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crystal ball Predictive Analytics to Give Quality Engineering a Facelift

Test automation is only as smart as we design it to be, but automation combined with artificial intelligence and machine learning is what can enable predictive analytics to produce smart outcomes—and that is the facelift quality engineering will soon receive.

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White flag that says "EXPLORE," photo by Andrew Neel An Exploration of Exploratory Testing

Exploratory testing is one of the most widely known but poorly understood practices in the software testing community. The term suggests that exploratory testing is a special testing activity, but in reality, all true testing is exploratory in nature. Let's rediscover what exploratory testing should—and shouldn't—mean.

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Two rocks balancing on another rock acting as a fulcrum Looking beyond the Tester-to-Developer Ratio

Many companies have some notion of an ideal tester-to-developer ratio, or the number of testers they need for every certain number of developers. It may seem like a superficial standard, but it's rooted in a very real need to understand staffing requirements and budgets. Let's dig deeper into the team balance.

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contextual reasoning AI R&D: DARPA Investing $2 Billion in Contextual Reasoning

In the view of the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), a government agency that has contributed heavily to AI research in the past, AI’s programmed ability to process information is still much too limited. What AI needs is contextual reasoning capabilities.

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A cumulus cloud, photo by Alex Machado How Cloud Automation Can Enhance Your Business

The cloud supports the automation of your business and can make things run smoother and more efficiently. It also can help manage all the different moving parts of a company. Taking a deeper dive into these benefits can help you decide if you should add the cloud to your business plans.

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Training class with people's hands raised, photo by Nicole Honeywill If You Want Training to Take, Explore Experiential Learning

People typically think of training classes as passive activities, where the instructor talks and the others listen. But experiential learning, where you learn through hands-on activities and then reflect on the experience, often gets the lesson to stick in people's brains better. Consider using interactive lessons.

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A businessperson and a customer shaking hands Communicating to Customers That You Care

How can you communicate caring to your customers if your job doesn’t lend itself to demonstrating in person how hard you’re trying? Fortunately, showing evidence of caring is not about scurrying around; it’s about interacting with customers in a way that says you’re listening to them and taking their needs seriously.

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migration map Real-Time Bird Migration Algorithms for Live Tweeting

New maps on the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s BirdCast website let you track migratory birds in near real time, as well as forecast avian migration up to three days ahead. Pamela Rentz looks at why the when, where, and how far birds will migrate is important.

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