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Testing Centers of Excellence for Agile: Obsolete or Opportunity?

Just a few years ago, global enterprises started clamoring to get testing centers of excellence (TCoEs) in place. In 2011, only 4% of organizations had TCoEs, but 80% wanted them.1 By 2015, nearly half of the Global 2000 organizations adopted TCoEs—a staggering 825% rise in just four years.

These TCoEs promised to increase efficiency by establishing a command center that was laser-focused on standardizing software testing methodology, best practices, automation, KPIs, metrics, and toolsets across the organization.

Then along came agile.

Even though agile adoption has been steadily rising, it is just now reaching the majority of development projects in large enterprises. It is taking even longer to impact how these projects are tested. Usually, the focus is on development—until it becomes clear that you can’t meet your acceleration goals without transforming testing as well. As legacy testing approaches are reassessed, the value and future of TCoEs are also brought into question.

Are TCoEs holding us back, or can they help us move forward?

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