What Does CI/CD Success Look Like? Provided by Adaptavist | TechWell

Are you ready to set your CI/CD strategy for proven success and avoid common pitfalls?

There isn't just one way to do CI/CD, but ensuring you are delivering value and quality products to your customers means making sure your pipeline is working at its best.

Implementing CI/CD can address some key business challenges, and from a leadership perspective, there are a number of benefits it can bring including reliability of the development process.

Whilst it’s important to consider the challenges CI/CD should help you fix, it’s equally important to know what it looks like once you’ve fixed them. This eBook gives a handy run-through of what it looks like when CI/CD is working at its best, and how you can measure this success.

What you’ll learn:

  • Discover what CI/CD can bring to your organization
  • Understand the main business challenges CI/CD solves
  • Get an overview of what successful CI/CD looks like
  • Learn how to measure your strategy’s success

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