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Beyond Continuous Testing with Artificial Intelligence

Today’s digital disruption is forcing enterprises to innovate at lightning speed. While delivery cycle time is decreasing, the technical complexity required to deliver a positive user experience and maintain a competitive edge is increasing—as is the rate at which we need to introduce compelling innovations.

Anyone responsible for producing software knows that the traditional ways of developing and delivering software aren’t adequate for meeting this new demand. We’ve turned to continuous testing to bridge the gap, but how do we test when these trends continue and the gap widens?

We need digital testing to meet the quality needs of a future driven by the internet of things, robotics, and quantum computing. Artificial intelligence—imitating intelligent human behavior for machine learning and predictive analytics—can help us get there.

Download this white paper to discover how AI can take software testing to the next level. You will learn:

  • Why AI is now more feasible—and critical—than ever
  • What AI really is and how it’s best applied
  • How AI can help us test smarter, not harder
  • The role of smart testing technologies that aren’t technically AI, such as self-healing technologies

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