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An airplane in flight, photo by Andrew Palmer What Aircrews Can Teach DevOps Teams

Aircrews learn a set of skills involving a structured way of communicating that breaks down barriers and forces an honest evaluation of the issues. They also automate what they can but still practice their craft over and over again, including what do do during failures. DevOps teams can learn a lot from aircrews.

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nasa onsight The New Reality of Mixed Reality

Want to play with a porg? Walk on Mars? Or help those with autism practice social skills? Welcome to the new reality of mixed reality, where digital and physical objects coexist and interact to provide a new medium that a variety of organizations see as full of potential.

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Microphone on a stage for a keynote presentation 4 Lessons from the STARWEST 2018 Keynote Presentations

With a week full of sessions, tutorials, training classes, and events, the STARWEST software testing conference had plenty of takeaways useful for your professional and personal life. Here are four lessons distilled from the conference’s keynote presentations on testing, communication, and directing your career.

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Laptop with code on the screen Code Katas for Testers

A kata is a small programming task you build a solution to. The point is to develop programming skill through familiarity with programming patterns, which is a useful practice for testers today. You’ll learn about software development, testing, continuous integration, exploration—and even how to be a better person.

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puzzle Writing Tests: Action Abstraction

Keywords have become a popular way of writing tests. Hans Buwalda used keywords to devise the Action Based Testing method in which tests are written as sequences of “actions” represented with keywords. However, keywords are just a physical representation of actions, and there are other ways to do this.

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i-tree logo What’s a Tree Worth? Ask I-Tree

What’s your favorite part of autumn? Football games and Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back and #fallcolors2018 is underway. And for leaf peepers with inquiring minds who want to know about the measurable benefits of the amazing trees all around us, the USDA Forest Service has a useful app for you: I-Tree.

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Gauges on a car's instrument dashboard, photo by Dominik Stötter 5 Strategies for Better, More Reliable Load Testing

As you test your system’s performance, what happens when it fails to meet your requirements? With these five strategies, you can simulate realistic load testing of your system, mitigate your risks, and create reliable, continuous, automated performance testing for a better and more efficient end-user experience.

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Annoying coworker talking loudly on the phone How to Deal with Coworkers' Irritating Behaviors like an Adult

Annoying behaviors are amplified in an office due to close quarters and personal preferences. No one likes to have an awkward conversation—especially when it’s with someone you have to face every day—but if a coworker's behavior is driving you up the wall, be a grown-up and let them know. Here's what to say.

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