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The Difference between Outcome and Output in Product Development

To be successful in product development, we must minimize the number of product features while also delivering what the customer will like. In other words, product development success is governed by our ability to maximize the “outcome” rather than “output” of product development.

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Sameh Zeid
Take the High Road When Creating Product Roadmaps

One of the mistakes made when crafting a product roadmap is building a roadmap that schedules all the features and functions you plan to build. That’s taking the low road. You want conversations with customers to be focused on the problems people solve with your product. That's taking the high road.

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Scott Sehlhorst
Why You Should Acknowledge Uncertainty

Software developers spend much of their time solving problems, which seems contrary to some common workspace habits. While they can’t always know everything, they are often uncomfortable acknowledging uncertainty. This isn’t necessarily the best thing to do—for your customer or yourself.

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Steve Berczuk
What Exactly Is Big Data?

Although some people may believe that the term "big data" refers to large amounts of unmanageable data, there's more to it than that. Joe Townsend explains what exactly is big data and why it needs to be managed and analyzed.

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Joe Townsend