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No one can take full responsibility for another person's happiness. However, a manager can create an environment in which a team can thrive, and that leads to happy environments. Being a servant leader means you don’t micromanage; you manage for outcomes. Is team happiness part of your culture?

Bob Galen has noticed that when it comes to agile quality and testing practices, people tend to be either all in or under-practicing some techniques. But it is the interplay across practices that is most important for effectiveness. Here, he discusses his three pillars of agile quality and testing.

Self-organizing agile teams still need management, but they need a different kind of management from the autocratic style many teams in nonagile organizations have. A "post-heroic" leader is able to shift from an authoritative manner to a collaborative one as needed to optimize team performance.

Microsoft's decision to make its Siri-like assistant Cortana available not only on Microsoft's OS but also on iOS and Android is seen as part of Microsoft's cross-platform initiative. Is this a sign that the tech world now prefers generalists more than specialists?

In the rush to build more, faster, many companies spend more time on environment maintenance and less time on actual product learning and validation. Joel Tosi argues that instead of rushing into automation and virtualization, start by rethinking your approaches to your environments and testing.

Google announced earlier this month that Project Loon—a plan to provide wireless connectivity via a network of high-altitude balloons floating in the stratosphere using only the wind for steering—is making progress. The project’s longest duration balloon was airborne for just over six months.

IBM’s Mobile Accessibility Checker was created for iOS and Android devices in order to point out common issues that could prevent users with disabilities from properly using an app. It acts as an automated test to help improve software accessibility features before an app hits the market.

The next big wave in devices and apps seems to be in the spaces of augmented and virtual realities. The market for both these up-and-coming technologies appears to be very promising, with several large and small players working on their offerings. How could these new gadgets change your life?

There are many words in other dialects that have no equivalent in English. These language peculiarities suggest that we need to allow for errors when working on projects with team members whose first language isn't English. But what about communication intended for a professional audience? Read on.

To ensure end-to-end accessibility coverage, it is imperative for accessibility testers to have knowledge of different types of disabilities and the challenges they pose to end-users. Testers who understand users' requirements and know what to check for will provide a better accessibility outcome.