TechWell—through its conferences, training, consulting, community websites, and online resources—helps people and organizations develop and deliver great software.

From our founding as Software Quality Engineering (SQE) to now as TechWell Corporation, the company’s focus has remained the same—helping software developers, testers, and managers improve development and delivery practices.

Learn — Through respected software conferences, expert-led training classes, and in-depth online resources, TechWell offers multiple ways to learn about methods, technologies, and tools software professionals need to design, develop, test, and deliver great software.

Connect — TechWell offers numerous opportunities to connect with software industry experts, your peers, and leading solution providers at live events and to participate on community websites. We are always working on new ways to get people talking and working together.

Contribute — TechWell conferences, community websites, and publications provide multiple ways for experienced practitioners, industry consultants, and solution providers to contribute their expertise and practical advice about broad software topic areas.