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This year, the number of self-centered millennials is projected to finally overtake the self-centered baby boomers. As customers, employees, and contract workers, the sheer number of millennials makes them a force to pay attention to as they approach their prime spending years.

We are often communicating with people we have never met in person. In these cases especially, it's important for our emails to convey accuracy, transparency, tactfulness, and preciseness. It can help if every time you hit Send, you think of that email as an “ambassador” going out on your behalf.

DevOps is evolving, and as teams adopt it, they will need increased continuous quality along with continuous delivery. The DevOps quality management office is a a set of processes, tools, and competencies to drive testing efficiencies in DevOps initiatives, which will accelerate quality delivery.

Between interruptions, meetings, changes in priorities, and general everyday chaos, it's difficult to do any creative thinking. You need to give your brain a break from heavy-duty, task-oriented thoughts. To find out how to stimulate your own best creative thinking, consider both where and when.

When teams self-organize to deliver software and solve problems, they can be more robust, effective, and directed. But this begs the question: If agile teams self-organize, do they really need managers? Yes, they do. Managers help create conditions that help teams thrive. Read on to find out how.

Some people in the software world feel that agile focuses too much on problems of the past. These people have moved on to what's being called post-agile, which shakes up the process. Johanna Rothman, however, thinks they're getting ahead of themselves—first, we need to keep working to achieve agile.

Mobile apps are being developed in a time of rapid user feedback due to the prominent use of social media—which can be good or bad for those apps. Social media can make or break your product. But whichever scenario it is, testers can learn from that feedback to improve upon their test strategies.

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed by the extra effort involved in delivering accessible software, don’t be dismayed. Melissa Tondi offers four tips to get you started with an efficient and long-term accessibility testing initiative that will result in a happy experience for all users.

Every day seems to bring yet another massive identity theft news story. Who is actually responsible for maintaining the security of a person’s data in the cloud? Most consumers assume it is their responsibility to protect their account information and precious sensitive online information.

Just about every native app developed today includes some HTML, even if its creators are labeling it otherwise. It’s a pervasive language that’s made it hard to crown native apps as the clear winner. In reality, pure native apps are a dying breed.