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11 Black Holes of DevOps—How Not to Get Lost in Outer Space | XebiaLabs

As your organization kicks off its DevOps transformation, you’re aiming for wild success and headed for all sorts of adventures. This isn’t a short test flight to Pittsburgh and back, this is a journey into uncharted territory. As you scale to create an enterprise DevOps process that works effectively across hundreds of applications and thousands of people, you’ll inevitably discover that things don’t work the same way they did back on the developer’s laptop with a single team or a single environment.

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Using Agile Data for Predictive Plans | CA Technologies

As organizations advance in agile maturity, so do their data analytics and metric needs. Compiling and synchronizing the data of a few agile teams is significantly different from rolling up data across many teams or an entire portfolio.

Without a clear picture of how teams are delivering their work, organizations may be flying blind when it comes to understanding the delivery of their products or services.

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Mobile Test Automation for Faster Time-to-Market | Infostretch

In this white paper, Infostretch looks at how test automation can address these emerging needs, outlines the business case for it, identifies which parts of testing can be automated, and suggests best practices and tools for success.

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Enterprise Software Delivery in the Age of Docker and Other Containers | XebiaLabs

Most of today’s forward-thinking companies are investigating container technology as a potentially better way to deliver software. Containers let developers bundle all of the necessary components of an application into one package that can easily be shared and distributed, which can greatly simplify deployment to test, user acceptance, and production environments.

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Shifting Left to Keep Pace in Mobile and IoT Testing | Infostretch

Download this white paper to learn some key considerations for bringing effective shift left approaches to your testing and QA efforts and the potential business impact for your organization.

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How to Actualize Quality While Practicing Agile | Perfecto

Testing mobile applications is no easy task. With so much to test in such a short time, some mobile development teams question whether agile is right for them. But the reality is that agile is the only way to consistently release high-quality applications in a timely fashion.

Test expert Angie Jones explains how agile’s collaborative and cross-functional qualities, short dev cycles, and flexible, quick responses are a perfect way to improve the quality of your mobile apps.

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10 Test Automation Frameworks for Cross-Browser Testing | Perfecto

Looking to maximize your DevOps automated testing coverage, efficiency, and quality? Download this white paper to get a breakdown of the top 10 test automation frameworks on the market.

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Continuous Integration and Delivery: New Requirements for Digital Transformation | Infostretch

Download this white paper to learn the benefits of CI and CD and the requirements for effectively deploying these practices in your organization.

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The Role Of DevOps in Increased Business Agility and ROI | Hexaware

This DevOps Special Report will help you pick the best tools, processes, and technology to maximize business agility and measure the return on your DevOps investment.

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Implementing Agile eGuide | TechWell

Whether you are taking the first step down the road to agile or you want to make sure you’re heading in the right direction, this eGuide provides resources to help guide you through your agile implementation.

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Accelerating Your Digital Initiatives with Quality Engineering | Infostretch

If your organization is like most, your quality assurance (QA) team owns responsibility for app quality. But as cycle times shrink for new digital apps and customer expectations rise, that job is getting harder all the time.

Download this white paper to learn about the factors in play and more.

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Requirements-Driven Software Development and Quality Management | CA Technologies

Read this research paper to learn how the right requirements-driven software development and quality management approach can help you achieve agile testing, improving your app delivery speed, software quality, and testing efficiency.

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Beyond Continuous Testing | Tricentis

Continuous testing has been recognized as the cornerstone of the DevOps story, a necessity for enterprises to survive the “digital disruption.” But what does continuous testing look like in real life?

In this video, you will hear from Tricentis founder and CPO, Wolfgang Platz, and Forrester VP and principal analyst, Diego Lo Giudice, discuss continuous testing from the perspective of test architecture and organization.

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Agile Software Development for Mobile and IoT - Best Practices | Infostretch

Download this white paper for a detailed view of how mobile application development is different from traditional web application development. You will also learn best practices in mobile application development, the right platforms and technologies to support your efforts, and considerations for end-user targeting and user experience.

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Getting to Success With Continuous Testing | CA Technologies

This paper outlines the common challenges to continuous testing and highlights the results from real users who have used technology to overcome them.

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Finding the Right Agile Software for Your Organization: The 4 Main Considerations | CA Technologies

“Software is eating the world”—once a provocative phrase, this idea of software’s dominant place in the economy is now widely accepted. But for today’s companies that want to rise above their competitors, it’s not enough to simply acknowledge the pivotal role that software plays. They must now move with greater confidence and speed. Agility is critical, and the companies that can respond swiftly to changes, deliver value quickly, and roll out high-quality products will thrive—those that can’t, may not survive.

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Mobile Enablement: A Guided Approach for Your Enterprise | Infostretch

The mobile ecosystem is under constant evolution. The needs of an enterprise can range from an overall mobility strategy all the way to incorporating mobile backend-as-a-service (MBaaS) to their enterprise. The first step is to identify your organization’s goals and needs, and then consider your solution alternatives. To better understand your enterprise’s potential mobility needs, read on!

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voke Impact™ Note: A Focus on CA Service Virtualization | CA Technologies

Read to discover how software engineering teams can realize the benefits of service virtualization, such as early defect discovery and remediation, on-demand environments for end-to-end testing, and access to incomplete or unavailable services, components, databases, and architectures.

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Discover Agile: Change Your Company and Your Culture | CA Technologies

The first step to an agile company? Change your culture.

This eBook is not a set of step-by-step instructions for how to fix all your organizational issues. Nor is it a tactical plan on how to move from being a rigid, inflexible company to being one that places customers— and agile—at the heart of everything you do. If only life was this simple.

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How to Stop Agile Roadblocks | CA Technologies

Switching to an agile culture is no simple task. It takes a radical rethink of how you do business,. The truth is that people fear change. They fear a loss of responsibility, losing their jobs or simply having to develop new skills when they’re comfortable in their current position.

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Identifying and Implementing the Optimal Mobile QA Strategy | Infostretch

Each phase of mobile quality brings its own set of unique challenges. To ensure coverage in every phase, the overall testing strategy needs to be well defined with the right tools, framework, and technology. Download this white paper to learn about the different considerations for mobile testing and get a blueprint for creating an optimal mobile testing strategy with risk mitigation plans and streamlined processes.

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5 Steps to Beating the Competition with Agile at Scale | CA Technologies

No matter where you are on your agility journey, you can transform into a customer-centric—even customer-obsessed—organization that produces inspired, sustained innovation and value. Download this eGuide for five steps of agile success adopted from Otto Berkes’ book, Digital Transformation.

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The Evolution of Test Automation | QASymphony

The Evolution of Test Automation—Results from the 2018 QASymphony and TechWell Survey

Organizations of every size now recognize the need to speed up their processes if they want to stay competitive in the marketplace. While still the best choice for some scenarios, manual testing processes are no longer sufficient on their own. Test automation is now a must-have rather than a nice-to-have. QASymphony and TechWell Corporation partnered on a survey to measure the following:

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How Modern Businesses Scale with Agile | CA Technologies

This eBook isn’t an introduction to agile software development. Nor is it a set of step-by-step instructions for how to move from being a rigid, inflexible company to being one that places customers—and agile—at the heart of everything you do. If only life was that simple.

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Exploratory Testing eGuide | TechWell

Testing plans and automation can only take projects so far, leaving users to find problems developers and requirements may not have anticipated. Exploratory testing is essential to releasing high-quality software customers find flawless. In the midst of an automated world, there will always be a need for skilled exploratory testers to do the work automation can't. This eGuide explains why exploratory testing still plays a critical role in the development process and how it fits in today's agile and DevOps-focused world.

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Transforming Your Business: Scale Agile and Measure the Success | CA Technologies

Download this eGuide to learn how agile success is only as good as the agile metrics created to measure it. You will also learn the tips and tricks you need to get the data you need out of your agile teams.

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DevOps Continuous Delivery | TechWell

This eGuide provides resources to help teams move from their initial DevOps adoption through a full digital transformation.  For organizations with established DevOps processes, this guide will offer tips to speed up the delivery cycle by identfying bottlenecks and building quality in from the start.

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12 Agile Transformation Failure Modes and How to Avoid Them | CA Technologies

Agile may be simple, but it still takes work. Often, organizations fail to adopt agile methods for similar reasons, and many of these reasons are cultural. From checkbook commitment and lack of executive support to ineffective retrospectives and bad product ownership, this eBook describes the 12 agile failure modes to avoid so you can succeed with your own agile transformation.

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State of the Software Testing Profession Results 2017-2018

The results are in for our third annual State of the Software Testing Profession survey. Over all, there were no big surprises. It looks like software testing is going to hang around a while longer, automation and technical skills are still a growing requirement for testers, and agile adoption
remains a leading driver of change to the tester role.

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Release Pipeline Orchestration: An Essential Practice for Continuous Delivery at Enterprise Scale | XebiaLabs

Download this white paper to learn how release pipeline orchestration can help enterprises manage and optimize their software release process. You’ll also discover how release pipeline orchestration stacks up against toolssuch as Jenkins, Circle CI, Puppet, Chef, and Ansible.

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Discover the Benefits of Agile: The Business Case for a New Way to Work | CA Technologies

You’re operating in a world that’s global, responsive, customer-focused, and technology-driven. With software as the key driver of growth, innovation, efficiency, and productivity, how you deliver software says a lot about how you’ll compete in this world.

This eGuide explains agile, lean and Scrum approaches, and how agile is different from other methods.

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Shift Left: 5 Steps for Advancing Quality into the Dev Cycle | Perfecto

Agile practices help improve development speed and reduce release cycle time. But if testing is still happening late in the dev cycle, it’s harder to find bugs and resolve them by the end of the sprint.

To achieve shorter and highly innovative release schedules, automated QA cycles should be introduced earlier in the software development lifecycle, or “shifted to the left.” Shifting left is no easy task, so we’ve mapped out how to get you there without impacting your dev cycle.

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Testing the Requirements | Jama Software

When should you test your software? Once you’ve written your first requirement. The simple act of designing tests can uncover problems while you can still correct them quickly and inexpensively.

Download this white paper to see what else requirements management expert Karl Wiegers says about deriving conceptual tests.

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Mobile Testing on iPhone X and iOS11: What Developers Need to Know | Perfecto

Apple’s introduction of the iPhone X hints at an exciting new phase of mobile tech innovation. However, the rush to capitalize on the phone’s new capabilities has compromised one major thing: quality.

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Verify, Validate, Trace, and Test | Jama Software

Behind every good product is a reliable and repeatable test strategy that helps people and data stay in sync. So, what does it take to design a successful test management system and get your product to market?

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Continuous Practices eGuide | TechWell

The widespread adoption of agile and DevOps practices have placed the software industry firmly in the age of “continuous everything.” From continuous testing, continuous development, and continuous deployment to continuous integration and continuous improvement, our development cycles must embrace the need for speed to stay competitive in the marketplace.

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Preparing for Continuous Delivery in the Enterprise | XebiaLabs

Driven by market and customer pressure, early adopter organizations have implemented continuous delivery as a strategy to accelerate time-to-market, and now other leading organizations are looking to follow.

While much has been published on the principles and processes of continuous delivery, practical advice on how to approach and plan a continuous delivery implementation in an enterprise environment is hard to come by.

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Empowering Teams for the 21st Century | CA Technologies

Agile teams function best when empowered to deliver value with increased speed and flexibility. To stay competitive, organizations must leverage the work of these teams effectively. This requires technology, process, and reporting uniformity to facilitate increased velocity, communication, collaboration, and value.

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2016–2017 State of the Software Testing Profession | TechWell

The 2016-2017 State of the Software Testing Profession survey report has been published. TechWell members responses help TechWell better understand where the software testing industry is right now and where it's headed.

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Beyond Continuous Testing with Artificial Intelligence | Tricentis

We need “digital testing” to meet the quality needs of a future driven by IoT, robotics, and quantum computing. Artificial intelligence (AI), imitating intelligent human behavior for machine learning and predictive analytics, can help us get there.

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2015–2016 State of the Software Testing Profession | TechWell

The 2015-2016 State of the Software Testing Profession survey report has been published. TechWell members responses help TechWell better understand where the software testing industry is right now and where it's headed.

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Test Automation eGuide | TechWell

This eGuide is a compilation of some of the most popular and helpful stories and articles written for TechWell Corporation and StickyMinds by test automation experts in the field.

Download this eGuide to learn more about test automation in the software industry today. Get the latest buzz, tips to show the value of test automation to shareholders, and much more.

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Agile Is All about Change—Why Does Testing Remain the Same? | Tricentis

When your organization adopts agile and DevOps, you recognize that your development processes and infrastructure will need to change. However, one critical change is commonly overlooked. Agile and DevOps also require a testing change toward continuous testing. This means not just automating manual testing, but also optimizing and expanding traditional UI test automation.

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Continuous Testing versus Test Automation: What QA Needs to Know | Tricentis

Everyone in the software development industry is talking about continuous testing these days. But are we all referring to the same thing? What is continuous testing? Is it just a new buzzword for “test automation”?

Continuous testing and test automation are actually quite different—and, from the tester’s perspective, that’s a good thing.

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Overcoming Test Automation Roadblocks With Service Virtualization | Tricentis

A lot of today’s testing teams recognize the need for test automation and are committed to ramping up test automation efforts. Many have even made significant progress toward automating primary use cases that cover top business risks. But then you reached an automation plateau.

Read this paper to learn how an emerging new simulation technology—service virtualization—can help you ensure that your automated tests deliver the rapid, continuous quality feedback your team expects.

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Internet of Things eGuide | TechWell

This eGuide is a compilation of some of the most popular and helpful stories and articles written for TechWell Corporation and StickyMinds by emerging Internet of Things experts in the software field.

Download this eGuide to learn more about developing and testing best practices for the Internet of Things. Get the latest buzz, funadmental development practices, cloud connectivity and IoT, and much more.

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The Care And Feeding of Your Software Testing Career | TechWell

This eBook is a compilation of TechWell Insights stories written by TechWell Corporation CIO Michael Sowers. Based on his thirty years of software experience, this guide offers tips and techniques for managing and growing your own software testing career.

Download this eBook to learn how testers can excel in today's agile world, why leadership skills and social responsibility are critical to tester's careers, techniques for streamlining your workload, and more.

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DevOps eGuide | TechWell

NEW! TechWell's newest eGuide is now available to download. Explore hot topics around DevOps, learn best practices, and gain information on how to start the DevOps conversation in your organization.

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Mobile Software Testing eGuide | TechWell

In this eGuide we explore hot topics and best practices in the mobile testing space, including five sins of mobile testing, challenges and solutions of testing mobile apps, strategies to approach mobile web app testing, and the need for comprehensive testing of mobile apps.

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Mobile Software Development eGuide | TechWell

In this eGuide we explore hot topics and best practices in the mobile development space, including building mobile apps the user can trust, developing custom apps for the cloud, capitalizing on the mobile addiction, Apple's new language, and more.

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