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Is There a Recommended Duration of Time for a User-Facing Test?

When end-user-involved test programs are done before release to production, the duration of tests is a very critical factor in determining the product's success or failure in meeting its goal. How long should you run the program in order to be sure you have enough data points to make a decision?

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Mukesh Sharma
Five Elements for Creating a Healthy Project Culture

In a healthy project culture, people work together to accomplish the goal. It doesn’t matter what approach is used—phase gate, iterative, incremental, or agile; health is key. Read on for five elements of a healthy project culture that can help set up your program, small or large, for success.

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Johanna Rothman
Helpful Tips for Good Branching and Merging in Product Development

Branching and merging are necessary, but they can be minimized to reduce the overhead. In this story, Joe Farah shares several helpful branching and merging tips as well as his simple philosophy of creating a new branch when you need to support the old one.

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Joe Farah
Which Delivery Option Is Right for Your New Agile Program?

With agile, you have delivery model options you didn’t have before. You can do continuous deployment or phased deployment, or stick with a traditional rollout. There is no hands-down best model. What you choose should depend on what your team and your customers need. Here's how to figure that out.

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Johanna Rothman
What Studying Release Notes Reveals about Your SCM and ALM Tools

Studying release notes tells you a great deal about your software configuration management (SCM) and application lifecycle management (ALM) environment. They will also help you understand why SCM and ALM are so important. ALM tools provide the capability to get release notes automatically.

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Joe Farah
Branching Is Not Just for Version Control

Joe Farah explains to us that a branching strategy is central to a configuration management (CM) plan and that it extends beyond version control. Remember, It's not just the files that need to be organized, it's the entire CM and application lifecycle management (ALM) data repository.

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Joe Farah
Agile Development Tool Roundup

One of the basic tenets of agile is to favor “individuals and interactions over processes and tools,” as stated in the Agile Manifesto. This, however, has not stopped the onslaught of vendors claiming that their tools are perfect for the different aspects of agile development.

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Joe Townsend
How to Do Agile Release Planning

In agile, there are different types of planning at various intervals and levels of detail. One of those levels is release planning, which is the intermediary type of planning between deciding what is included in a product and what the delivery team will focus on for the next iteration.

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Kent J. McDonald