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Magnifying glass looking at the words "Software testing" on a computer screen Making Testing Visible

Most testing work is invisible—something that happens inside your head and leaves no artifacts behind. This generally leaves testers feeling like no one understands what they do all day. Here are some ideas for collaborating with your coworkers so they can see—and start to understand—your testing work.

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crowdsourcing Crowdsourcing Emerging Manufacturing and Water Security Technology

Borrowing from the successful NASA Challenges playbook, the US Department of Energy recently launched several crowdsourcing efforts to incentivize new applications and technologies in additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, and transforming nontraditional water sources into resources.

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Job candidate looking at code on a computer screen, photo by Fatos Bytyqi 4 Ways to Verify Developers’ Skills for a Job Interview

Developers often struggle to convey their skills effectively during a job interview, making it difficult to assess their capability. But you want assurance that a candidate who has an impressive CV actually has the practical abilities you need. Here are four ways of verifying developer applicants’ skills.

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Microphone on stage at a software conference 4 Takeaways from Agile + DevOps East 2018

With a week full of sessions, tutorials, training classes, and events, the Agile + DevOps East software conference had plenty of takeaways. Here are four highlights, including discussions about agile estimation, finding your ideal job, some challenges to advancing test automation, and leading self-organizing teams.

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Brick wall with sponsor on one side and project team on the other Can Your Project Succeed without Your Sponsor On Board?

Project managers are tasked by sponsoring executives to complete projects successfully and provide timely communication if barriers arise. But what should a project manager do if the sponsors are the biggest barrier? If you can’t get the answers you need, is it a good idea to make your best guess and proceed?

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Hand holding a camera lens focusing on faraway mountains Agile and DevOps Bring the Focus Back on Quality

As companies move to agile and DevOps, silos are coming down and there is more interaction and collaboration among teams. Quality is also becoming everyone's responsibility for the entire software development lifecycle. Quality is more than just testing: Consider a quality value stream along the overall value chain.

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Row of bottles lined up, photo by Andrew Seaman The Cost of Software Testing

Testing is regarded as the number one bottleneck in the software delivery process. Most people simply conclude that developers are value centers, and testers are cost centers. But developers' work also brings cost, and—more importantly—testers' work also brings value. It's time to reframe our thinking about testing.

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Rope under stress fraying apart A New Approach to Load Testing with Browser-Level Users

Since the inception of load testing, the approach has been mostly the same: simulate the traffic of an application by creating load at the API level. But there have been market shifts that make load testing with browser-level users more feasible—allowing us to test with real load and measure true user performance.

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