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Roadblock sign reading "Road closed" 4 Impediments to Nurturing a Feedback-Rich Culture

Being able to have open, candid conversations that fuel learning, growth, and improvement is critical to a team’s success, so it is important to look out for impediments that can get in the way of having a feedback-rich culture. Here are four common impediments to watch for, as well as behaviors you should nurture.

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facets The Changing Facets of Integration Testing

In the current dynamics of product development and confirming quality in the agile world, the definition (both narrow and broad), significance, and scope of integration testing have increased manifold. Rajini Padmanaban highlights the changing facets of integration testing that teams need to make note of.

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Silhouettes of a team, with a key person standing out in red Fighting Key-Person Dependency Risk on Your Team

Key-person dependency risk is when only one person on your team possesses certain business-critical abilities or knowledge—so if that person leaves, you're in trouble. The first step of mitigating that risk is taking stock of your team members and their skills. Decide what's important, and train or hire accordingly.

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work and relax street signs Relax This Summer and Be a Maker

For many, it's time for a much-needed break with a summer vacation at the beach, listening to the ocean waves with toes in the sand. But numerous studies show it’s important to take time to find a way to destress on a regular basis. If doing nothing isn't your cup of tea, Pamela Rentz has some project ideas.

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Police officer in uniform saluting Good Cop, Bad Cop: How to Evaluate a Company’s Culture before Accepting a Job

In a job interview, you learn a fair amount about the job you’re applying for. But it’s much harder to learn about the corporate culture so as to determine if the organization is a place you want to work. Try using a "good cop, bad cop" routine when asking questions to find out if the new environment is a good fit.

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Four checkboxes with two of them checked Questions to Ask during Test Selection for Automated Tests

We use test design techniques to answer the questions “What do I need to test?” and “What tests should I perform?” We try to ensure test coverage during test automation too, except that choosing poorly creates slower builds and unreliable information about product quality. Here are some guidelines for test selection.

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Icons for accessibility related to vision, hearing, and ability 3 Hidden Benefits of Accessibility Testing

Don’t think of implementing accessibility testing just as a way to gain a larger audience for your product (or, worse, just as a way to avoid a lawsuit). There also can be many hidden benefits of complying with accessibility guidelines for you, your site, and your company. Here are three of them.

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Computer with different browser options The Cross-Browser Testing Landscape Is Ready for DevOps

While most websites today are responsive, there is a significant growth in progressive web apps that provide cross-platform mobile and web capabilities from within a web app. Add to this maturing practices around agile development and testing and greater adoption of BDD practices, and the landscape is ready for DevOps.

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