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StickyMinds is the go-to resource for software testers, SQA professionals, and anyone interested in improving software quality. StickyMinds features in-depth articles, interviews, and how-to advice on the latest in software testing.


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StickyMinds Topics:

Agile Testing

Learn agile testing methodologies, such as behavior-driven development, test-driven development, and acceptance test-driven development.

Test Analysis

Create effective test strategies by identifying test conditions and designing appropriate test cases.

Test Automation

Increase test efficiency, efficacy, and coverage using pre-scripted tests on software applications before releasing them to production.

Cloud Testing

Use the cloud to facilitate software testing—especially performance testing and mobile testing—and increase scalabilty.

Mobile Testing

Learn the latest techniques to test mobile device functionality, usability, and reliability.

People & Teams

Tips and techniques for career deveopment, building collaborative teams, and honing your soft skills.

Performance Testing

Measure the responsiveness and reliablity of a system under a given workload.

Test Process

Learn the fundamental test process comprising test planning and control, test analysis and design, test implementation and execution, evaluating and reporting exit criteria, and test closure.

Software Project Management

Techniques to help plan, implement, monitor, and control software projects.

Software QA

Ensure product quality and reduce risk by monitoring the software engineering processes and methods.


Learn how to succinctly define expected system behavior using specific, unambiguous language.

Software Security

Protect your systems and applications from unauthorized access, disruption, modification, or destruction.

Software Test Design

Transform test objectives to executable test conditions and test cases.

Test Planning

Learn how to define the scope, approach, objectives, resources, and schedule of a software testing effort.

Software Test Tools

Discover the latest commercial and open source solutions for test data management, load and performance testing, test automation, and improving software quality.


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