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Calculating the Real Cost of Multitasking on Your Projects

The cost of delay due to multitasking is real. It’s invisible to most people, especially management. It’s not just the cost of time lost due to context switching; it’s the fact that projects don't get out on time, which hurts your maximum sales revenue. How do you calculate these costs of delay?

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Johanna Rothman
The Cost of Delay for Not Shipping on Time

The cost of delay is the way to think about the revenue you can lose plus the cost of continued development. When you delay your release and don’t ship on time, you miss the revenue from the maximum sales times. Shipping on time isn't always easy, but it's easy to see why you need to.

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Johanna Rothman
Which Delivery Option Is Right for Your New Agile Program?

With agile, you have delivery model options you didn’t have before. You can do continuous deployment or phased deployment, or stick with a traditional rollout. There is no hands-down best model. What you choose should depend on what your team and your customers need. Here's how to figure that out.

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Johanna Rothman
Why Firefox OS May Change the Way Software Is Released

Two key news items from the mobile world in 2013 were the launch of Blackberry Z10 and the announcement of Firefox OS-powered mobile devices. These devices may be different in form or factor, but they share one unintentional similarity—the locales in which the devices were first launched.

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Anuj Magazine
Is Firefox Mobile OS Good for Developers and Testers?

Firefox’s new mobile OS is set to debut in July. Developers seem eager to get their hands on the new system. Will it become a mainstay in the mobile world? uTest's Ryan Arsenault looks at Firefox's odds of success when competing against iOS, Android, and BlackBerry.

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Ryan Arsenault
How to Do Agile Release Planning

In agile, there are different types of planning at various intervals and levels of detail. One of those levels is release planning, which is the intermediary type of planning between deciding what is included in a product and what the delivery team will focus on for the next iteration.

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Kent J. McDonald
Need a Convention Booth at CES for Your Mobile App?

The number of conventions dedicated to the gaming and mobile apps communities is growing, and so is the number of people attending them each year. We look at some of the most popular conventions nationwide and the costs for you to exhibit your projects.

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Noel Wurst
Is Silicon Valley Morally Bankrupt?

The technological progress engendered by the tech industry seems to be accepted as an unmitigated good—one that excuses a fairly broad swath of potential shortcomings. Should the pursuit of innovation excuse you from complying with the laws of the land? Is this moral bankruptcy or just business?

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Rick Scott