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Change Overcoming Resistance to Change in Agile Teams

For agile software developers, acknowledging that change is inevitable is a core principle in how we work. Yet we often resist change—for a variety of reasons. By understanding human nature and being systematic about how we evaluate decisions, we can give ourselves a way of identifying changes that add value.

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Steve Berczuk
Integrating Exploratory Testing into Product Design

Exploratory testing, or ET, is a good fit for agile processes, can be done by any member of the dev/test team, and helps develop applications that map to customers' needs. Kevin Dunne writes how with increased use of ET, testing becomes an intellectual pursuit driving product quality and agility.

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Kevin Dunne
I’ve Incorporated Big Data—Now What?

It’s easy to say something like, “We’re agile from here on out” or “Let’s start saying 'DevOps' in meetings more often,” but without an actual game plan for how you’re going to use something like big data, simply incorporating it into your current culture doesn’t do much.

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Josiah Renaudin
Overcoming the Challenges of Integrating Configurator Software

A configurator can automate quotation documentation, streamline workforce efficiency, reduce errors, and improve customer satisfaction. However, introducing a configurator requires a considerable investment of time and resources. This story examines some common problems and suggests solutions.

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Ron Mouw
How to Eat an Elephant: Tips for Facilitating Test Process Improvement

How do you eat an elephant? The answer is, of course, “One bite at a time.” When working on improving a process, you need to create your backlog of initiatives, prioritize them, and identify the initiatives that can be implemented easily. Give the feeling of progress … and then take it in bites.

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Gitte Ottosen
Government Cloud Implementation Moving Slower than Expected

The US government is one of the most prominent participants in the race to the cloud, putting a great deal of capital out there for different services to fight over. But the government might not have as big a piece of its computing pie up in the sky as you’d first expect.

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Josiah Renaudin
Wearable Apps Not Wearing Out Welcome

Wearable tech devices that communicate with your tablet or smartphone are not overwhelmingly popular—yet. But research from Gartner shows that many analysts expect a significant uptick in the number of wearable devices and connective mobile applications to hit the market. Read on to find out more.

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Cameron Philipp...
The Most Memorable Security Breaches of 2013

This year may go down as the year of Internet security breaches. After all, it was only this year that people began to look over their shoulders at the NSA. However, the NSA wasn't responsible for all of this year’s most memorable security breaches. Read on for a 2013 roundup.

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Cameron Philipp...