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plan-driven development

How Visual Thinking Can Solve Project Management Problems

After launching a project, have you ever found yourself without a clear vision of the next steps? The solution is to adopt visual thinking from the very beginning: Imagine your finished concept and work toward it. Read on to learn how to apply visual thinking to the flow of product development.

Dmytro Svarytsevych's picture
Dmytro Svarytsevych
You Shouldn’t Scrap Business Plans—Just Make Better Ones

Many people currently advocate against the use of business plans. They want entrepreneurs to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty at the very start, with the goal of monetization as quickly as possible. However, the right business plan empowers the team to build the best possible product.

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Mukesh Sharma
Goals Are Good, but Adaptation Is Often Better

Setting goals is admirable. But in doing so, you can't neglect the possibility of change. What good is achieving your goals if they became irrelevant or the assumptions behind them were incorrect in the first place? It's smarter to focus on the ultimate outcome you want, not just compliance to plan.

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Matthew Heusser
The Truth behind Software Development Estimates

The problem with estimation is that software is not construction. We can’t create software the same way we build a house or manufacture anything else. We can't say, “We can build this software for x dollars per square foot.” But other people often think of our estimates that way. What can you do?

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Johanna Rothman
Create a Vendor Contract While Keeping Agile

Working with vendors can pose challenges to an agile team, especially when it comes to contracting practices. How do you deal with contract relationships when trying to follow a philosophy that values collaboration over negotiation? Kent McDonald gives some suggestions for creating agile contracts.

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Kent J. McDonald
It's Time We Create a Configuration Management Manifesto

A recent discussion on Linkedin about the problem of misapplying CM principles has pushed Joe Townsend to action. It's time that CM professionals create a configuration management manifesto in the form of a living document that gives professionals a mantra they can follow in their CM-related work.

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Joe Townsend
Understanding Context When Designing Products for Users

When designing software, you must look beyond simply knowing the goals of your users. It's far more useful to understand the context in which the product will be used.

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Scott Sehlhorst