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AI and the Future of Testing eGuide | TechWell

At today’s rapid pace of software delivery, manual testing alone is simply inadequate. Artificial intelligence will soon be a necessity for testers to keep up—and in many ways, that reality is already here. But what do these AI capabilities look like, and how can they augment and benefit our test activities? This eGuide rounds up a collection of resources that explain what truly qualifies as AI, the different types of AI, and how quickly AI is advancing. It’s time to embrace the future of testing.

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The Complete Guide to Mobile Automation Testing | Perfecto

Mobile automation testing is notoriously complex. With so many device and OS variations, with different functionalities across them all, you have a lot to cover when testing mobile applications. 

There are many facets you need to take into account. This eBook will help you understand the different types of mobile apps and tests, see which framework would be best for your needs, and learn how to prioritize which tests to automate.

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Testing in DevOps eGuide | TechWell

In order to fully realize the potential of DevOps and a team’s ability to deliver higher-quality software faster and more securely, testing must be done continuously throughout the software development lifecycle. But continuous testing isn’t just about automation and tools; there are cultural and process shifts that must happen, and everyone must be on the same page. This eGuide collects methodologies, processes, and tips to help your organization venture into continuous testing in DevOps.

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Fall 2020 Mobile & Web Test Coverage Index | Perfecto

Delivering a consistent user experience across all digital channels is now mission critical. However, organizations are struggling to keep pace with the constant changes in mobile and web technologies.

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A Modern Guide to Cloud Computing eGuide | TechWell

Organizations embarking on a digital transformation need to decide how they want to handle their data and what infrastructure makes sense for their goals. Cloud computing is a popular choice, but it has changed a lot over the years, and there are more options than ever before. This guide to modern cloud computing details its advantages and challenges; how to orchestrate your cloud migration; public, private, and hybrid cloud options; and how to choose the right cloud services for your business.

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2021 Test Automation Report | Perfecto

Ready or not, digital platforms were thrust onto center stage in 2020. This raised the stakes for high-performing web and mobile apps and required teams to transition to testing remotely.

Where did we land? What’s challenging teams today? And what are they focusing on? To find out where automated testing is at in 2021, we surveyed over 700 leading digital enterprises across all industries.

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Introducing DevOps into Your Project eGuide | TechWell

In order to adopt DevOps, organizations must fully embrace openness, experimentation, innovation, and collaboration. While you might feel pressure to introduce DevOps into your project, what if your company culture isn’t ready? This eGuide rounds up a collection of resources to help you get started on your DevOps journey, which entails creating a generative culture and optimizing processes in a way that will ultimately lead to business success.

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Automation Now: How to Automate Web Tests Without Hiring, Firing, or Waiting Forever | Testcraft by Perforce

Automation is the answer for many organizations looking to test faster and better. However, implementing automation often brings its own set of costly, unproductive challenges:

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Introduction to Containers eGuide | TechWell

In the continuing search to accelerate development, test, and production cycles, organizations are looking more and more at the benefits of containerization. This eGuide rounds up a collection of resources to help you get started on your containers journey. You will find articles on:

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Demystifying Data Center Migration | Adaptavist

Data Center is a deployment option for Atlassian products that is specifically designed for customers who have outgrown Atlassian Server.

Based on our deep expertise in complex migrations and upgrades, our new eBook, Demystifying Atlassian Data Center Migration, offers tried and true techniques to help ensure a smooth migration.

Across eight chapters, this eBook takes a deep dive into:

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Atlassian Cloud Weather Report | Adaptavist

Nothing in technology ever stands still, but now more than ever there is a sea of change happening in enterprise software demanding a strategy from IT leaders. Organisations working at scale have new opportunities to leverage Atlassian software, platform, and infrastructure as a service. In this fast-changing environment, what are the different models, and what risks and benefits do they bring?

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Take this Test - Has Your Business Outgrown Atlassian Jira Server? | Adaptavist

As use of Atlassian tools has grown across your business and with more teams relying on Jira for business-critical tasks, you may be reaching the ceiling of what Jira Server can do for you.

This checklist explores five indicators that it’s time to rethink Jira Server:

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Modernising IT Service Management to Achieve DevOps Success | Adaptavist

How can you evolve IT Service Management to deliver value in a DevOps world? Download this guide to learn how to combine ITSM with the principles of agile and DevOps to modernise your service desk.

Key takeaways:

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Building Software at Scale with SAFe® 5.0 and Atlassian Tools: A Pragmatic Guide | Adaptavist

The software products being built today are bigger and more complex than ever before, and the resulting demand has pushed existing development practices to their breaking point. The Scaled Agile Framework for Enterprise® (SAFe®) has emerged to meet this need, and has quickly become the leading approach large companies are taking to keep ahead of the growth curve and unleash the full potential of an agile organisation.

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Uncover Product Risks with Exploratory Testing | XRAY

With over 100+ types of product risks, it’s impossible that all of your scripted/pre-planned tests will cover every potential threat to your software.

Adding exploratory testing to your testing strategy ensures your software is thoroughly tested and meets the highest standards of quality.

Through exploratory testing, you design and execute tests as you go. This iteration covers a wider scope of functionality and ensures your system works properly.

In this eBook, you’ll learn:

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7 Things a Software Testing Manager Wants in an Employee | ASTQB

Ever wonder what types of characteristics software testing managers look for when hiring? This white paper outlines 7 of the most commonly sought traits managers seek in software testers and quality assurance professionals. In addition, we outline ways to help highlight those skills during an interview.

What will you learn:

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Building a Software Testing Team | ASTQB

In this white paper, a CEO of a software testing and QA organization discusses what he has learned over the years both hiring and working with thousands of software test professionals. Find out how to hire the right candidates (or be hired as the right candidate). 

You will learn:

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Finding and Retaining Software Testers | ASTQB

Software quality is critical to the success of an organization and we can all cite headlines from organizations that have failed to meet quality challenges. You need good processes and effective methodologies to build quality products. But, most importantly, you need to find, keep, and grow good people. People are a long-term investment.  If you want to consistently produce high-quality products, you are going to need high-quality people.

What you will learn from this white paper:

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Leading the Way: Why Test Team Leaders Need To Be Certified With Their Team | ASTQB

Jack Welch is noted for saying “Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” In other words, you can’t grow people where you haven’t been yourself. See why it’s so crucial for test leaders to lead the way by training with their team.

 Download this white paper to learn:

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What You Need to Know About Advanced Level Certification | ASTQB

If you don’t yet have ISTQB Advanced Level Certification, you will want to read this interview. In it, successful test manager Tom Adams describes:

  • Why you shouldn’t fear the Advanced Level exam
  • How to prepare for the exam, including two very important tips you don't want to miss

  • Why it’s so good for your career - and your company - to become Advanced Level certified

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DevSecOps eGuide | TechWell

Securing your software is more important than ever, in a DevOps world it should go without saying that security should be a priority for all testing and development teams. This eGuide rounds up a collection of resources to help you build security into your existing deployment pipeline, so you can reduce risk, expose vulnerabilities early, and prioritize security in your software from day one.

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Open Source Testing Tools eGuide | TechWell

If you’re exploring your tooling options for test automation, it doesn’t have to mean a suite of costly proprietary tools. Plenty of open source testing tools have become viable options. This eGuide explains why you should consider open source tools for your testing needs—including for the specific situations of testing in production, DevOps, accessibility testing, and security testing—as well as considerations you should take into account when selecting your tools.

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Exploratory Testing eGuide | TechWell

Testing plans and automation can only take projects so far, leaving users to find problems developers and requirements may not have anticipated. Exploratory testing is essential to releasing high-quality software customers find flawless. In the midst of an automated world, there will always be a need for skilled exploratory testers to do the work automation can't. This eGuide explains why exploratory testing still plays a critical role in the development process and how it fits in today's agile and DevOps-focused world.

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DevOps Continuous Delivery | TechWell

This eGuide provides resources to help teams move from their initial DevOps adoption through a full digital transformation.  For organizations with established DevOps processes, this guide will offer tips to speed up the delivery cycle by identifying bottlenecks and building quality in from the start.

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Continuous Practices eGuide | TechWell

The widespread adoption of agile and DevOps practices have placed the software industry firmly in the age of “continuous everything.” From continuous testing, continuous development, and continuous deployment to continuous integration and continuous improvement, our development cycles must embrace the need for speed to stay competitive in the marketplace.

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Leadership for Today's Agile Team eGuide | TechWell

TechWell has collected a handful of some of the most popular agile articles from AgileConnection, Better Software magazine, and TechWell to bring you an in-depth look at agile teams today and how they can be improved. We know most of you are either sold on the benefits of agile development and looking to implement the methods or you've transitioned into agile and are still looking to grow your team to speed up your software delivery.

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Implementing Agile eGuide | TechWell

Whether you are taking the first step down the road to agile or you want to make sure you’re heading in the right direction, this eGuide provides resources to help guide you through your agile implementation.

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Test Automation eGuide | TechWell

This eGuide is a compilation of some of the most popular and helpful stories and articles written for TechWell Corporation and StickyMinds by test automation experts in the field.

Download this eGuide to learn more about test automation in the software industry today. Get the latest buzz, tips to show the value of test automation to shareholders, and much more.

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Internet of Things eGuide | TechWell

This eGuide is a compilation of some of the most popular and helpful stories and articles written for TechWell Corporation and StickyMinds by emerging Internet of Things experts in the software field.

Download this eGuide to learn more about developing and testing best practices for the Internet of Things. Get the latest buzz, funadmental development practices, cloud connectivity and IoT, and much more.

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The Care And Feeding of Your Software Testing Career | TechWell

This eBook is a compilation of TechWell Insights stories written by Coveros Executive Vice President Michael Sowers. Based on his thirty years of software experience, this guide offers tips and techniques for managing and growing your own software testing career.

Download this eBook to learn how testers can excel in today's agile world, why leadership skills and social responsibility are critical to tester's careers, techniques for streamlining your workload, and more.

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DevOps eGuide | TechWell

TechWell's newest eGuide is now available to download. Explore hot topics around DevOps, learn best practices, and gain information on how to start the DevOps conversation in your organization.

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Mobile Software Testing eGuide | TechWell

In this eGuide we explore hot topics and best practices in the mobile testing space, including five sins of mobile testing, challenges and solutions of testing mobile apps, strategies to approach mobile web app testing, and the need for comprehensive testing of mobile apps.

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Mobile Software Development eGuide | TechWell

In this eGuide we explore hot topics and best practices in the mobile development space, including building mobile apps the user can trust, developing custom apps for the cloud, capitalizing on the mobile addiction, Apple's new language, and more.

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State of the Software Testing Profession Results 2017-2018

The results are in for our third annual State of the Software Testing Profession survey. Over all, there were no big surprises. It looks like software testing is going to hang around a while longer, automation and technical skills are still a growing requirement for testers, and agile adoption
remains a leading driver of change to the tester role.

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2016–2017 State of the Software Testing Profession | TechWell

The 2016-2017 State of the Software Testing Profession survey report has been published. TechWell members responses help TechWell better understand where the software testing industry is right now and where it's headed.

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2015–2016 State of the Software Testing Profession | TechWell

The 2015-2016 State of the Software Testing Profession survey report has been published. TechWell members responses help TechWell better understand where the software testing industry is right now and where it's headed.

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