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2020 confetti Softer Testing Skills to Focus on in 2020

Although technical skills will always be essential for testers, this should be the year we also have a collective responsibility to focus on two softer aspects: being realistic about goals for quality, and bringing back simplicity into the software engineering discipline. Here's how these goals can bring value in 2020.

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Limitations of a Managed Cloud Database Service

With the advent of cloud computing, several managed services for databases have become available. Whether to use a managed cloud database service from a cloud provider depends on several factors, and it may not be the best choice for everyone. Knowing the limitations can help you decide whether it makes sense for you.

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Sand running through an hourglass 5 Strategies for Better Time Management

When you read about time management techniques, the most common advice is often to just get work done. But for many people, it’s harder than that. If you’re getting pulled in many different directions and having to juggle lots of different tasks, these strategies can bring your time management to the next level.

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Developer and tester smiling and shaking hands 2 Simple Ways to Improve Developer-Tester Relationships

Supposedly there is a constant tension between developers and testers, like the roles of artist and art critic. They can’t exist without each other, and yet they can’t get along. It doesn't have to be that way! Here are two ways testers can reduce that feeling so that developers and testers can work better together.

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Model of a head with areas of the brain diagrammed Do You Use Only 10% of Your Brain?

You’ve probably heard the claim that we use only 10% of our brains. That's a total myth, but it’s not hard to understand why it would take hold: Who hasn’t wondered how we could do more in less time and with less effort? The reality is that most everyone can become more productive by following some simple tips.

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Cursor about to click the word "Security" Shifting Security Left: The Innovation of DevSecOps

The more established a product is when it is first audited for security, the harder it will be to find the time to fix problems and to refactor the software. DevSecOps was created to get application security practices into the development process as early as possible, so we can use them from the beginning of a project.

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Person comparing two similar apples Choosing between MySQL and PostgreSQL

MySQL and PostgreSQL are the top two open source relational databases, and they have a lot in common. So how can developers choose between them? The application should guide the features that need to be prioritized. Here’s how the two databases compare with regard to the features that most relational databases support.

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Pile of documents in an inbox From Documentation to Automation

A defined, repeatable process frees people from spending energy thinking about solved problems, and an automated one makes this even easier. While not all development steps can be easily automated, some can, and documentation is an essential first step. Automate what makes sense and you'll have reliable processes.

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