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Early Testing Questions for Mobile Apps

A mobile app tester should take early actions to gain a better understanding of the product. What test verification and validation actions has the developer taken? Has the developer implemented static code-analysis testing? What risks exist for the product? Read on for more test-planning questions.

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Jon Hagar
Do Testers Need Programming Skills?

To more technically understand the product under development and to automate tests, including developing test frameworks and customizing tools to meet the team’s testing needs, programming skills definitely come in handy for a tester. Should testers absolutely need to know how to program?

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Mukesh Sharma
How to Get Your App Discovered and Downloaded

With iOS and Android each swiftly approaching 1 million apps, getting an app noticed is no easy task. Here are some suggestions for making your app stand out from the crowd and attracting sticky users. Hints: Fresh eyes help, first impressions are important, and social media sites are your friends.

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Beth Romanik
The Value of Developer Testing in Software

Developer testing is a great way to improve the quality of your code and deliver more reliably. However, our intuitions about the relative value of testing are often wrong. Only by gaining experience writing tests will you be able to learn which tests really add value.

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Steve Berczuk
Applying Test-Driven Development to Android Development

Test-driven development (TDD) is a cornerstone practice for agile development teams, but Android development poses some significant challenges to a test-driven approach. With the right testing framework, an Android development team can maintain velocity while following TDD practices.

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Jacob Orshalick
Why Rituals Are Important for Agile Teams

A ritual—something that is part of all cultures—can foster community in a team and reduce the time and energy we spend making decisions on how we work. The challenge is to keep the rituals that are still useful, not fall into habit, and balance the value of rituals with agile values.

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Steve Berczuk
The Life and Death Testing of Medical Devices

It is a huge responsibility to ensure that the medical devices people rely on for their lives and health get tested thoroughly. Medical device testing is really about embedded testing and requires a different and more rigorous approach to testing than your normal web application.

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Brendan Quinn
Approaches for Effective Meetings

An interesting paradox many project teams face is that while collaboration is highly valued, collaboration often takes the form of one of the biggest time wasters humans have ever invented—meetings. Kent McDonald explores effective approaches to leading an effective meeting.

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Kent J. McDonald