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Building an Effective Lean Testing Strategy

Lean testing strategies can help QA teams effectively mitigate wasted resources and ensure that they are giving each project the attention it deserves. Sanjay Zalavadia details some strategies QA teams should implement in order to create an effective lean testing practice for their operations.

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Sanjay Zalavadia
The Lean Startup Methodology and Its Value for Testers

Testers are rarely part of an entrepreneurial startup team, but are there lessons for them in the lean startup approach? Lee Copeland says yes. The basic idea behind lean startup is that companies should focus their time and resources more efficiently, and this concept surely can benefit testers.

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Lee Copeland
What's in the Winter 2015 Issue of Better Software Magazine?

Many of us spend more time (and money) beefing up our technical skills when we could use guidance on developing soft skills. The Winter 2015 issue of Better Software should have just what you need to overcome organizational roadblocks in your quest for agile nirvana. Read on to see what's in it.

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Ken Whitaker
Beware of Serial Status Meetings

Standup meetings are great in many instances. But if you're calling serial status meetings, you may find that people will stop attending. To engage employees and address issues quicker, you may want to try lean coffee or a problem-solving meeting. Read on for tips on involving your team.

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Johanna Rothman
Let Your Teams Design Their Own Approaches to Agile

If you are thinking of agile as part of a program, each team has to have its own approach to agile because each team has its own risks and problems. If you treat people as adults, explain the desired results, and provide training and other resources they need, they are likely to succeed.

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Johanna Rothman
Inertia Is Bad: How to Generate Momentum in Your Agile Program

In a large agile project or program, you know how hard it can be to keep things moving. To prevent inertia from slowing an agile program, there's one simple objective you can assign everyone at the start of an iteration to help the team build momentum. Read on for great advice from Johanna Rothman.

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Johanna Rothman
When Are Lean Software Requirements Too Lean?

Most people know that agile doesn't completely eliminate documentation, but it's a little less clear just how lean we can really make our requirements without sacrificing quality. Mickey Merritt shares how to stay agile with requirements that are just the right fit for getting the job done.

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Mickey Merritt
Use Personal Kanban to Manage Your Job Hunt

Job hunting is a complex project, and one way to manage it is to use personal kanban to organize your search. Johanna Rothman gives suggestions about how to create your kanban to make it work best for you, where you put your to-do's and call-backs about job offers, and executing iterations.

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Johanna Rothman