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The holiday season means consumers will be doing a lot of shopping online. This poses immense challenges for the testers who have to ensure that all business channels, including mobile, offer a smooth, high-performance experience. This story gives some core components of a holiday testing strategy.

Times of crisis can be extremely difficult. But crisis management does not have to be all bad. Dealing effectively with crisis can make us stronger and more successful. You can achieve success by recognizing the opportunity inherent in any serious incident. You just have to be open to change.

Jeff Morgan—better known by his nickname, “Cheezy”—gave his keynote “The Future of Agile: Dilution, Calcification, or Evolution?” at the Agile Development Conference & Better Software Conference East 2014. He talked about adaptation, why best practices aren't the best, and returning to agile roots.

For the most part of his early career, Dick Fosbury was an average high jumper. After Fosbury questioned the normal jumping technique and then mastered another technique, he went on to win Olympic gold. Anuj Magazine highlights some lessons we can learn from Fosbury and other innovators.

In some organizations, the project manager and business analyst roles are played by different people, and in others, one person performs both. The two roles require different skill sets, so it's important for both people to collaborate—or for the one person doing both to compartmentalize actions.

If you’re prone to self-criticism, it’s difficult to get anything right and easy to fall victim to negative thoughts about your decisions. It also focuses your attention in unproductive directions, which means you’re even more likely to make mistakes. Read on for how to put an end to self-criticism.

Wearables have taken a huge leap in the marketplace over the last year. These devices continue to make inroads in domains such as fitness, health, and entertainment, but a new segment wearables are beginning to focus on is communication. We'll see how people decide to use these new gadgets.

Rob Myers, founder of Agile Institute, gave his keynote presentation “The Roots of Agility” at Agile Development Conference & Better Software Conference East 2014. He compares an agile team to a grove of aspen trees, all connected by the roots and working together as a single organism. Read on.

Project and subproject boundaries can be challenging because people have different assumptions about exactly where the boundaries are. What, exactly, do your plan and budget include? Items on the boundary should be reviewed with project sponsors and documented as clearly in or out of project scope.

Pamela Rentz highlights the work of the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array, a radio telescope composed of sixty-six high-precision antennas located in northern Chile, and how the big data is being put to use by translating seventy different radio images onto musical discs.