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How PayPal Is Flipping the (Java) Script

By switching to JavaScript from Java, PayPal proved that making the change can lead a company to quicker development cycles with fewer people, less coding, and less file usage. Read more to see the reasons why PayPal's leap perfectly identifies the benefits of JavaScript over Java.

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Early August Hacking News Roundup

In this roundup of interesting hacking news, find out about the FBI's hacking techniques to thwart potential criminals. Also, see how an artist-hacker has successfully tampered with Teddy Ruxpin dolls and created something rather unsettling.

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Jonathan Vanian
Oracle Partners with Rivals Microsoft and Safesforce in Cloud Deal

Oracle cast aside feuds with competitors Microsoft and Salesforce to announce partnerships with the companies to integrate their cloud operations. Oracle seeks to expand sales of cloud-computing products aimed at businesses moving their software online. What will the outcome be for the new allies?

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Beth Romanik
Applying Test-Driven Development to Android Development

Test-driven development (TDD) is a cornerstone practice for agile development teams, but Android development poses some significant challenges to a test-driven approach. With the right testing framework, an Android development team can maintain velocity while following TDD practices.

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Jacob Orshalick
Java 8 Gets 2014 Release Date as Java 7 Patches Continue

It's safe to say that Java 7 didn't go quite as smoothly as Oracle wanted since multiple major security flaws have been exposed since its release. Oracle's not taking any chances with the much-anticipated Java 8. They've recently announced a newly delayed March 2014 release date.

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Noel Wurst
Put Down the Textbooks: Video Games Now Teaching How to Code

Learning to code is finally starting to take off with younger kids in the United States, and we may have video games to thank for it. Learn how companies are connecting with kids to teach them valuable skills while they're having fun doing what they love best—playing.

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Noel Wurst
Communications Provider Twilio Integrates with Google Cloud

Communications startup Twilio announced a partnership with Google Cloud Platform, marking the first time a voice and messaging API has been integrated with the Google App Engine. Developers can now include voice and messaging features in their web and mobile apps by writing just a few lines of code.

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Beth Romanik
API Permissions and the Future of Software Developers

Even after a US District Court case ruled otherwise, Oracle continues the argument that its Java APIs are copyrightable and their use should be restricted. What does this mean for software developers?

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Beth Romanik