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True Servant Leaders Live the Agile Principles

The values and principles stated in the Agile Manifesto align well with the description of servant leadership. Taken together, these ideals and standards can help managers understand their new role in organizations that have transformed to agile, and be guiding lights for both agile managers and team members.

David Grabel's picture
David Grabel
When Is it Time to Expand Your Agile Team?

Should you expand your agile team to include an even greater number of members? And should you consider spreading your new agile knowledge to other members of the company to make the entire organization agile? Determining scale can be tricky.

Josiah Renaudin's picture
Josiah Renaudin
Play Biofeedback Video Games to Learn to Chill

Breathing techniques, meditation, and yoga are all ways people use to cope with stress. But instead of going to your happy place, how about learning to chill by kicking back and playing video games? A first-person biofeedback game helps players practice techniques to manage stress and control anxiety.

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Pamela Rentz
How to Listen Actively (or At Least Seem Like You Are)

Let's be honest; some people are boring to listen to. Still, when you give someone the impression that you're not listening, to that person, you're not listening. Here are some tips that can help you—both in actual listening, and in just conveying that impression (even if you’re not hanging onto every word).

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Naomi Karten
Promoting Sustainable Test Automation

Truly sustainable test automation imparts minimal impact on people and processes over the years. It is achieved by deploying automation frameworks that shield testers and processes from the automation tools and technologies that are constantly evolving. Carl Nagle tells you how to attain long-term success.

Carl Nagle's picture
Carl Nagle
Improving Product Quality throughout the Software Development Lifecycle

Good, efficient communication is an important asset to the team. With focused, pure, and structured data on product quality, including all of the self-documenting steps of a given check, it’s clearly known what’s working and what the verifications are. Matt Griscom shows how you can get this level of clarity.

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Matt Griscom
What's More Important: Mobile App Performance or User Experience?

More and more, users are expecting increasingly responsive apps on day one, and if certain actions take just a single second longer than what they feel is justifiable, the app could be uninstalled before it’s ever really given a chance. But more complex apps might just be slower. Which is the priority?

Josiah Renaudin's picture
Josiah Renaudin
How Performance Testing Stands Apart

Performance testing is fundamentally different from other types of tests, especially functional testing. Performance testing does not utilize test cases as we typically see them. Dale Perry details how to create a successful performance test, including designing an operational profile and load-based tests.

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Dale Perry