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framework Choosing the Right JavaScript Framework in 2020

There’s one thing that most developers often get confused with while using JavaScript—selecting the best JavaScript Framework. Let's discuss selecting the best JavaScript framework to use in your web app.


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Junaid Ahmed
Java Script New Features in JavaScript

Here we’ll explore the new features in the most recent version, ECMAScript 2020, which is the 11th edition of the ECMAScript Language Specification.


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Deepak Vohra
JavaScript: The Choice for Startups

Some leaders in the industry consider Python the best language for new programmers to start with and learn first. However, it turns out that JavaScript is the programming language that new start-up companies are using to climb the tech ladder, which could mean a shift in the industry is coming soon.

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Mini-Languages That Make JavaScript Easier to Use

JavaScript has entrenched itself as essential in the IT industry, but it has also received its fair share of criticism. Luckily, programmers are an innovative bunch and have created several mini-languages that aim to make JavaScript easier.

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The New Foreign Language: Computer Programming?

Spanish or JavaScript? This is a question public school students in the US could be asking themselves as they choose their future courses. In several states, government officials are pushing to have programming languages count for a student's foreign language requirements.

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What New Programming Languages Should You Learn This Year?

Regardless of whether your New Year’s resolution is going strong or you’ve ditched it for something else, it's never too late to learn new skills. With a new year should come a new dedication to learning programming languages. Read on to see what programming language you should learn in 2014.

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How PayPal Is Flipping the (Java) Script

By switching to JavaScript from Java, PayPal proved that making the change can lead a company to quicker development cycles with fewer people, less coding, and less file usage. Read more to see the reasons why PayPal's leap perfectly identifies the benefits of JavaScript over Java.

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Early August Hacking News Roundup

In this roundup of interesting hacking news, find out about the FBI's hacking techniques to thwart potential criminals. Also, see how an artist-hacker has successfully tampered with Teddy Ruxpin dolls and created something rather unsettling.

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Jonathan Vanian