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When you collect metrics that involve people, it will change the way they behave—but not always for the better. Attaching numbers to how people work often makes them perform their work differently. Every time you gather metrics, you should try to analyze what the unintended consequences could be.

Even though we can’t do much about the passage of time—and it seems like we’ll never have enough of it—it’s intriguing to consider how we experience it. Our perception of time is subjective and influenced by all sorts of things. Keep these facts in mind when managing your time and your workweek.

Organizations wanting to deploy OpenStack-based clouds have struggled with the lack of best practices for the many different use cases. To address the well-known gap in architecture design best practices documentation, the OpenStack Architecture Design Guide is now available for download.

Venkatesh Krishnamurthy looks at some key ways to measure the business value of your project's agile performance. With consideration to the Agile Manifesto, Krishnamurthy uncovers different approaches to getting the most out of your user stories and defining true value.

Calling Internet security a “top priority,” Google announced Project Zero, their new security research team dedicated solely to ferreting out potential targeted attacks—such as the Heartbleed bug—that can affect a significant number of people.

Large IT projects are challenging. Complexity is hard to estimate well. Big systems are tough to implement. But when you're staring at a fast-approaching deadline and you know your system will not be functional in time to meet it, there are ways of handling the situation that are better than others.

Google's web browser, Chrome, has a quirky tick. Literally. Chrome's programming is speeding up the system clock tick rate on computers running Windows. The end result of this tick-rate dilemma is an increase in battery power consumption by as much as 25 percent.

Given the many points of view in any work effort, disputes may be inevitable. The challenge is to gracefully terminate these disputes with none of the parties suffering black eyes or bruised egos. When you find yourself embroiled in a divisive difference of opinion, here are some things to try.

Johanna Rothman, technical editor of AgileConnection, highlights some of the content that's being published on the site, including articles about using certain agile practices on an otherwise traditional project, the challenges of distributed teams, and another myth for misguided managers.

Busy people—and even those who are not so busy—lack the patience to wade through endless emails, so you have to be clear, concise, and considerate if you want yours to be read. There are many ways you can communicate more easily and effectively, and Naomi Karten compiles some good ideas here.