Automation Now: How to Automate Web Tests Without Hiring, Firing, or Waiting Forever Provided by Testcraft by Perforce | TechWell

Automation is the answer for many organizations looking to test faster and better. However, implementing automation often brings its own set of costly, unproductive challenges:  

  • Hiring engineers who can create the automation, write scripts.

  • Waiting months to properly set up the Selenium framework and environment.
  • Assessing why a test failed: Was it the script that failed or the test itself?

  • Maintaining test scripts that break whenever your app changes.

What if you don’t want to turn your QA organization upside down? And you need automation now? 

Download the eBook for a crash course in a new age of codeless test automation. You’ll learn:  

  • How to accelerate your automation transition
  • Ways to maximize test automation productivity

  • How AI has fundamentally changed testing

  • 5 steps toward a successful automation initiative

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