture
Sunil Sehgal
Examining user acceptance testing When User Acceptance Testing Isn’t

User acceptance testing is a great way to find issues that will matter to your customers before you release your product—but that's only if you're performing it correctly. Are you aware of what user acceptance testing entails (and what it doesn't)? Are you sure your team is clear on these goals, too?

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Dawn Haynes
AI hand and human hand When You Can’t Manually Test All Possibilities, Turn to AI and Automation

With Niantic Software’s Pokémon Go, the variables you’re dealing with are eons beyond what a normal testing team can manage. Millions upon millions of players are experiencing the application all over the world and putting it through paces that the development team might have never dreamed of.

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Josiah Renaudin
Arrows pointing to automation A Case for UI Automation in Software Testing

When testers talk about automation projects, especially in the user interface, they describe cautionary tales and the million ways these projects can fail expectations. However, there are contexts where automating the user interface works well and, more importantly, helps the development team.

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Justin Rohrman
Choosing the Right Agile Testing Tool for Your QA Team

To be truly effective, QA teams have to choose the right agile testing tools for their needs and ensure that it has the required features to ensure quality and bolster testing efforts. Sanjay Zalavadia outlines a few things to consider as you search for the best solution for your QA team.

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Sanjay Zalavadia
CA Technologies Finds Success Promoting Continuous Delivery as STARWEST Premier Sponsor

For CA Technologies, the premier sponsor at this year’s STARWEST, the goal of the show was to promote continuous delivery and drive continuous testing. But the testing information, discussions of industry trends, and personal connections gathered were what made CA’s presence invaluable.

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Josiah Renaudin
Maintaining Our Objective Voice in Testing

As we embrace an agile culture, we adopt the core value of whole team accountability. But while collaboration is important, testers must continue to ask challenging questions, think deeply about the “what-ifs,” consider and advocate for alternative views, challenge assumptions, and look for ambiguities.

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Michael Sowers
things to consider Reasons to Consider Software Tests as Products

Software tests have to meet quality and robustness criteria that are similar to the application under test, but tests seldom get the attention and investments that the applications get. Hans Buwalda outlines why you should consider tests as products.

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Hans Buwalda