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Merging IaaS and PaaS Platforms—Why We Should Care

Until recently, the OpenStack community was mostly concerned with building stable infrastructure platform functionality and viability. Now that it is robust enough for production, it is time to invest effort into integration with PaaS tools. Beth Cohen examines the options for integrated solutions.

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Beth Cohen
VMware Updates vCloud Suite While Cisco Eyes a Potential Rival

Virtualization software giant VMware, Inc. made news this week with an update to the company’s vCloud Suite 5.1 while two top executives at VMware and Cisco made public the companies’ tenuously friendly relationship.

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Jonathan Vanian
Can Amazon Be a Viable Cloud Standard?

Cloud users are asking when cloud computing standards will be mature enough so that more companies will feel comfortable implementing cloud architectures and using cloud services without feeling vendor lock-in. Beth Cohen ponders whether or not Amazon is a viable cloud standard.

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Beth Cohen
Announcing Cloud Application Management Platform Specs

As many seek to rent application platforms instead of own them, there is a greater emphasis on application interoperability and portability. Open Cloud initiatives and Cloud specifications seek to increase platform interoperability, enhance application portability, and ease lock-in concerns.

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Chris Haddad
VMware Acquires Nicira: Is Virtual Networking Mainstream?

Virtual networking as a concept is so new that there isn’t even agreement about what it should be called or how it should define itself. Is it software-defined networking or network virtualization? What will this acquisition mean to the networking industry?

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Beth Cohen