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Extreme weather happens, and it can make getting into the office difficult (or impossible). Do you try to collaborate remotely? What if everyone else is taking the day off? If you still want to get some work done (instead of building snowmen), here are some perfect tasks you can do on your own.

Technology continues to make greater inroads in the world of sports, particularly football. Microsoft’s Surface tablet is being evaluated for use by the NFL to rewatch plays and review referees' calls in detail. But critics are saying technology may be intervening too much and ruining the game.

Cloud technology has certainly had a great ride over the past ten years, transforming the way companies consume IT services, remaking the way applications are built, and giving companies the flexibility to apply IT systems to business challenges in ways never imagined before. Where is it going next?

An economic downturn puts pressure on management to control costs, and sometimes, not much can be done about that. But it's important not to carry these penny-pinching habits into a recovery. There are observable patterns to labor costs that can help predict problems likely to happen in 2015.

The Consumer Electronics Show happens early in January every year and is a key event that in some ways defines the industry for the year ahead. This year was no exception, and a look at some of the stand-out products in the show indicates which consumer technologies will dominate the market.

Big data is only getting bigger. This catch-all phrase for the continued growth and availability of information that was spurned from the escalation of PCs, smartphones, and tablets has only become more prevalent. Its next big step could very well lie in an emerging market: wearables.

At the recent Microsoft’s Windows 10 event, one of the more intriguing technology announcements was a head-mounted holographic computer: Microsoft HoloLens. According to Microsoft, the headset will let the wearer blend the digital world with the real world to conceptualize and share ideas.

One of the important phases in the accessibility testing lifecycle is identifying the right tool for doing the job. Standard evaluation methods make it easier to compare different tools and have a significant bearing on time, cost, and quality. Here are four steps to help in the selection process.

Big data is a science, and luckily, there are plenty of tips out there to help you become a better data scientist, which can also work to make you and your team become more adept at leveraging big data. Read on for some helpful data science takeaways.

How often do we glance a certain way, use a certain phrase, or make an innocuous comment and unintentionally offend a customer or coworker? Worse, how often do we do so and not even realize it? You don't have to worry whether every syllable or nod might cause offense. Just be conscientious.