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Scaling Agile: Reasonable Practices for Program Management

In a big push to scale agile, it can help to think of scaling agile as program management, or coordinating projects where the value is in the overall deliverable. Consider how you can deliver your product one small, finished bit at a time. If you deliver value as often as possible, you see real results.

Johanna Rothman's picture
Johanna Rothman
Battling Brain Fatigue When You Have Decisions to Make

If mental energy is necessary for optimal performance, then decision-making is likely to suffer when your mental energy is drained. Although we all experience "brain fatigue," there are ways to fight it—and that includes knowing what the triggers are and having activities that help get you energized again.

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Naomi Karten
You Can’t Compete without a Solid Automation Strategy

The speed at which software evolves, adapts, and moves to the next best thing can be dizzying at times. As soon as you adopt the latest and greatest methodology and see better results, a new solution is created that somehow requires teams to better test and develop at a greater rate.

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Josiah Renaudin
The Problem with Job Titles

Job titles are useful for giving a quick idea of a person’s skills and responsibilities. But nowadays in the tech world, a job title alone does not say as much as it used to. Some titles are ambiguous, and some can even encourage a kind of false hierarchy based on how fancy they are. Is there a better way?

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Steve Berczuk
Just Enough Testing at Each Stage of Your Delivery Pipeline

The continuous delivery pipeline should determine whether the software is a viable candidate for production. Having frequent quality gates along that pipeline that give frequent feedback about the quality of the software helps us find that answer faster. Short feedback loops ensure better product quality.

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Gene Gotimer
Developing and Testing IoT and Embedded Systems: Questions to Ask

Self-driving cars are the new big thing, and the operational and environment scenarios these vehicles will encounter are practically infinite. How we should develop and test these systems is a big question, and there are no easy answers. But Jon Hagar has some ideas about where to start.

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Jon Hagar
Removing the Performance Testing Bottleneck

When you start down the road to continuous testing, even if you increase speed, performance tests can still hold up production deployments. By using application monitoring, service virtualization, and open source performance testing tools, performance testing is accounted for in every cycle of development.

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Adam Auerbach
Creating Innovation: Four Tips from DARPA

Companies say they want to build a culture of innovation, but saying and actually doing are two different things. Those that are serious should take note of the recently released innovation blueprint developed by the ecosystem at the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

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Pamela Rentz