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Test and QA Stories
The Essential Role of QA in Digital Transformation

Many organizations are undertaking a total digital transformation in order to accelerate processes, innovations, and opportunities. But if you think you can update your development efforts without making a change to your QA program as well, your change will not be successful. QA is essential to reliability.

Sunil Sehgal's picture
Sunil Sehgal
How to Build Credibility as a Tester

Respect is a major player when it comes to creating and maintaining a cohesive team, and plenty of testers today feel they’re lacking the respect of their peers. With test automation sometimes being seen as some magical solution to fixing bugs, the usefulness of manual testers has come into question.

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Josiah Renaudin
Is Our Innovation in Software Testing Keeping Up with Technology?

The world of software testing has made many important advances in techniques and approaches, but is it keeping up with the leaps and bounds of technology's progress? Mike Sowers is an advocate for a revolutionary breakthrough in software testing, and to get there, we all need to become innovators. Here's how.

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Michael Sowers
Go-Live Lessons: The Path from Software Development to Production

On systems integration projects where a vendor is building or configuring a system for a client, you sometimes cross the canyon from development to production and maintenance in several smaller bounds rather than one big leap. A warranty period after go-live can help stakeholders confidently monitor quality.

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Payson Hall
What to Do When Bugs Are Found—Based on When They Are Found

When executing test modules, an interesting question to ask is “What needs to happen with issues that are found?” Hans Buwalda suggests making a distinction between issues found during a sprint and after the team has declared the functionality under test "done"—and describes how to proceed from there.

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Hans Buwalda
Test Automation Is Mandatory, Thanks to Agile

Unlike waterfall, where people had to do their best to explain the value of automation, agile more naturally promotes that need for these tools through its rapidity and integration of testing throughout the development process. Agile assumes automation is the key ingredient of your mission strategy.

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Josiah Renaudin
Why Is Estimating Software Testing Time So Difficult?

Management loves to ask testers to estimate how long their efforts will take. But so many important factors elude measurement that it makes it difficult to predict. If you need to explain why estimation is so tough, here are nine factors that significantly influence our ability to estimate testing time.

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Lee Copeland
IoT Security Concerns for Quality Assurance Teams

In addition to the typical Internet-related security concerns, applications are being made specifically for IoT devices, all of which bring about additional security concerns that quality assurance teams need to consider.

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Sanjay Zalavadia