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What Is the ROI of Test Automation?

Test automation ROI is usually calculated by hours saved times an hourly rate. If automation is displacing manual effort, then that produces savings, right? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Automation isn't free, and it doesn't displace manual testing. So, how do you calculate the ROI for test automation?

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Linda Hayes
Google’s Magic Metric

Google has a "magic metric" that determines where effort should be spent, based on the fact that the number of hits on every site with one of its ads is directly correlated to revenue. Most companies do not have a magic metric, so they search for a way to measure process. How can you change the conversation?

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Matthew Heusser
Why Walmart Cut Staff to Become More Agile

The world’s largest retailer, Walmart, just laid off 450 workers at its headquarters in order to become a more agile business. It joins major names like Amazon as corporations trim the fat to compete in a fast-moving marketplace. This proves agile is now moving well beyond small teams.

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Josiah Renaudin
Improving Product Quality throughout the Software Development Lifecycle

Good, efficient communication is an important asset to the team. With focused, pure, and structured data on product quality, including all of the self-documenting steps of a given check, it’s clearly known what’s working and what the verifications are. Matt Griscom shows how you can get this level of clarity.

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Matt Griscom
Providing Visibility into Testing Processes That Matter

If the goal of a tester's customer report is to figure out what needs fixing, how close you are to shipping, or how much time you need to do additional testing, the metrics provided often don't give any of those answers. Matt Heusser tells you how and why you need to focus your information.

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Matthew Heusser
Building an Effective Lean Testing Strategy

Lean testing strategies can help QA teams effectively mitigate wasted resources and ensure that they are giving each project the attention it deserves. Sanjay Zalavadia details some strategies QA teams should implement in order to create an effective lean testing practice for their operations.

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Sanjay Zalavadia
What Are You Measuring?

Many teams do single-point measurements in their projects. But that doesn't give you a good long-term picture. When you look at multiple-dimension measurements—especially trends over time—you learn more. You can take those trends into a retrospective to investigate how your team could work better.

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Johanna Rothman
Ignore the Data at Your Own Risk

At work, the evidence of something worth paying attention to is often front and center, and yet we dismiss it. If you ignore the data—negative survey results, team member absences, an increase in bugs, stakeholders who repeatedly miss meetings, etc.—you could be overlooking signs of trouble.

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Naomi Karten