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Do you know what drives your behavior at work? Is it the sheer fun of programming or testing? Is it about serving customers or finding solutions to problems? Think about your mission and consider your principles when you debate potential risks and outcomes. Then, you can start exercising leadership.

A recent IBM/Ponemon study shows that mobile application development for a high percentage of large companies—which includes some Fortune 500 members—has significant weaknesses, leaving enterprise data susceptible to theft. These apps just aren’t being properly security tested before release.

Microservices addresses the challenges of deploying bulky monolithic systems and their complexities due to their abundance of moving parts. While some view microservices as a much-improved service-oriented architecture, there are significant differences in strategy necessary for efficient DevOps.

While it is great to see companies withstand the test of time and the dynamics of the current corporate world, it is also important to review what has changed and whether they are well-positioned to continue to thrive among the smaller but more agile establishments. Is your organization aging well?

The world we live in is highly competitive, which isn't always a bad thing. Competitors want Apple to succeed with its watch to show the world the potential of the wearables market. They are not concerned that Apple through its success would hold a large part of the market share for itself.

As we seek and achieve efficiency, we eliminate "slack"—purposeful time to allow our brains individually and our organizations collectively to create, think, reflect, analyze, contemplate, plan, learn, grow, and change. This story gives some ideas for building more slack time into your routines.

With security experts predicting that cyber attacks will not only continue, but escalate, more companies are turning to bug bounty programs to supplement their in-house security initiatives. Dropbox is crowdsourcing security and has announced their new bug bounty program administered by HackerOne.

High-tech cameras are improving how sports are watched and played. Whether it is tracking plays, recording with previously unheard-of precision and accuracy, or providing a whole new depth to game analytics, these cameras are changing the overall sporting experience—for athletes, coaches, and fans.

Studies have shown that sitting for too many hours is bad for your health—and sitting at your desk all day poses serious risks. However, standing periodically may not help much. Taking a walk not only gets you standing, it may also boost your mood and your ability to handle stress on your job.

Behavior-driven development tests can be efficiently automated with keywords, avoiding the need of a programming language and minimizing the involvement of developers. Hans Buwalda details how to support BDD scenarios with actions and keywords and switch between formats depending on your needs.