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Agile Teamwork Thanks to Agile, You Can No Longer Be a Selfish Tester

You achieve much greater things if you trust your testing team and focus on the entire software lifecycle rather than your own personal goals. Over the years, agile has made it difficult to be both selfish and successful as a tester.

Josiah Renaudin's picture
Josiah Renaudin
Managers and leaders The Difference between Managers and Leaders

You often hear managers referred to as leaders, but the two terms are not synonymous. Managers can be leaders, but not always, and there are people who don’t have formal management positions who are leaders. Understanding the difference can help people in both roles—and their team members—be more effective.

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Steve Berczuk
Say no How to Say No to Work Requests

There are times when you have so much to do that you just have to say no to new work requests. The trick is finding a way to decline politely so there are no negative repercussions. There are ways to turn down requests at work without also hurting your career. Be clear and firm but still respectful.

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Naomi Karten
Data Test Your Data Quality to Increase the Return on Your QA Investment

With the high volume of data coming into your organization, it’s important that it be complete, correct, and timely. But considering the velocity at which this data is moving, how do you measure its current quality? You must be able to test it wherever it sits still enough to be viewable, without altering it.

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Shauna Ayers
android talkback screen Mainstream Accessibility for Smart Devices

The ease of use and flexibility of smart devices have prompted more people, including the disabled community, to use and carry their devices every day. Because of this, a series of revolutionary accessibility changes have occurred in the market.

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Sunil Dangwal
man stopping clock hand Encouraging Just-In-Time Testing

When the development landscape is extremely dynamic, a testing effort that is adaptable and flexible with an ability to learn the system and craft scenarios on the go is increasingly important. Testers should be encouraged to be just-in-time testers with the ability to test anything at any time.

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Mukesh Sharma
Test Automation Can You Over-Automate Your Testing?

It’s a pipe dream if you think you can just flip a switch and automate entire swaths of testing without lifting a finger. Automation is integral to today’s agile and DevOps world, but it’s easy to fall in love with it and lose track of what should and shouldn’t be automated.

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Josiah Renaudin
Star Wars logo The Last Jedi? Some Words of Wisdom

"I only know one truth: It's time for the Jedi to end." That’s the bomb Luke Skywalker dropped in the first trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Pamela Rentz highlights some of the wisdom of the Jedi to keep The Force strong in the workplace and our lives.

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Pamela Rentz