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Testing Nonfunctional Requirements in an Agile Lifecycle

As organizations embrace agile, requirements become a challenge because they must be considered and validated in each (short) sprint. Ideally, nonfunctional requirements should be a continuous focus throughout the project. Here are some ways to better address NFRs in an agile development lifecycle.

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Michael Sowers
How Visual Thinking Can Solve Project Management Problems

After launching a project, have you ever found yourself without a clear vision of the next steps? The solution is to adopt visual thinking from the very beginning: Imagine your finished concept and work toward it. Read on to learn how to apply visual thinking to the flow of product development.

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Dmytro Svarytsevych
Overcome DevOps Adoption Barriers to Accelerate Software Delivery

Every team can improve its delivery speed. When teams increase agility and reduce time to market by adopting agile software development practices, DevOps principles, and cloud self-service platforms, they choose a development and operations environment that accelerates software delivery.

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Chris Haddad
What's in the Winter 2015 Issue of Better Software Magazine?

Many of us spend more time (and money) beefing up our technical skills when we could use guidance on developing soft skills. The Winter 2015 issue of Better Software should have just what you need to overcome organizational roadblocks in your quest for agile nirvana. Read on to see what's in it.

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Ken Whitaker
Keeping Quality in DevOps

In our drive for better quality and productivity, we are coming close to realizing full continuous application lifecycle management. Continuous testing is emerging as a best practice that focuses on developing testing procedures, primarily automated, to meet the need for fast application testing.

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Bob Aiello
The Ins and Outs of DevOps

Of course DevOps focuses on enhancing the working relationship between development and operations, but it just as easily includes QA, data security, or any other silo of smart people who need to collaborate more effectively. This requires an understanding of DevOps principles. Read on for more.

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Bob Aiello
Why You Should Build a Custom Performance Testing Framework

Performance testing involves an unparalleled combination of different workloads and technologies—which translates to a large set of variables for a performance test. Creating a custom simulation framework lets you execute varied performance tests at any stage of the product development cycle.

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Prashant Suri
Stop Making the Same Mistakes

We keep changing the names of the development processes we use, but we do not fix the fundamental error they all suffer from: the failure to set a date and control the scope of the project—including proper estimation of testing efforts. Customers and IT must work together to truly be successful.

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Dale Perry