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Scrum standup meeting Tester Contributions to Scrum Conversations

Scrum is one of the most popular paths to agile, but testers sometimes join this framework as an afterthought and aren’t quite sure how they fit into the development flow. Scrum is more than answering three daily questions, and testers are in a position to understand the project better than anyone else on the team.

Justin Rohrman's picture
Justin Rohrman
Crowd testing 4 Reasons to Boost Your Regular Test Efforts with Crowd Testing

Crowd testing is an inexpensive yet powerful way to test your products before going live. It’s not meant to replace your team’s testing—rather, it is all about leveraging users and the cloud for seamless software testing that acts as a complement to your traditional testing services. Here's why you should use it.

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Sunil Sehgal
Lit-up computer The Future of Testing: Quality Engineers and Specialist Skills

Many testers have opinions about the future of their profession. Melissa Tondi thinks the traditional QA position is moving toward that of a quality engineer—a skilled role using techniques previously thought of as the domain of specialists. If we focus on efficiency, tomorrow's testers can expand their skill sets.

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Melissa Tondi
old book 3 Qualities of Great Storytellers in Software Testing

Becoming a good storyteller in the world of testing is important. By adding emotional weight and the full user experience to user stories, we can better our understanding of potential faults, more effectively share our experiences, and craft a better message that team members and users alike can get behind.

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Josiah Renaudin
Agile Teamwork Thanks to Agile, You Can No Longer Be a Selfish Tester

You achieve much greater things if you trust your testing team and focus on the entire software lifecycle rather than your own personal goals. Over the years, agile has made it difficult to be both selfish and successful as a tester.

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Josiah Renaudin
man stopping clock hand Encouraging Just-In-Time Testing

When the development landscape is extremely dynamic, a testing effort that is adaptable and flexible with an ability to learn the system and craft scenarios on the go is increasingly important. Testers should be encouraged to be just-in-time testers with the ability to test anything at any time.

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Mukesh Sharma
Test Automation Can You Over-Automate Your Testing?

It’s a pipe dream if you think you can just flip a switch and automate entire swaths of testing without lifting a finger. Automation is integral to today’s agile and DevOps world, but it’s easy to fall in love with it and lose track of what should and shouldn’t be automated.

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Josiah Renaudin
Communication Speaking the Same Language in Software Testing

Arguments in software testing often revolve around language. We use phrases like test case, exploratory testing, and regression testing every day, but we can’t be sure that you and I mean the same thing when we do. Increased communication and detailed discussions can help avoid misunderstandings.

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Justin Rohrman