Cost, Complexity and Coverage for Quality Applications | CA Technologies

Many projects begin without a clear understanding of how long they will take or how much they will cost. It’s especially problematic now that most development work is driven by a constant series of change requests, where even a simple change can impact the entire system, leading to months of rework and delays.

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The Mobile Multiplier Effect | Micro Focus

Download this white paper to learn how automation can facilitate mobile testing across multiple platforms and devices, ensuring your applications work exactly as intended and providing an exceptional user experience. 

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Getting Started with Mobile Application Testing | Perfecto

In a perfect world, you’d code your app once and have it work everywhere. Unfortunately, that world doesn’t exist.

Whether you are just getting started or need a refresher on mobile app testing best practices, this comprehensive guide is a great resource for you and your team.

This white paper from Perfecto answers frequently asked questions, including: Is my app crafted well? What components do I need to test? Am I testing on the right devices?

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Moving Beyond Masking and Subsetting: Realizing the Value of Test Data Management | CA Technologies

Download this white paper to learn why a purely logistic approach to TDM isn’t effective and discover how people, process, and technology create the ideal alternative.

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Performance Testing and User Expectations | Orasi

Download this white paper to learn about some of the most common challenges developers face and discover proven strategies for designing, developing, and executing a performance testing program.

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The Digital Test Coverage Index | Perfecto

Are you testing on the right digital platforms? With data from 4,000+ device profiles, mobile market usage data, and proprietary Perfecto analysis this index will help you determine the best test coverage for your target customers.

Download this white paper to learn which devices and browsers will have the best test coverage in your region, the top apps in your country, the most significant players joining the mobile space in 2017, key device launches and much, much more!

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5 Keys to Higher-Quality Application Delivery | CA Technologies

Developing higher-quality applications quickly and consistently is the key to maintaining customer loyalty and staying ahead of the competition. But it’s also critical that applications evolve based on changing customer needs.

Traditional testing doesn’t align well with the continuous delivery model, as manual testing methods can’t keep up with the volume of change requests demanded by today’s market.

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Test Automation eGuide | TechWell

This eGuide is a compilation of some of the most popular and helpful stories and articles written for TechWell Corporation and StickyMinds by test automation experts in the field.

Download this eGuide to learn more about test automation in the software industry today. Get the latest buzz, tips to show the value of test automation to shareholders, and much more.

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Why Apps Succeed | Perfecto

How do successful brands drive revenue and attract and retain loyal customers? Delivering exceptional digital experiences across web and mobile channels has become a critical path to achieving these goals, and it separates the leaders from laggards. 

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Fully Automated ETL Testing: A Step-by-Step Guide | CA Technologies

This white paper is a step-by-step guide to fully automating ETL testing, making it more rigorous and more reactive to change. Download this paper to find out how adopting ETL can eliminate defects earlier in the development lifecycle by automating test case and data creation, test execution, and change implementation.

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The IT Manager’s Guide to Continuous Delivery | XebiaLabs

Continuous delivery is a set of processes and practices that radically removes waste from your software production process. It enables faster delivery of high-quality functionality and sets up a rapid and effective feedback loop between your business and your users. As a result, you will deliver better software and have more satisfied customers.

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Fitting More Quality into Each Build | Perfecto

Software teams aspire to work fast, adapt to their market’s needs, and have a sense of pride in their work. Defects can crush those aspirations, so they need to be addressed as early as possible.

Testing as part of every build improves quality and velocity by reducing rework through fast feedback on code changes, but there’s far more to it than automated testing.

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Meeting the Challenge of Delivering Microservice Applications in the Enterprise | XebiaLabs

Microservices architecture enables continuous delivery and allows enterprises to meet the increasing business pressure to deliver more features at a faster rate, while maintaining quality.

This white paper addresses three practical challenges that microservices architecture introduces, including:

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Key Concepts in Test Maintenance | Perfecto

Test maintenance is more than just cleanup work. It’s how you make sure your development cycles are completed efficiently and that your app works brilliantly.

With an effective test maintenance strategy, you can maximize the impact of feedback from testing on early development cycles and fight technical debt at the same time.

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2015–2016 State of the Software Testing Profession | TechWell

The 2015-2016 State of the Software Testing Profession survey report has been published. TechWell members responses help TechWell better understand where the software testing industry is right now and where it's headed.

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Release Pipeline Orchestration: An Essential Practice for Continuous Delivery at Enterprise Scale | XebiaLabs

Download this white paper to learn how release pipeline orchestration can help enterprises manage and optimize their software release process. You’ll also discover how release pipeline orchestration stacks up against toolssuch as Jenkins, Circle CI, Puppet, Chef, and Ansible.

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Mobile DevTest Dictionary: from A to Z | Perfecto

Even the most experienced developers and testers have a hard time keeping up with the latest DevTest jargon. Appium, CI Tools, DOM Object…the list goes on.

With help from some experts, Perfecto has compiled The Mobile DevTest Dictionary as a go-to guide to help you stay informed about the tools and resources you need to excel at your job.

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Agile Test Data Management—The New Must Have | CA Technologies

Test data management (TDM) is essential to achieving quality at speed for agile, DevOps, and continuous delivery. To improve their products, software development teams leverage many innovations, including agile, DevOps, big data, cloud, and mobile. Testing is a part of this.

This report aims to help application development and delivery professionals understand how existing TDM tools support agile delivery and improve their buying decisions.

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Strategies for Performance Testing Salesforce and other Customized Third-Party Applications | Orasi

In many organizations, web and mobile applications now compose the majority of development efforts. Performance can make or break the success of these deliverables, and users are increasingly unforgiving. For these reasons, performance testing is critical, yet the unpredictable nature of app usage, device variability, and other factors makes it more complicated, as well.

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Best Practices for Expanding Quality into the Build Cycle | Perfecto

Building quality into development is now an imperative for all software-intensive companies. Agile development approaches are finding their way into more of these organizations as the pace of mobile demands faster and more efficient releases. Yet “agile” is not a free lunch.

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How Will the Internet of Things Affect Testers? | CA Technologies

It seems like everything will become “smart” eventually. In parallel with domestic applications, industries such as retail, manufacturing, transport, agriculture, and telecommunications are embracing the Internet of Things (IoT) with enthusiasm.

The IoT is a whole new ball game for testers and testing according to Paul Gerrard, a testing guru and consultant. He introduces an architecture that consists of seven layers and discusses the scope of the IoT and the range of issues that it creates for testing.

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Testing the Internet of Things 2.0 | Siemens

Download this white paper from Siemens to examine the emerging software opportunities and challenges associated with IIoT and how software testing plays a critical role in developing an interconnected product.

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How to Optimize Your Development Lifecycle by Combining Agile and DevOps | Logi Analytics

In the debate over agile vs. DevOps, why choose? Taking a hybrid approach to your development lifecycle can have enormous benefits, including faster releases and fewer bugs. Learn how to combine the best elements of agile and DevOps methodologies to optimize every release.

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Surviving Shift-Left as a Tester | CA Technologies

Shift-left is largely about bringing the thinking about testing earlier in the process. In this article, testing guru and consultant Paul Gerrard talks about what is driving the shift-left movement, how the role of testing is being changed by it, and how you can adapt in a more agile world. Download this white paper to learn how the role of testing is changing and how you will be affected in a more agile world.

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Agile Is All About Change—Why Does Testing Remain the Same? | Tricentis

When your organization adopts agile and DevOps, you recognize that your development processes and infrastructure will need to change. However, one critical change is commonly overlooked. Agile and DevOps also require a testing change toward continuous testing. This means not just automating manual testing, but also optimizing and expanding traditional UI test automation.

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Exploratory Testing—The Heart of All Things Testing | Tricentis

Exploratory testing is the process of learning a product, designing and executing test cases, and interpreting test results—all at the same time. It’s an all-in-one approach to testing that is the perfect complement to specification-based manual and automated testing.

Combining exploratory testing with other testing practices is one of the most efficient ways to maximize the effectiveness of your testing, increase your product quality, and decrease risk.

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DevOps and Testers: An Objective Viewpoint | CA Technologies

DevOps is part of an overall approach that organizations use to deliver software frequently and with high quality. The most obvious outcome of successful DevOps implementations is the reduction in the time it takes for software changes to transition from an idea to production.

In this white paper, Paul Gerrard discusses the adoption of DevOps and its impact to testers.

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Continuous Testing vs. Test Automation: What QA Needs to Know | Tricentis

Everyone in the software development industry is talking about continuous testing these days. But are we all referring to the same thing? What is continuous testing? Is it just a new buzzword for “test automation”?

Continuous testing and test automation are actually quite different—and, from the tester’s perspective, that’s a good thing.

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How the Future of Test Automation Affects You | Tricentis

Although agile methodologies and DevOps have reduced development cycle times significantly, today’s software testing is still dominated by manual tests.

Obviously, this testing model will not fare well once DevOps is introduced into the enterprise. Whether they like it or not, companies are being forced to adopt test automation early on in the development process just to keep up with the market demand.

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Get Tips to Avoid the Top 4 Frustrations of Software Engineers | Jama

It’s easy to get sucked into a cycle of continuous rework. To meet aggressive deadlines, you need to understand not only the what but also the why of the product being built. If your organization lacks clear cross team communication, chances are good that you’re spending too much time deciphering unclear requirements or insufficiently described problem statements.

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Are You Making These Five Mistakes in Internationalization Testing? | Lionbridge

In today’s connected world, businesses are striving to create products that can be placed in the hands of users around the world, and have those products work seamlessly. How do you ensure that your product works properly across all regions and operating systems, and how can you make it resonate culturally for a great user experience?

Download this white paper from Lionbridge to read real-world examples and challenges around testing in the international market.

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Testing—The Missing Piece in DevOps and Continuous Delivery | Tricentis

DevOps in combination with continuous delivery has gained traction over the past few years. Enterprises have been putting more effort in these approaches to help bring more value to their customers faster.

Prioritizing testing when driving DevOps means ensuring teams are focused on actual problems that are impacting enterprises. Download this white paper to learn how tightly integrating testing into your flow will help you shorten your feedback cycles, cut your rework, and deliver better value.

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How to Avoid Common Pitfalls to Enterprise Agile Adoption | Jama

If you have experience with waterfall or traditional "phase-gate" developmental processes, then you know why agile has gained traction so quickly. It's a nimble, collaborative way to work. But, like any professional process, agile requires learning new skills to gain the promised benefits.

Download this white paper from Jama to discover the five major challenges to adopting agile.

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2017 State of Test Data Management | Delphix

Traditional approaches to test data management (TDM) have been nearly rendered obsolete by a set of new challenges related to data. With the rise of new development methodologies demanding faster test cycle iterations, data has emerged as a critical constraint that holds application projects back.

In November 2016, Delphix partnered with Techwell to conduct a survey across 220+ IT professionals to uncover the most common data-related challenges and the new TDM approaches that companies are taking across industries.

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Overcoming Test Automation Roadblocks With Service Virtualization | TricentisDownload Now
Get 5 Key Recommendations to Innovate Faster and Build Better Products | Jama

Change is the only constant in our technology-driven economy, and for organizations that want to stay competitive, product innovation needs to keep pace.

What does it take to remain competitive when the standards of innovation and delivery to market are set so high? Download this guide to get a look at the ways leading companies are accelerating technical advances in their organizations.

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Continuous Testing for Continuous Delivery: What Does It Mean in Practice? | CA Technologies

Download this white paper from CA Technologies to learn why removing the constraints that force testing to the end of a development cycle helps developers and QA teams achieve accurate, automated testing from day one. You will also learn how to take an idea from design to deployment at pace—without compromising quality—using an end-to-end, continuous delivery ecosystem that’s capable of driving rigorous testing from the desired user functionality.

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The Benefits of a Test-Driven Deployment | Orasi

Download this white paper to learn how to develop a comprehensive plan for asset migration and management, along with updating and executing the test management strategy. 

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Testing in the Digital Economy | CA Technologies

In the digital economy, everyone’s in the software business, and the landscape is constantly changing. The traditional approach to providing business value through lengthy plan-build-test-deploy cycles no longer delivers value in an increasingly competitive, consumer-centric marketplace. 

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Use Modern Traceability to Improve Developers’ Ideas, Processes, and Software | Jama

Agile environments not only require development teams to build and deliver software faster, they must build and deliver better software faster.

To recognize “better” software, dev teams need real-time visibility into the SDLC and deeper insights than traditional requirements management can provide. Modern requirements-tracing tools and techniques map the software from concept to deployment to customer usage.

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Testing, Analytics, and Decision Making? | CA Technologies

Download this white paper to learn how to have more informed discussions about decision making that will help you decide how much testing is enough and to determine the value of what you do as testers.

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Silk Mobile Testing | Micro Focus

Demand for mobile devices is massive and growing. There are now more than 2bn smartphones in use worldwide and mobile usage has now eclipsed desktop usage. Customers expect their mobile and desktop experience to be identical, with flawless functionality and performance no matter which device, browser, connection speed or location. Testing mobile applications has never been more complex and difficult to test at scale.

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Eliminating Flaky UI Tests | Perfecto

Early UI testing provides critical feedback to development teams on how changes in code will affect the end–user experience. But, the tests are often plagued with reliability issues that undermine the valuable feedback they provide. You can improve the reliability of your continuous delivery process by stabilizing UI testing through a clear definition of test stability and guidelines to help you create and maintain a suite of stable tests. 

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Test Data Management: How It May be the Only Way to Drive Continuous Delivery | CA Technologies

Download this white paper to explore the importance of test data management for testing purposes. You’ll discover how having the right data delivered to the right place at the right time is critical to supporting continuous delivery.

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Automated Testing: Coping with Change | CA Technologies

Download this white paper to learn how responsive automation, reusability, traceability, impact analysis, and delivery speed enable organizations to become genuinely responsive to change.

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Responsive Web Testing: The Complete Guide | Perfecto

Testing and maintaining responsive websites is incredibly difficult, but understanding how they behave and look across all digital platforms is key for DevTest teams.

This guide covers 5 key responsive web testing strategies and shows how you and your team can expand your digital footprint across browsers, devices, wearables, and more.

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The Care And Feeding of Your Software Testing Career | TechWell

This eBook is a compilation of TechWell Insights stories written by TechWell Corporation CIO Michael Sowers. Based on his thirty years of software experience, this guide offers tips and techniques for managing and growing your own software testing career.

Download this eBook to learn how testers can excel in today's agile world, why leadership skills and social responsibility are critical to tester's careers, techniques for streamlining your workload, and more.

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DevOps eGuide | TechWell

NEW! TechWell's newest eGuide is now available to download. Explore hot topics around DevOps, learn best practices, and gain information on how to start the DevOps conversation in your organization.

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A Modern Take on the Agile Manifesto | Jama

The Agile Manifesto has been great for software teams, but has presented real challenges for business analysts and other stakeholders involved in the broader context of application development. The problems addressed by agile in 2001 still exist today; in fact they are magnified by the changing landscape of product delivery. 

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Mobile Software Testing e-Guide | TechWell

In this e-Guide we explore hot topics and best practices in the mobile testing space, including five sins of mobile testing, challenges and solutions of testing mobile apps, strategies to approach mobile web app testing, and the need for comprehensive testing of mobile apps.

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Mobile Software Development e-Guide | TechWell

In this e-Guide we explore hot topics and best practices in the mobile development space, including building mobile apps the user can trust, developing custom apps for the cloud, capitalizing on the mobile addiction, Apple's new language, and more.

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Forrester Report: Vendor Landscape: Front-End Mobile Testing Tools | Perfecto

Read the report and find out why app development and delivery teams must embrace more automation and seek testing tools that:

Accommodate multiple target operating systems
Use actual physical devices
Simulate chaos
Run in minutes or hours, not days or weeks

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