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Which Programming Language Is the Most Popular, and Does It Matter?

Most of us are drawn to the results of popularity contests, whether we value the results of them or not. When it comes to judging the popularity of programming languages, the arguments tend to get pretty heated. But why? Does the popularity of a certain language really matter?

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Noel Wurst
Developers to Get a Clearer View of Google Glass at Upcoming Hackathon

Google Glass is hopefully about to get a whole lot clearer as they'll soon be inviting developers to come test out the new project for themselves. The device has been kept under pretty tight wraps up until now, so it will be interesting to see just what the new toy can do.

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Noel Wurst
January Software Roundup

In this software roundup, we learn that Maryland and Pennsylvania are using software to prevent murders, new software shown at the Consumer Electronics Show underwhelmed some prominent tech pundits, and the Department of Homeland Security recommended disabling Java for a security exploit.

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Jonathan Vanian
Why SOAP Services Are Being Put to REST

SOAP is now an aging protocol and its days are numbered. With so many developers familiar with the protocol and so many standards surrounding it, why are we seeing it disappear? The nail in the coffin is the mobile revolution and its driving need for web-based APIs.

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Jacob Orshalick
Reduce Your Attack Surface to Reduce Security Threats

The unfortunate truth is that the find-and-patch approach to security is inherently problematic—the attacker is always one step ahead. Reducing your attack surface is a strategy that will help you minimize the number of security threats you are exposed to, whether they are promptly fixed or not.

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Rick Scott
J2EE Fails to Reach the Cloud

Java cloud technologies are far from commoditization and standardization. When migrating applications to the cloud, development teams should review innovative vendor solutions delivering cloud-aware architecture rather than rely on a Java EE7 imprimatur.

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Chris Haddad
Three Tough Decisions Developers Face

Software development is still a fairly young profession. As technology continues to change, so does the act of development. Here is some insight into the difficulty presented by an everchanging profession.

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Katherine Slattery
Translating the Java Programming Language Into a Giant Party

Java creatively reveals what it means to live the "Java Life" through a video that boasts Java's superiority, while taking some shots at their competition. No matter your preferred programming language, these guys make it look fun.

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Noel Wurst